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W0AIH FD Results

Subject: W0AIH FD Results
From: w9sz@prairienet.org (Zack Widup)
Date: Wed Jun 28 09:37:46 1995

>Don't really see how much fun that kind of FD could be??  No sunburn from
>putting up towers all day.  No blisters from red hot tower sections.
> Operating in a sweltering tent in 97 deg. heat. Fighting off bugs all night.
> Poison ivy. Yellowjacket stings.  Not to mention having to fight tooth and
>nail with a weak signal!  Yeah..I just don't see how you could have had any
>73  Mike KB5YVT (FD W5NN) 2A STX    (We kicked butt!)
Not to mention the thrill of getting pileups with 100 watts and low 
dipoles, and having the likes of NP4Z, KL7Y calling YOU!

                                        Zack W9SZ

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