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Part time FD effort

Subject: Part time FD effort
From: N3ADL@aol.com (N3ADL@aol.com)
Date: Sun Jun 25 22:19:12 1995
Had graduation festivities over the weekend so was limited to about 6
hours...Solar power es anout 50w
into Pro 67B @ 60'..Single band 40m...slept GOOOD!

584 Q's for  1,468  points....

Have about 1/4 keg left over from the party in case anyone thirsty..Gonna
dump the brew tommorrow(pls tell me this brew dumping illegal!!)....Was
amazed the solar panels did so well with heavy overcast skys es off/on rain
used the 12v cable to bypass IC-761 internal supply es had no problems...73
de N3ADL   1E EPA

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