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Vanity & Clubs

Subject: Vanity & Clubs
From: KM9P@aol.com (KM9P@aol.com)
Date: Tue Jun 27 20:43:10 1995
Don't blame the players...

Blame the system.  We are simply playing by the rules they set for us.

In my humble opinion no club should be able to request a vanity callsign
unless the club callsign or previous club callsigns have existed for more
than 2 years.  

Anything short of this will not change the eminent fiasco.  

I have written the league with this suggestion and suggest you'all do the
same.  But I'm also playing it safe.  Mamma may have raised a fool, but I'm
doing my best to turn it around!


Bill, KM9P

>From aa0ob@skypoint.com (greg fields)  Wed Jun 28 01:23:00 1995
From: aa0ob@skypoint.com (greg fields) (greg fields)
Subject: W0AIH FD Results
Message-ID: <m0sQkv5-0001dWC@skypoint.com>

W0AIH Field Day Summary

Band    CW      SSB     
160     13              
80      168     182
40      431     833
20      476     1207
15      126     687
10      6       798
6               66
2               29
        ____    ____
        1220    3802 = 5022 total Q's

Power: 100 watts
Score:(2440 CW points + 3802 SSB points) x 2= 12484 Total Points

W0AIH has so many ant's but these are some that were used.
10,15, & 20    4 over 4  for each band on towers near or at 200 feet.
40             3 over 3  at 200 feet
80             loops and verticals
160            loops

Power Source: Onan 15KW generator


What can be said about a Field Day from the mighty W0AIH except it was a blast
to be so loud! More than once we got comments that we were one of the biggest
signals on the band. When asked what antenna we put up we would tell them it
was 4 over 4 at 200 feet. I wonder how many thought we put it up just for 
Field Day, hi! Every HF band was a success except 80. We could not hold a 
frequency with the low angle of radiation the antennas had. Sunday morning on 
20 meters we kept getting Eupropean pileups with the Field Day pilesups. Never
had that problem last year when I was on a little hill in a tent! The wheels
are now turning in Paul's, W0AIH, head on how to be better stateside. On behalf
of the Field Day crew I would like to thank Paul for his generousity and being
able to operate from the contesters dream!

Greg AA0OB


>From becker@shell.portal.com (Tony and Celia Becker)  Wed Jun 28 01:42:13 1995
From: becker@shell.portal.com (Tony and Celia Becker) (Tony and Celia Becker)
Subject: How to enter the Internet Field Day Challenge
Message-ID: <199506280340.UAA03586@nova>

>Left out that I had also 204 Sections worked.
>Also if someone would tell me how to enter the Internet FD I would 
>appreciate it.

Here ya go!
INTERNET FIELD DAY CHALLENGE (IFDC)   IFDC is a new, separate contest within
the ARRL FD event for expert contesters who either mentor new contesters or
just show them how it's done.  You can join in your local clubs existing
Field Day operation or go all out with your favorite multi-op buddies.  

SS-type multiplier scoring, no bonus points, and limited expert operator
time / entry categories make this a more challenging contest for the expert.
All other ARRL Field Day Rules apply.  You must submit a regular ARRL entry
in Class A or Class B including the 5W battery-powered option.  

No limit to the number of transmitters including Novice Stations nor any
limit on hours for New Operators.  Any number of Expert Operators (who have
won any major contest award) may operate one or two transmitters up to 27
hours (24 if you setup before the contest) each in increments of 15 minutes
minimum.  Enter as Multi-Single or Multi-Two respectively.  Time used by
experts coaching or assisting (not-operating) does not count.  

Packet spotting OK.  Work each station for scoring credit on each band/mode
but multipliers count once each only.  Multiply the regular ARRL Field Day
score, less any bonus points, by the IFDC multiplier which is the number of
ARRL and RAC sections plus NWT/Yukon worked.  A Clean Sweep is 77 sections,
for which there is a separate award.  E-mail a summary sheet, showing the
number of sections worked and separate lists of new operators and expert
operators, with expert operating times identified, number of transmitters
and their power levels, including any novice station to AE0M, Tony Becker,
becker@shell.portal.com by midnight, PDT, Sunday, July 2, 1994.  Full rules
available at the same address.  

A summary of results will be posted on the internet cq-contest email
reflector and a full report will appear in the next issue of the National
Contest Journal.

