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Computer and RFI

Subject: Computer and RFI
From: KE6BER@aol.com (KE6BER@aol.com)
Date: Fri Aug 4 04:38:30 1995
I'm having problems with RFI getting into my computer.  The computer is the
new addition, and causing problems.  Here's my setup.

1)Ken TS-940 ->SB-230 (1000W out)
2)Ken TS-450 (100w out)

All rigs and the amp are grounded with about 5 feet of 1" braid to the
ground.  Nothing else is grounded in the shack except through the houshold
grounding system.  I had run a Mac Powerbook to monitor the DX cluster for
some time with no problems.  I just rescently got a 386 (mainly so I can run
CT) and now I'm having problems.  When I run anything 100W or more, I get RF
into the computer that makes characters print and makes the keyboard lock up,
as well as the computer beeping.  

I know I should try grounding the computer to a separate ground rod, but I
don't really want to go driving new ground rods as I'm moving in 4 months.
 Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.

73 de KE6BER

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