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AD4TU 1A FD Score

Subject: AD4TU 1A FD Score
From: PWildman@aol.com (PWildman@aol.com)
Date: Thu Jun 29 10:41:38 1995

CW Q's      77
SSB Q's   975
Q PTS    1129
X2 PWR=2258
Bonus   + 400
SCORE  2658

3 Op's (AD4TU, KC4UCK, KQ4MY) - FT890, TS60, wires&tribander, 
NA v.9.  
Club affiliation : Earlysville Amateur Radio Society


>From Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton@engineer.ClemsonSC.ATTGIS.COM  Thu Jun 29 
>18:03:00 1995
From: Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton@engineer.ClemsonSC.ATTGIS.COM (Skelton, Tom)
Subject: FW: Lightning....yawn
Message-ID: <2FF2DCED@engineer.ClemsonSC.ATTGIS.COM>

W0UN told the story at Dayton of watching a thunderstorm march toward his
station across the wide open spaces of Colorado, the strikes discontinue
when they reached his QTH, then pick up again on the other side, going
away.  All the hardware apparently is able to dissipate the charge before
it becomes lightning.

I have occasionally observed a static tic-tic-tic at the end of a coax at
my place, with no lightning seemingly around.

Rich Boyd KE3Q

No, it is obvious that Zeus is from the Black Hole!    (;-}}

73, Tom WB4iUX

>From Jay Schwisow <74301.3014@compuserve.com>  Thu Jun 29 15:12:46 1995
From: Jay Schwisow <74301.3014@compuserve.com> (Jay Schwisow)
Subject: FD Results
Message-ID: <950629141245_74301.3014_HHJ39-1@CompuServe.COM>

>From a small  in Milliken, CO here is our 1A effort.
                         ARRL FIELD DAY -- 1995
      Call: N2IC                     Country:
                                     Category: 1A
      160        0       0             0       0
       80       65     260            19      38
      80N        0       0             0       0
       40      282    1128            91     182
      40N        0       0             0       0
       20      457    1828           288     576
       15      286    1144           125     250
      15N        0       0             0       0
       10        0       0           150     300
      10N        0       0             0       0
        6        0       0             0       0
        2        0       0            12      24
      222        0       0             0       0
      432        0       0             0       0
      1.2        0       0             0       0
      SAT        0       0             1       2
      PKT        1       4             0       0
              1091            +       686     =    1777 Total QSO
             + 1050 BONUS =   6,786
We had no problems and an awesome great time!!

>From Peter G. Smith" <n4zr@netcom.com  Thu Jun 29 15:10:35 1995
From: Peter G. Smith" <n4zr@netcom.com (Peter G. Smith)
Subject: contest rotator summary
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9506290726.A26818-0100000@netcom20>

In response to my query about service and parts for Yaesu and Create 
rotators, I got a number of replies re Create and a few re Yaesu.  The 
good news is that all comments on support from those who had used it were 
favorable for both brands.  Create is much more popular, apparently, and 
a number of people said, in essence, "They never break, so who cares?"  
Those who had ordered parts from EDCO in VA said that response had been 
very good.  A grand total of two respondents had used Yaesu rotor 
service, but both had good things to say.  I talked with Yaesu myself, 
and they swear up and down that they have a full complement of repair 
parts and the necessary technicians to repair all of their rotators.
The only quibble, and it's maybe a small one, is that they do not sell 
the complete rotors and control boxes separately.

Since the Yaesu 1000 appears to be about $200 less than the equivalent
Create, I think my way is clear ...

Thanks all for your comments!

73, Pete                                       
"Better, faster,cheaper -- choose any two"
"No no no -- it's WEST Virginia"

>From Silvergran Jonathan, SEME" <L.J.Silvergran@telub.se  Thu Jun 29 17:38:00 
From: Silvergran Jonathan, SEME" <L.J.Silvergran@telub.se (Silvergran Jonathan, 
Subject: Tell WJ2O where to get off
Message-ID: <2FFDC647@noak>

Hi Dave,

>I could use some fresh ideas.  Here's your chance to tell me where to go!

Hmmm,  How about SM3 for CQWW?

>For WW I was thinking of 9Y4 due to it's 3 point value for being considered
>South America.  Any comments on that or suggestions on where to stay?

Why not Europe? That's a triple from the US as well...

> A cottage rental is ideal.  My wife and I are taking another couple on
>this trip so we would have to sleep 4.

No problems... Almost everybody has left this part of the countryside
for the more metropolitan areas, so lots of empty houses practically for
free! Maybe it's the mosquitos and the cold wx that turns everybody off?

>The other couple are divers so if it isn't an island it has to be near the 

Again, no problems. We have a big lake here which is currently (June 29)
ice-free. In November... Well, what the heck, we can supply a hole in the 
BTW, we have an island here too! It's reachable by car, even during the


Jon, SM3oJR

PS. +6C and rain this morning, almost freezing last week. We are indeed 
summers to remember...

