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cq-contest-digest batch 6086-6090

Subject: cq-contest-digest batch 6086-6090
From: ABLACKBELT@aol.com (ABLACKBELT@aol.com)
Date: Sun Jun 25 16:49:44 1995
Thank you for a most complete answer. I will take your advice on several if
not all accounts where possible.
de kd4nav

>From George Cook <george@epix.net>  Sun Jun 25 22:46:08 1995
From: George Cook <george@epix.net> (George Cook)
Subject: SSTV vs FD Congradulations!
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950625173531.22475D-100000@grape.epix.net>

I would like to take the time to congradulate the fellows who forced W3OK 
the Delawarre Lehigh ARCs Field Day station off of 14.233.  Your 
effective and relentless sending of SSTV transmissions which aparently 
were unidentified by SSB or CW was completely effective.  Without a DSP 
filter I was completely unable to keep my frequency.  So I must 
congradulate you and will of course return QSL upon reciept of yours.

Oh yes if you get a moment would you explain to me how a picture of a 
girl in a swimsuit will help durring an actual emergency?  Somehow I was 
unable to explain this to anyone from the Plainfield fire Co. whos 
facilitys we were using.  

Hey I have an idea rather than spend all that money on gear used to swap 
R rated gifs over the air if you promise to let me use your frequency 
next year for say just half the time I will give you 24 hours of time on 
my LL BBS and you can suck the adult CD ROMs dry!  Just think what fun 
you can have then!!

Again congradulations

* George Cook   AA3JU  Bangor, PA  FN21         *
* george@peach.epix.net  AA3JU@N3IQD.EPA.USA.NA *
* If you're not FRC remember:...............    *
* .......There's no shame in being 2nd best!    *

>From Floydjr <floydjr@nando.net>  Sun Jun 25 23:21:36 1995
From: Floydjr <floydjr@nando.net> (Floydjr)
Subject: SSTV vs FD Congradulations!
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.90.950625180630.16569A-100000@merlin.nando.net>

I had the same type recepton on Saturday. I came upon 14231.5 which was 
free. I asked my usual 3 times is the frequency in use and received no 
response. After my second CQ someone who id'ed only as DW came down told 
me that I was tearing up both 14230 and 14233. Not sure how he was able 
to be on both but that was his statement. When I said I was a kc and a 
half off both of them he stated that did ot matter. The freqs belong to 
SSTV and would not be used for FD. Of couse I did not buckle but then was 
bombarded with SSTV, which was intentional. My goals in FD was to make 
contacts so I did leave the area. Everytime I went by these areas I 
checked and it seemed that same thing was going on. 

The week prior to FD I found two hams sending SSTV on 14218. When 
questioned why they where there I was told that SSTV would go anywhere 
they wanted. The calls of these staions were VE3JDJ and N4OBQ. They 
announce another sked for the next day.

I also hear them make the comment this weekend that you could blame the 
ARRL for what happened this weekend with the contest. FD is one of the 
best promoters of ham radio there is. On local TV and in the newspapers 
have been article concerning FD all weekend. I have never seen anything 
to do with SSTV in the paper. I see no purpose that SSTV serves execpt a 
toy for dirty old men. 

I am not sure what can be done about this but something has to be done. 
Without a doubt they are a very small minortiy in ham radio and should 
not generate all these problem. I believe the deal with FD should be that 
last straw. 


73's Jim // WA4ZXA

>From Patrick Collins <pcollins@freenet.columbus.oh.us>  Mon Jun 26 00:13:24 
From: Patrick Collins <pcollins@freenet.columbus.oh.us> (Patrick Collins)
Subject: SSTV vs FD Congradulations!
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9506251923.A10786-7100000@acme>

Anyone up for a all SSTV contest?  We could exchange pictures of serial
numbers and signal reports.

