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Subject: Lightning....Zzzzaaap
From: K8DO@aol.com (K8DO@aol.com)
Date: Thu Jun 29 14:26:23 1995
I get 500 volts plus, on the 80m loop fed with 450 ohm line, when it is left
floating in dry weather... Haven't had the cajones to try it with a
thunderstorm overhead...
As a farm boy, I quickly learned to avoid touching the electric fence around
the 120 acre pasture (yes, with the charger turned off - before you ask -
sheesh) in dry weather... This 3/4 mile wire would literally knock you
down... It, also, got hit by lightning on a regular basis - and it  was my
responsibility to disconnect the charger when storms were in the area to keep
it from being ruined....


>From Jay Schwisow <74301.3014@compuserve.com>  Thu Jun 29 18:17:53 1995
From: Jay Schwisow <74301.3014@compuserve.com> (Jay Schwisow)
Subject: Inflated Field Day scores
Message-ID: <950629171752_74301.3014_HHJ24-1@CompuServe.COM>

from: Dave Hoaglin
Several postings have calculated Field Day scores by using 4 points
for each CW QSO and 2 points for each SSB QSO (and then applying a
power mutliplier of 2).  The rules say 2 points per CW contact and 1
point per phone contact.  It seems that someone's software already
factors the power multiplier into the number of points that it shows
for QSOs.
Yep your right K1EA's CT v 9.  The calculation is correct but the text is
certainly misleading.

>From James R. Hill" <0006429120@mcimail.com  Thu Jun 29 19:50:00 1995
From: James R. Hill" <0006429120@mcimail.com (James R. Hill)
Subject: DX Reflector
Message-ID: <12950629185021/0006429120PK4EM@MCIMAIL.COM>

It appears the DX Reflector is down again. Others besides myself are
not getting any messages. Would appreciate any late word about the 
group going to Libya so I can post it on our Northern/Southern DX 
packet system here in Calif.


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