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FD 96 - W4ZBB

Subject: FD 96 - W4ZBB
From: JKAHRS@delphi.com (JKAHRS@delphi.com)
Date: Thu Jun 29 22:06:07 1995
Well another one is in the books.  This time our friends down state suffered
the misfortune of RAIN.  Just a brief shower at out QTH....nice for a


Call: W4ZBB
Class: 2A
Section: North Florida, Okaloosa Walton Community College Soccer Field

QSO points:  1372
Bonus points:1260
Toatal:      2632 which met our goal of an increase over last year.

Sections: 64
IFDC score: 87,808
I guess I'm an old "expert" as I have done well in the CQP and the SS
vintage 1970's.  I was the only one and didnt operate 24 hours.

Ant: Trap dipole for 160/80/40 ... this one is a gonner for '96
     B&W AC3.5-30 dummy load.... gonner too!
     TH-3 at 60 ft .. a nice 3 section tower on a trailer
     TA-33 at 30 ft ... on some R-20
     R-5 at 25 ft ... some more R-20
     11 elm 2 mtr yagi on a 7 section alum crank up at 35 ft.
     Crossed yagis for the SAT

Next year we are going to 3A and will add a better dipole for 80 and a 2 elm
wire beam for 40.  The 2 m beam will go to 60+ ft and will add 6 meters with
5 elm at 30+ ft.

My novice station was a bust so Im adding more Tech stations in hopes of
gettin them out.  I did find a brand new Extra who just got his initial
ticket this year... and sat down to a 80 qso hour on 20 meters!!  Nice for
his first FD/contest!

73, Hank
FD Chair for the Playground ARC and the Twin Cities ARC
Niceville, FL
Internet: jkahrs@delphi.com

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