73 pat nz4k

>From aa4nu@raider.raider.net (Bill W. Cox [AA4NU])  Mon Jun 26 00:37:14 1995
From: aa4nu@raider.raider.net (Bill W. Cox [AA4NU]) (Bill W. Cox [AA4NU])
Subject: Results of TV/VCR Query ...
Message-ID: <m0sQ1Eo-000AZGC@raider.raider.net>

 Recently I posted a query as to what to replace my older TV/VCR with ...
 TU to all who responded and those who went to the trouble to check the
 model numbers and additional information.
 Lots of good ideas to consider: among the best were these ...
 Use a VHF handie to check it out there at the store ...
 Read the ARRL Interference Book ... Lots of FB info from Ed Hare
 Now the search begins ! 
 73 Bill AA4NU (aa4nu@raider.raider.net)
 (PS ... Didn't get a 87-a, but SHE got NEW LIVING ROOM "stuff" ... alas)
                    Here's the summary of responses  
 We bought a big screen Panasonic tv this year--like 30 inches or so and 
 about the same time a Panasonic vcr, 4 head. Don't have the models handy 
 right now, but then it hardly matters-they change monthly. Anyway, the 
 Panasonic vcr is housed in a metal cabinet as opposed to those plastic 
 rfi traps. I added a seperate wire to the cabinet to go to ground and hve 
 never had a problem. Good luck, my wife thinks radio is dumb until a 
 RACES alert comes on the 2 meter, and then she gets religion. 
 Just a word or two that might help.  I had a severe problem here with one
 TV/VCR combo in my sons room, both RCA.  My 2-M packet stations tore it to
 shreds. I called ED HARE at ARRL Hq, TECH DEPT.  He is the closest thing to
 an expert in this field that I know of.  He had some excellent 
 suggestions, which my son and I tried.  Finally discovered that it was 
 the VCR itself (about 5 years old).  To make a long story shorter, Ed gave me
 some tips on what to ask for when we went to buy a new VCR.  Using his tips, 
 we were able to buy a VCR that has absolutely NO problem whatsoever, 
 even with the original RCA TV.  I recommend that you call ARRL and ask for
 Ed and tell him what you are after and ask for suggestions.  He will not make
 specific brand or model recommendations - ethics or something like that - but
 he can tell you what questions to ask of the sales people.
 I just purchased a "Proscan" Tv/VCR-made by RCA/Toshiba and it seems pretty 
 solid from RFI(on cable)-great picture as well!!
 For what it's worth, I've had a TEAC MV-625  since Christmas of 1992.  I'm
 active on 160M thru 1296,  1500W thru 10M & Bricks on VHF& UHF.  I use with
 an old 13 year old Sharp TV  & cheapie Radio Shack TV antenna and the only
 interference I get is on channel 2 when I point the 6M & 100W right at the
 antenna.  No tower is more than 100' from the Antenna or Set.  No precautions
 or filters used on either the Amateur gear or TV/Stereo.  Also, I have the
 sound piped thru a Realistic (Radio Shack) 100W Tuner.   NO interference at
 Don't know if they make it any more or not;  it's a no frills device, but
 does have a remote, does everything I need, the XYL loves it & if I remember
 it was in the high $200 price class.  It has been a very reliable piece of 
 I've had good luck with one cheap, and one mid-priced Magnavox (Philips)
 VCR.  (I can look up the model numbers, if you're interested.)  They
 were both RFI free within 50 feet of my antennas, with nothing more than
 a cheap High Pass filter and some ferrite cores on the coax and power cord.
 Alas, in the same location, my Panasonic TV proved uncurable.  Of course,
 my wife can always tape the show, and watch it after the contest.
 Whatever you buy, if it is excessively RFI sensitive, might you be able to
 return it (under warranty) if it doesn't cut the mustard?  That might be part
 of the negotiation with the sales people.
 GL!  I think they're getting a lot better.  I have cable TV, and a 7-year old
 Hitachi VCR and Panasonic TV of the same era, and they needed only a toroid
 around the cable input and a toroid around the power cable.
 I have had good experiences and have heard from others that JVC brand
 TV's and VCR's are good. I do not mess up my JVC vcr at all. yet i can
 totally wipe out my neighbors RCA on 40 meters.
 Hi Bill.  I have a 27" Sony with no problems, albeit it's a bit old now (8
 yrs.).  KV-2780R.  A newer 20" Sylvania (Philips?) has had a weird problem
 with 15 meters that I have yet to solve. When running about 300 W on 15m,
 it seems that the CPU goes nuts, even when the set is off.  It resets all
 of the presets (channel list, color/brightness levels, etc.)  Seems like
 it's coming down the coax (I have cable) and have tried balanced high pass
 (in case it's common mode on coax) to no avail.

