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all this SSTV

Subject: all this SSTV
From: N0bsh@aol.com (N0bsh@aol.com)
Date: Mon Jun 26 22:53:31 1995
Forgive me.....I may be going out on a limb here.....but I think I speak
for at least a few people when I say.........

ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike  N0BSH

(sorry for the wasted bandwidth......)

>From Bill H Parry <bill@tenet.edu>  Tue Jun 27 03:18:07 1995
From: Bill H Parry <bill@tenet.edu> (Bill H Parry)
Subject: IARU Zone Map
Message-ID: <Pine.OSF.3.91.950626211307.21199A-100000@Kay-Abernathy.tenet.edu>

Anybody know where I can find an IARU zone map?

                Thanks, Bill - W5VX

>From Matthew S. Trott" <0007288678@mcimail.com  Tue Jun 27 05:15:00 1995
From: Matthew S. Trott" <0007288678@mcimail.com (Matthew S. Trott)
Subject: FSTV
Message-ID: <41950627041514/0007288678PJ4EM@MCIMAIL.COM>

For those of us who enjoy life in the Fast Scan, I saw some ghosts on TV ch. 2
this eve so I turned on the 6 meter rig and it was a smokin' to the south west.
Since our generators created s9 plus 90 noise on my Swan 250 at FD and we
weren't able to hear anybody
I thought I'd sit down and work a few of the guys tonight on ol' 6.

I had a pretty big pile-up of W6's coming in and my wife (who really enjoyed
herself at FD this year and had the best hour/rate on the SSB station) came
running over and asked,"What are you doing? Is this a CONTEST?" 

That's the way it was the evening of June 26 near Power, Montana.

73, Alfredo D. Dark


>From n3rr@cais.cais.com (Bill Hider)  Tue Jun 27 06:20:47 1995
From: n3rr@cais.cais.com (Bill Hider) (Bill Hider)
Subject: Sources for "Grounds"...
Message-ID: <199506270520.BAA29930@cais.cais.com>

At 09:38 PM 6/22/95 EST, Steve Sacco wrote:
>Several have asked for a source for 'The "Grounds" for Lightning and EMP
>It is available from PolyPhaser Corporation, 
>                                 2225 Park Place 
>                                 P.O. Box 9000
>                                 Minden, NV  89423
>                                702-782-2511
>It is also available from Amateur Electronic Supply:
>       Orlando, FL     800-894-3238
>       Milwaukee, WI   800-358-0333
>                   Las Vegas, NV       800-634-6227
>       Wickliffe, OH   800-321-3594
>I'd imagine that it's stocked in other stores, too; I'm just not aware of
>who they might be.
>Hope this helps...
>Steve KC2X

Order your books direct from PolyPhaser and tell them you're a ham (include
your call) and they'll give you a 10% discount.

Also remember to tell them to add you to their mailing list for their
newsletter.  It's filled with good advise and is published quarterly...Yes,
it's FREE.

Also, Steve's earlier post with excerpts from the book are just what I'd
have posted (and agree with most definitely) had I not had over 200 messages
after coming home from a 4 day trip.

If you are putting up a tower, you'd better learn about lightning!

In my opinion, you'd better weld anything together that's below ground,
encased in the concrete, that may be a path for lightning if it hits your
tower. You want the lowest resistance possible so that the 20,000 amp surge
flowing through the "circuit" doesn't encounter any resistance across which
to develop any voltage and any subsequent 
I-Squared-R which may heat any moisture which will likely be present if it's
raining!  It's all in the Polyphaser book, complete with equations and their
derivation if you're so inclined.

Did you see the Polyphaser ad in this month's CQ?

