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IARU announces Drug Testing

Subject: IARU announces Drug Testing
From: N3ADL@aol.com (N3ADL@aol.com)
Date: Sun Aug 6 07:25:47 1995
 In keeping with the worl trend towards honesty and fair play, The ITU has
announced an alliance with the International Olympic Committee and will
initiate random drug testing for all participants in future IARU contests.
Rumor has it that CQ and ARRL are  considering similar implementation of
testing for TOP TEN finishers in all modes and catagories for the 1995
contest season.
 Perhaps it is time we volunteer urine and fecal samples with each score
submitted to ARRL just to get a head start on the ineventable.
                           73 de Doug//N3ADL

** Jeez...this rumor starting is FUN..Thanks Bob!**

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