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Subject: TS-940
From: KE6BER@aol.com (KE6BER@aol.com)
Date: Wed Jun 28 16:45:24 1995
Sorry to send this to the entire forum, I was unable to reach the author

I own a TS-940S, and I will admit, I am just getting into contesting.  I
can't vouch from personal experience how it is for contesting, but I knwo
several contesting friends who do use them, and they seem to be very happy
with them, and post good scores in their catagory (although much of thatis
operating skill, ant, etc. )  As far as PC control, that is possible with the
use of a Kenwood IF-232 interface.  I am told though that the radio has to
have a set of chips in it that some of the first 940's did not come standard
with, and Kenwood no longer sells.  I bought my 940 used and it had the
necessary chips in it, and it had an IF-232 unit with it.  I love the
computer control, although I have no used it to it's fullest extent, or in a
contest situation.

Hope this information helps.

73 de Al, KE6BER

>From Ray Rocker <rocker@datasync.com>  Wed Jun 28 20:55:41 1995
From: Ray Rocker <rocker@datasync.com> (Ray Rocker)
Subject: Yet another FD report
Message-ID: <199506281955.OAA12962@osh1.datasync.com>

WQ5L 1E MS -- FT-757GX, trusty DX-CC ant, power by Diehard, 14 hrs operated

(totals subject to dupe removal, which is probably plenty)

Band   CW Qs    PH Qs
----   -----    -----
15        6        9
20      266       38
40      111       16      
80      101        0
----   -----    -----
TOTAL   484   +   63   ==   547 QSOs
         x2       x1
       -----    -----
POINTS  968   +   63   ==  1031 x 2 (Power Mult) == 2062

My secret to a less stressful Field Day: stay away from that jungle they 
call the phone bands as much as possible. I've never once been harassed 
by an SSTVer while working CW :-) 

Conditions were on the good side, for sure. From 2300Z until the urge to
sleep got the better of me at 0945Z I had no shortage of stations to work
even S&P style. 20m then 40m then 80m were WIDE open, as in all ten
call areas at once. 80m was a very nice surprise, with signals from all 
over well above the static level.

15m sounded good but my FT-757GX is very finicky about its power supply
on 15 and 10 for some reason and it didn't like the car battery. Could 
only coax 20W out of it without signal distorting horribly.

Nomination for the Most Clueless FD Op Award: one poor bloke on 20 SSB
who apparently had never encountered a 2x1 call before. I answered his CQ FD,
his response was "Whiskey Quebec Five Lima <pause> No that can't be right
<pause> Must be Whiskey Five Quebec Lima, W5QL go ahead with your information".

Sections missed: Maine, Rhode Island, Idaho, Saskatchewan, Yukon/NWT
Never heard Maine or VE8/VY1. Took till after 1800Z Sunday to bag Nebraska.

73...CU in the IARU. Oh and it's about time for another SprINT isn't it?

Ray Rocker | WQ5L | rocker@datasync.com
Datasync Internet: THE Internet Provider for the Mississippi Gulf Coast
Shell, SLIP/PPP, and more! info@datasync.com or http://www.datasync.com/
Voice: (601) 872-0001 (Ocean Springs) or (601) 452-0011 (Pass Christian)

>From Brian Short <ke7gh@PrimeNet.Com>  Wed Jun 28 21:25:17 1995
From: Brian Short <ke7gh@PrimeNet.Com> (Brian Short)
Subject: CQWW VHF Results
Message-ID: <199506282025.NAA06826@usr2.primenet.com>


I just received my July CQ magazine.  Last year's CQWW
VHF results are not there.  A phone call to CQ resulted
in finding out that the 1994 July CQWW VHF Results won't
be out until about October.  Oh well.

73 de Brian KE7GH

>From Terry Conboy <tconboy@Gateway.Uswnvg.COM>  Wed Jun 28 21:49:23 1995
From: Terry Conboy <tconboy@Gateway.Uswnvg.COM> (Terry Conboy)
Subject: RTTY rules
Message-ID: <199506282049.NAA08614@gateway.uswnvg.com>

At 02:10 PM 6/28/95 -0400, Jeff (jwittich@b4pph107.bnr.ca) wrote:
>Hey guys...in the July CQ, on page 112 are the rules for the
>CQWW RTTY DX test.  Rule 4 a. says that the antennas must 
>physically be connected by wires to the transmitter.  I was asked
>by club members why that was a rule, and how else it could be
>done.  I had to say I didn't know but would try to find out.
>Can anybody help me with this?

What if your antenna is capacitively coupled...

In my previous residence, I used two pieces of foil on each side of
the window glass to couple to an open wire feeder to my multi-band
dipole.  I guess that wouldn't be allowed.

There are also cellular indoor antennas with fiber optic feeds
(of course they have a pair of small amplifiers and some optical
to electrical stuff in them...

