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Subject: non-glint
From: PEMS_ST_DK@noeca.ohio.gov (PEMS_ST_DK@noeca.ohio.gov)
Date: Fri Aug 4 18:13:46 1995
A low tech solution is to sand the elements and let natural 
atmosperic forces take over. Here in OHIO with acid rain-no need to
use acid or paint. Rough up the surface and let it weather and oxidize!
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>From aa4lr@radio.org (Bill Coleman AA4LR)  Fri Aug  4 22:46:06 1995
From: aa4lr@radio.org (Bill Coleman AA4LR) (Bill Coleman AA4LR)
Message-ID: <v01520d01ac4844e70a40@[]>

>On Aug 4,  4:08pm, K8DO@aol.com wrote:
>> Subject: Re: NON GLINT PAINT
>> Hi..
>> Hi Ron...
>> You will clean the aluminum with a phosphoric acid compound...
>This is probably some of the uglyest stuff around. If you really
>AND A GOOD RUBBER APRON. It can cause some very sever acid burns.

I was thinking about this, and usually the treatment of painting aircraft
aluminum is to strip, acid wash, alodyne, zinc chromate, prime, paint and
clear coat.

If the aluminum isn't too corroded (eg new antennas), you could probably
just skip to the zinc chromate step. This stuff is a flat green in color
and definitely non-glint. I don't know about its RF properties, but it
alone would make a pretty durable non-glint antenna paint. Something to

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>From sneader@mail.ctenet.com (Scott Neader, KA9FOX)  Fri Aug  4 23:07:40 1995
From: sneader@mail.ctenet.com (Scott Neader, KA9FOX) (Scott Neader, KA9FOX)
Subject: NAQP teams
Message-ID: <v01510108ac47e9f15ddc@[]>

  > I know you're busy getting married and stuff,
  > but are there any Sultans  teams for the cw
  > weekend?  Haven't seen any postings this time
  > around.  73, Steve  N4TQO merchant@crl.com

We have a "bachelor party" CW team and a "wedding party" SSB team!  Very
non-serious teams, as we will be busy partying instead of contesting.  We
fully expect all QSOs (if any) to be made with key or mike in one hand and
a beer can in the other.

But thanks for asking.  I'm sure the Sultan teams to be back in January!

73 - Scott

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>From Ed Gilbert <eyg@hpnjlc.njd.hp.com>  Fri Aug  4 23:32:03 1995
From: Ed Gilbert <eyg@hpnjlc.njd.hp.com> (Ed Gilbert)
Subject: naqp teams
Message-ID: <199508042229.AA291695344@hp.com>

Is anyone looking for another team member this weekend?  I'm planning a
full effort and am unattached.


>From km9p@is.net (Bill Fisher)  Sat Aug  5 02:04:40 1995
From: km9p@is.net (Bill Fisher) (Bill Fisher)
Subject: NAQP tomorrow
Message-ID: <199508050104.VAA23250@mail1.is.net>

I'm listening to 10m right now (8:00pm local).  W1's, W2's, W3's, and more
coming in very well.  Everyone check the band often and late.  The band will
be open through the final hours of the contest.  Don't have a cow if I ask
you to move to 10m at midnight!

15m is the same but to a lesser degree.


Bill Fisher, KM9P

-Testing service providers in my area... in case you wondering why all the
different email addresses!


>From Jeff Singer <k0od@MO.NET>  Sat Aug  5 02:06:01 1995
From: Jeff Singer <k0od@MO.NET> (Jeff Singer)
Subject: What's a dbworth?
Message-ID: <199508050106.UAA14643@Walden.MO.NET>

     Articles often say that a mere db or two is not worth worrying 
about. That sentiment even appears occasionally in postings on this 
reflector. What is a single db--the basic molecule of a monster 
signal--really worth to a contester?

   Last year, I compared DX contest scores by power level: high, low and 
I concluded that increasing the transmitted power level a single db might 
increase a station's contest score by nearly 10%!

   My study took into account that 1500 watt stations usually have 
somewhat better antennas than 100 watters, which in turn probably have 
more aluminum than QRP stations. I compared the highest QRP score with 
the 3rd highest lowpower score and the 5th highest QRO score. I examined 
USA scores for contests over a 5 or 6 year period. In every contest I 
looked at, a single db was worth at least 6% improvement.

    Note that I am talking about a db increase in transmitted power. A db 
of antenna gain on transmit and receive should add more than 10%.

    I played around researching this for an hour or two. Has anyone ever 
done a real study of this topic? 
       Jeff K0OD  St. Louis, MO  USA
            e-mail:   k0od@mo.net

>From Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH@TGV.COM>  Sat Aug  5 03:27:04 1995
From: Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH@TGV.COM> (Trey Garlough)
Subject: reflector advertising
Message-ID: <807589624.467896.GARLOUGH@TGV.COM>

KR2Q writes:

> I take exception to your "defense" of the C3 antenna on this forum;
> not because those wrongly accused shouldn't be given equal time,
> but because you are clearly taking that position not as an advocate,
> but as an advertiser.  

I concur with KR2Q's assessment.

--Trey, WN4KKN/6

>From barry@w2up.wells.com (Barry Kutner)  Fri Aug  4 21:04:21 1995
From: barry@w2up.wells.com (Barry Kutner) (Barry Kutner)
Subject: QSL comments
Message-ID: <yHPB0c1w165w@w2up.wells.com>

Got a kick out of a QSL rcvd from W8CNL for QSO with 9K2/N6BFM.
After the usual QSO data the card says:
Our QSO was NOT on a list or net. Tnx for using your full Callsign.



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>From Troy Majors <troy@southwind.net>  Sat Aug  5 03:47:23 1995
From: Troy Majors <troy@southwind.net> (Troy Majors)
Subject: NCJ Back Issues
Message-ID: <Pine.BSI.3.90.950804214149.28789A-100000@onyx.southwind.net>

Anyone have any back issues of the
NCJ for the years 89 thru 93 that
they would like to part with?
I need scattered issues from these

73 Troy WI0R

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