A modest plaque will be awarded to the top scorers in M/S and M/2 classes.
Certificates will be sent to the top-scoring group in each section. A
personalized souvenir broom and dustpan (about 6" x 8") will be sent to each
group reporting a clean sweep, subject to receiving $5 to cover costs by
U.S. mail with a copy of the summary sheet to Celia Becker, N0BBS, 3273 B
Rocky Water Lane, San Jose, CA 95148.  Allow 6 weeks for delivery.  

IFDC was developed in consultation with W6QHS and WN4KKN.
AE0M, Tony Becker - becker@shell.portal.com - Silicon Valley, U.S.A.

>From Jeffrey Clarke <jdclarke@freenet.columbus.oh.us>  Wed Jun 28 04:36:06 1995
From: Jeffrey Clarke <jdclarke@freenet.columbus.oh.us> (Jeffrey Clarke)
Subject: KU8E Field Day Score 1A
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9506272306.A26937-b100000@acme>

          The MRRC/K8MR Field Day team operated this year using my call.

 It wasn't the same without Jim being there with his "magic field day 
 antenna " ( He was in Delaware (the state) and we operated from Delaware 
 (the city in Ohio> weird ????   Anyhow we had a good time and a respectable

 score. Here are the numbers :

     KU8E   1A   (KU8E,NZ4K and WD8LLD ops )

      Band      CW         SSB       Total

        160     0           0         0
         80    201         247       448
         40    526         208       734
         20    174          46       180
         15     6           0         6
         10     0           0         0
          6     0           30        30
          2     2           18        20
         PKT    6           -         6
         SAT    2           0         2

        Total   917        549       1466

              4766 qso points + 600 Bonus Points =   5366  Final Score     


               Hopefully this will be good enought to defend our 1A 

               title.  CU next time !

                                             Jeff KU8E

>From Brian Short <ke7gh@PrimeNet.Com>  Wed Jun 28 05:11:58 1995
From: Brian Short <ke7gh@PrimeNet.Com> (Brian Short)
Subject: CQWW VHF
Message-ID: <199506280411.VAA10538@usr2.primenet.com>


I am looking for an opportunity to operate in the upcoming
CQWW VHF contest.  I am located in Phoenix, so an operating
location in CA, AZ, or NM would probably be best.  

I have operated in a couple VHF events from home (even got
1st SOP AZ etc), but really can only do 6m as my antennas
for the other bands are satellite antennas mounted low.  I
have the bug to operate from a prime spot or rover!

I am willing to supply an FT-736R w/50, 144, 432, 1296.  I 
have a small 6m beam for portable and an extra KLM 44LBX
for 1296.  For 432, I have a 33' long monster that I have
never used.  No 2m antenna.  Also have battery, generator,
etc (let's discuss it offline).  Do have laptop with CT.

Anyway, if you think I can fit in with some of your plans,
let's discuss it.  I am open to location and other details.
I just want to go out and really operate like I can't do
from home (antenna restrictions) and learn about VHF/UHF

Thanks for the bandwidth, perhaps a bit off topic.

73 de Brian KE7GH (602)839-3778

>From s50k@robo.fer.uni-lj.si (Marko Munih)  Wed Jun 28 10:11:59 1995
From: s50k@robo.fer.uni-lj.si (Marko Munih) (Marko Munih)
Subject: K3EST & logs

Regarding posting about K3EST and his non-responses it may
be that Bob did not check his mailbox in the last time.

He has been at amateur meeting in Germany and is now here
around visiting OE,I,HA,S5 ... Will be back in States next week.

In case of urgence, I think, it's possible catch him. 
        With best regards,

        Marko, S50K

>From Patrick Collins <pcollins@freenet.columbus.oh.us>  Wed Jun 28 13:05:09 
From: Patrick Collins <pcollins@freenet.columbus.oh.us> (Patrick Collins)
Subject: 40 meter QRM
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9506280805.A2483-a100000@acme>

Does prayer work in this case? :)
Pat nz4k

On Tue, 27 Jun 1995, k3lr wrote:

> Has anyone heard that Radio Vatican is aware of the problem with their
> 7.305 MHz transmitter causing interfearence to the 40 meter amateur
> band?  I know that there were several comments about this after CQ WPX
> CW, but I never saw an update on any contact with them.  
> As the problem still was going on last week, we need to work on a fix
> now before the October contests.
> If anyone knows more information, including a contact at the Vatican
> Radio headquarters, please send it to me.  
> 73,
> Tim K3LR
> k3lr@telerama.lm.com

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