73...Bill... N3RR

>From n3rr@cais.cais.com (Bill Hider)  Tue Jun 27 06:26:17 1995
From: n3rr@cais.cais.com (Bill Hider) (Bill Hider)
Subject: exploding bases
Message-ID: <199506270526.BAA00275@cais.cais.com>

At 08:15 AM 6/23/95 -0700, Peter G. Smith wrote:
>For what it's worth, the Rohn spec provides that any rebars in a tower
>base should be embedded at least 3 inches under the surface of the
>concrete.  However, I also understand that if you embed a tower section in
>the concrete, it is critically important to make sure that the legs
>protrude from the base into a bed of gravel, to avoid the entrapment of
>water inside the tower legs.  A friend of mine had to abandon an embedded
>base when the entrapped water level rose above the concrete, the water
>froze, and the tower legs split open.
>73, Pete                                       
>"Better, faster,cheaper -- choose any two"
>"No no no -- it's WEST Virginia"

Note that the above situation applies only to TUBULAR towers.  Angle towers
have no such restriction.


>From Paul Knupke (CS)" <knupke@babbage.csee.usf.edu  Tue Jun 27 07:10:42 1995
From: Paul Knupke (CS)" <knupke@babbage.csee.usf.edu (Paul Knupke (CS))
Subject: Field Day and the Internet
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950627020726.23853B-100000@babbage>

On Mon, 26 Jun 1995 reisert@eng.pko.dec.com wrote:

> I find it hard to believe that you can count QSOs made over an Internet 
> bridge.  I think the contacts have to be ham through-and-through.

 I really do not know the "legality" of using these modes for contacts.  
We had our packet station on the conference bridge and it was teeming 
with FD QSO exchanges.  I'd like to see someone from the ARRL comment on 

Me, I spent hours logging for our CW guys even though I'm 75% useless at 
30+ wpm when it comes to copying.  23 hours up for me was enough, and I 
packed it in at 8AM EDT on Sunday.  We had 8" of rain during Saturday and 
setup was entirely in the rain.  At least we didn't get flooded out like 
others did locally.

73 de KR4Yl

 Paul Knupke, Jr.       University of South Florida Computer Engineering 
 knupke@babbage.csee.usf.edu  * Largo, Florida  *     Fidonet 1:3603/570 
 Amateur Radio Callsign KR4YL             Packet @N4MET.#STP.FL.USA.NOAM 
        "Why are we here?  Because we're here ... Roll the Bones"
                                                -- Neil Peart

>From oo7@astro.as.utexas.edu (Derek Wills)  Tue Jun 27 07:40:16 1995
From: oo7@astro.as.utexas.edu (Derek Wills) (Derek Wills)
Subject: Field Day and the Internet

        > I find it hard to believe that you can count QSOs made over 
        > an Internet bridge.  I think the contacts have to be ham 
        > through-and-through.   (Jim AD1C)

        > We had our packet station on the conference bridge and it was 
        > teeming with FD QSO exchanges.  I'd like to see someone from 
        > the ARRL comment on this.     (Paul KR4YI)

Can you count it if you send runners between FD stations carrying
the exchange in a crooked stick?   So long as they are all licensed, 
of course...

I did FD from indoors at W5EHM (1D).   I tuned the 'phone bands and
decided to call people who: 

 - did not use cute phonetics like Lacy Red Lingerie
 - did not say "come now", "come back", "please copy", 
   or "is that a Roger?"

After I had worked the two stations meeting those criteria, I hung out 
at the CW end.   Apart from people who answered CQs by sending my call 
first (sometimes twice) and their exchange twice (without being asked), 
the standard of operating seemed much higher.   OK, so perhaps after 
they finished their CW shift they went on the 'phone station and used 
the cute phonetics etc.

I physically visited one local FD site with my wife, who is not licensed, 
and the gent in charge said to her "Oh, so he hasn't got you a license yet 
then?"   He probably didn't realize how close he came to being struck down.   
On the plus side, this group had two female ops and an 11-yr old op.

My wife independently asked the question that I always ask about FD -
"If it's an emergency preparedness exercise, why do you start planning
it a year in advance, instead of having it on a random day announced
the previous day?"   I think it's something to do with having enough
time to cool the beer.

Well, at least nobody was taking lists -

Derek AA5BT, G3NMX

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