 As for VCR's, My late model JVC has it's share of problems.
 No guarantees, but I've real good luck with Sony and Hitachi products.
 Nothing but bad with Magnavox.
 Here are the model numbers and dates of manufacture:
 TV:  Panasonic CTN-1242R   9/91
 (Susceptible to RFI 50 feet from antenna, uncurable without internal 
 VCR's:  Magnavox VR9361  7/94, VR 9020  4/91
 (RFI-free with high pass filter and ferrite cores on leads.)
 Well, your topic isn't really contest related, but you can't contest
 if you can't operate due to TVI, so I'll give you a break. :)
 Take your 5 watt 2m hand-held to the TV shop and pick the set that
 doesn't notice it.  Pass it all round the front and back and key it
 Get a VCR in a metal box, use a good 75 ohm high pass filter (Ameco or
 Microwave Filter Co.), plus some mix 43 ferrite beads on the coax, and
 TVI due to overload should never be a problem.
 Avoid big-screen TV's in big wooden boxes -- asking for trouble.
 Avoid connecting stereo speakers on long leads directly to the TV set.
 If you have time, call the Manfacturer's "Consumer Information Line"
 or "Service Center," to ask if they have any TVI complaints about the
 model you are considering purchasing, and how they handle them.
 OK, I looked and it is Panasonic PV-4461, built in September, 94, so it 
 isn't too old. Originally I think there was some minor problems, but I 
 connected a wire from the cabinet to ground and there hasn't been a 
 glitch since.  Seems like I'd be looking for vcr's with metal cabinets 
 and perhaps a three-prong plug. Tell folks to avoid plastic cases.  I 
 hear alot about those suckers.
 I have a Panasonic TV  - CTP 2784 SF
 I have a Panasonic S-VHS VCR - PV-S4266
 The TV has seen "extensive testing" on 75/80, 40, 20 and some 15m
 It seems totally immune to 75/80, 40, 20m. My wife told me the other
 day that I was messing up the TV while I was on 15m, and it still 
 got into the TV at 100W power.  10m I haven't been on enough to say 
 one way or the other.
 The VCR seems fine with 75/80, 40, 20m. Don't really know abt 15 or 10.
 No idea on the WARC bands either.
 Just getting around to reading this and might have a suggestion that
 might help with and seems to work with just about any VCR. I have an 8 yr
 old GE here and am able to keep the RF out of it by using a "common mode
 rejection filter."  This filter was described in CQ about 3-4 yrs ago and
 seems to work pretty well.

 I assume that you are also on the cable.  What it entails is using a
 pair of Radio shack 75-300 ohm transformers and one of their 300 ohm TVI
 filters.  Thew idea is to break the cable at a joint near the VCR, attach a
 transformer, then the filter, then the other transformer.  WHat this does is
 breaks the shield of the cable to keep the RF from traveling along it to the
 VCR or set.  This idea has worked very well for me as I am one of those
 people who has to tape Star Trek during the middle of of a major cw DX
 Give it a try and see how it works for you. Then let me know.
 Incidently, K8MFO tried this method to get his 6 meter signal out of his TV
 and it cured the problem instantly!


>From Robert <w5robert@blkbox.COM>  Mon Jun 26 01:32:24 1995
From: Robert <w5robert@blkbox.COM> (Robert)
Subject: 95SS
Message-ID: <9506251932.aa17307@blkbox.COM>

I've heard that for 1995 SS each entry will be required
to make FIVE Q's on 14230 with sstv present.  This applies both
weekends!    I also stopped by and listened for a few moments, and
think most of them must lead a shallow life to interfer with FD
and not be out with their local ARRL club helping elmer some one...
73 Robert wb5crg

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