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Lightning and ice

Subject: Lightning and ice
From: bill.lumnitzer@paonline.com (bill.lumnitzer@paonline.com)
Date: Wed Jun 21 18:57:41 1995

 Bi> Speaking of lightning protection, two of us each ordered some stuff
 Bi> from ICE almost 4 weeks ago and still haven't seen either order. 
 Bi> They've got our money
 Bi> and now the response is "I'm in another building so I'll have to take
 Bi> your number and call you back", or "the lights are out in that area, so
 Bi> I'll have to
 Bi> take your number...".

Next time order from Radioware (508-452-5555), a stocking distributor for ICE.
Their prices are a little cheaper than the factory price too! I'm surprised
that ICE didn't refer you to Radioware - that's how I discovered them.

73 Bill N6CQ/3

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