Terry Conboy  N6RY  tconboy@uswnvg.com  vm:206-450-8388  fax:206-450-8399
Speaketh not for U S WEST, AirTouch, TomCom, or PCS PrimeCo.

>From sellington" <sellington@mail.ssec.wisc.edu  Wed Jun 28 21:57:25 1995
From: sellington" <sellington@mail.ssec.wisc.edu (sellington)
Message-ID: <n1407767431.38211@mail.ssec.wisc.edu>

A lightning sensor would have been handy last November during CQWW.  When
the static crashes got so loud I started wiping out the
Europeans on 40 about an hour before the end of the contest, I went outside
to see what was going on and discovered there was lots of lightning going on
within a mile of my tower.  Too close for comfort!  (But we're not SUPPOSED 
to have thunderstorms in Wisconsin in November.)

Scott  K9MA

>From wwalsh@intac.com (Warren Walsh)  Wed Jun 28 22:01:25 1995
From: wwalsh@intac.com (Warren Walsh) (Warren Walsh)
Subject: WA2SNA 3A FD Results
Message-ID: <199506282101.RAA24925@nile.intac.com>

                      ARRL FIELD DAY       1995

      Call: WA2SNA                   Country:  
                                     Category: Multi Multi


      160        0       0             0       0
       80       69     276           305     610
       40      708    2832           533    1066
       20       92     368           141     282
       17        0       0             0       0
       15        0       0             4       8
       12        0       0             0       0
       10        0       0             0       0
        6        0       0            95     190
        2        0       0            32      64
      NOV        0       0           144     288
      SAT        0       0             0       0
      PKT       29     116             0       0

               898            +      1254     =    2152 Total QSO

(3592 CW QSO PTS + 2508 SSB QSO PTS) X 2 POWER MULTIPLIER + 900 BONUS = 7,000
Operator List: N2BCC, KA2AEV, WG3I, KB2POP, N2UBZ, N2POM, N2VYU, KF2UM,
N2WGG, N2KDZ, WB2RFB, N2KBD, N2SWT (novice call), N2JLT, N2TBP, N2UDQ,

Equipment Description: TS-850, OMNI VI, IC-735, FT-767 (6 & 2), TS-520 (Novice)
Antennas: Dipole on 80, Delta loop on 40, A3 on 20,15,10, 3el 10, 4 el 6, 13
el 2, J-pole for packet

Club Affiliation: Ramapo Mountain ARC

               Ramapo Mountain ARC  WA2SNA
               PO Box 364
               Oakland, NJ 07436

This year we were at the Ramapo fire tower again, but we had WRITTEN
permission to use the tower as an "Antenna Anchor". Unfortunately we didn't
have the 2 el 40 beam to put on the tower, so we only used it to anchor the
ends of the dipole and delta loop. Everyone had a great time and we improved
by 1200 points and 300 Q's over last year. We may even have a few new
contest operators in the making from our group. Had some good rates on 40M,
but I feel our better operators spent too much time there and neglected the
other bands. Well hopefully we'll improve next year!

73 and see you all in IARU.

Warren - N2BCC
President RMARC

PS: Since FD is not a contest I'm not sure if this should have been posted
to the reflector!

>From Rich L. Boyd" <rlboyd@CapAccess.org  Wed Jun 28 22:28:28 1995
From: Rich L. Boyd" <rlboyd@CapAccess.org (Rich L. Boyd)
Subject: K3EST & logs
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9506281726.H1515-8100000@cap1.capaccess.org>

K3EST needs a notebook computer with modem so he can check his e-mail and
the reflector wherever in the world he is!  hi.  73

Rich Boyd KE3Q

>From Joe Pfeuffer <JP@otc.mhs.compuserve.com>  Wed Jun 28 22:57:49 1995
From: Joe Pfeuffer <JP@otc.mhs.compuserve.com> (Joe Pfeuffer)
Subject: AA7DT '95 Field Day Results.
Message-ID: <950628215748_555063.0_EHF149-1@CompuServe.COM>

AA7DT was QRV from Spyglass Mt. in the Idaho National Forest (5400 ft).

Band    CW      SSB
80      13      16
40      210     113
20      317     21
15      41      108
10      0       112

979 Qs / 73 Secs (ME, MAR, VI, and NWT were missed).

3064 pts + 340 Bonus for 3404 Total.


2 - TS-440s (100W)
1 - FT-980  (100W)
Assoorted keyers, TNCs, etc.

Phased 20 Meter Verticals
40 Meter Loop
Five element 40 Meter Beam (Wire)
All Band Dipole (80 - 10) 
160 Meter Dipole.

Perfect weather and a great site - 50 foot fire tower sure helped get the 
antennas up in the air.

Thanks to all who took time for a QSO.
All QSLs to AA7DT will be anwered.

73 and C'ya in '96

The Frost Peak Expeditionary Team

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