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Subject: unsuscribe
From: RalphKD1R@aol.com (RalphKD1R@aol.com)
Date: Fri Jun 30 01:57:44 1995
Sorry folks once again my fingers have proven the need for an online spell
My apoligies to all.  Will re join when I return from VA later this month
just trying to keep the E-mail at bay whilst I am away..... Hi Ho its off to
the floods I go.........
Any Hams in the flood affected area in VA.  I will have my two meter and uhf
handheld with me while in your area's.  Will be working with Red Cross DSHR
Damage Assesment team for at least one to possibly two weeks.  Expect to
arrrive in Richmond around 6 - 7PM 6/30 from Burlington, VT area via

Again my apoligies for all this non-contest drivel...

vy 73 es gud DX
de Ralph Stetson, KD1R

>From           Greg Miller@9_52 SST Eng@InterBold" <uszvn9l6@ibmmail.com  Fri 
>Jun 30 14:43:52 1995
From:           Greg Miller@9_52 SST Eng@InterBold" <uszvn9l6@ibmmail.com (     
     Greg Miller@9_52 SST Eng@InterBold)
Subject: IFDC score

Certify:       N
---------------------------- [Message Follows] ---------------------------------
N4VYT (1A SC) IFDC score -
cw qso points:      1440
ssb qso points:      404
total qso points:   1844
sections:             64
IFDC score        118016
One transmitter, 100 w
Expert ops: none
Expert op wannabees: Max N4VYT, Ray W4WAI, Greg W8XY

>From pwalker@mbi.moody.edu (Paul D. Walker II)  Fri Jun 30 15:08:25 1995
From: pwalker@mbi.moody.edu (Paul D. Walker II) (Paul D. Walker II)
Subject: Electronic connectors

Does anybody have some good sources to look for 6 pin mini-din connectors
that I can wire myself.  I need to switch a larger connector with the
mini-din to work with my FT-900.

Then eventually I can use my CONTEST software the way it was meant to be.

Happy CONTESTing!

Paul, N9WHG

Paul D. Walker II                 e-mail: pwalker@mbi.moody.edu
Database/System Administrator     phone:  (312)329-4392
Moody Bible Institute             fax:    (312)329-8961
820 North LaSalle Blvd            amateur radio: N9WHG
Chicago, ILL  60610               packet: n9whg@?????  BBS went offline

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