:-)  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)

>From lvn@fox.cen.com (Larry Novak)  Thu Jun 29 16:10:04 1995
From: lvn@fox.cen.com (Larry Novak) (Larry Novak)
Subject: Contest Registry: Periodic Posting
Message-ID: <9506291510.AA03390@cen.com>

Here's the latest version.

If you have corrections and additions, please let me know ASAP since
the next NCJ will have a copy of this and I'd like it to be as
up-to-date as possible.

CQ Contest DXpedition Registery.
Updated June 28, 1995

This is a listing of planned contest Dxpeditions. If you have additions
or corrections, please email to lnovak@cen.com or via packet to K3TLX.

73, Larry, K3TLX

Contest          Location    Who/email              Status 
IARU/95          TF          Dave, WJ2O             50-50 chance.

IARU/95          VP2MDE      Dave, K5GN & Bob, N5DU Confirmed M/S

IOTA SSB/CW/95   V7A         Ken, V73C              OC028 (QSL N4GAK)

WAE CW/95        VP2MGA      Bill, K5GN             Very Iffy
                             via Joe, <71045.2632@compuserve.com>

CQWW RTTY/95     VK9L        W6OTC et al                M/S call: VK9LZ

CQWW SSB/95      8P          8P9Z

CQWW SSB/95      FP          WA2VUY and NO2R        Planned
                             from WA2VUY/packet

CQWW SSB/95      FP          Gary, K9GS etal        Confirmed  M/M

CQWW SSB/95      HC8         N6KT                   Reserved
                             via GARLOUGH@TGV.COM

CQWW SSB/95      KH9         AL7EL, WB2DND etal 

CQWW SSB/95      KH0AM       Tack, JE1CKA/KH0AM     M/M @ Diamond hotel

CQWW SSB/95      PJ7         Warren, WB1HHB         Planned SOLP

CQWW SSB/95      V26B        AB2E etal              Planned M/M
                             via AB2E/packet

CQWW SSB/95      V7X         Ken, V73C              M/S (QSL KH6HH)

CQWW SSB/95      VE2/Zone 2  WB2K

CQWW SSB/95      VP5         Red, K0LUZ etal        Planned M/S

CQWW SSB/95      VP5         N2VW, WB2YOF, KE2OP    Confirmed. Planned M/S

CQWW ???/95      FG          JF2DQJ/KI6FE etal   Planned M/S

CQWW CW/95       8P          8P9Z

CQWW CW/95       HC8         WN4KKN                 Reserved

CQWW CW/95       J3          Dave, WJ2O             Thinking about it. 

CQWW CW/95       KH0AM       Tack, JE1CKA/KH0AM     M/M @ Diamond hotel

CQWW CW/95       KP2         by Dave, WD5N          Reserved

CQWW CW/95       VP2EFO      K8MFO (QSL via W8TPS)  Confirmed  SOAB 
                             via gooster@delphi.com

CQWW CW/95       VP2MDE      Armadillo Contest Group Confirmed M/S 
                             via Joe, <71045.2632@compuserve.com>

CQ 160 SSB/96    KP2         Larry, KE2VB           Planned

ARRL DX CW/96    ???         Ken, K0PP              Reserved

ARRL DX CW/96    VP5/        Joe, W5ASP             Confirmed  @ VP5JM
                             via Joe, <71045.2632@compuserve.com>

ARRL DX SSB/96   KP2         Larry, KE2VB           Planned

WAE CW/96        VP2MGA      Bill, K5GN             Probable     
                             via Joe, <71045.2632@compuserve.com>

CQWW CW/96       VP5         Dave, WD5N             Reserved

Victor Burns says "V31DX and "the Country of Belize" is occupied for an
indeterminate number of years." (vburns@netcom.com)


 | Larry Novak                    \-\-\             email:   lnovak@cen.com |
 | Century Computing                |                 Tel:   (301) 953-3330 |
 | 8101 Sandy Spring Road           |          Tel (@NRL):   (202) 404-7682 |
 | Laurel, MD 20707                 |                 Fax:   (301) 953-2368 |
 | http://www.cen.com/              |       Amateur Radio:    K3TLX, C6AHE  |

>From Lee Hiers <0006701840@mcimail.com>  Thu Jun 29 16:50:00 1995
From: Lee Hiers <0006701840@mcimail.com> (Lee Hiers)
Subject: Which Radio?
Message-ID: <05950629155050/0006701840PJ3EM@MCIMAIL.COM>

Hello out there in contest land...

I'm thinking about getting a new HF radio before the fall contest season,
but don't know what to get.  What do y'all think?  Assume spending in the
$2,000-ish range, preferably a new radio.  I don't even know what's out
there:  FT990, TS850, Omni?, Icom7??.  What's the latest word on rigs in
that class as far as how they behave in a contest environment?  Who's got
the best filters?  Best gimmicks?  What would _you_ get & why?  Etc.

I appreciate the input!

73 de Lee

"I ain't changin' my call...I've already got a 1X1:  Alfalfa Four Golfalfa"

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