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Texas geographical advant...

Subject: Texas geographical advant...
From: N5RZ@aol.com (N5RZ@aol.com)
Date: Tue Aug 8 16:09:51 1995
>By exercising "creative geographic location" it appears that Texas
>satisfies all the criteria for West Coast, East Coast and Central U.S.

>Yes, definitely, Texas is where you should go to operate your contests

Which proves the point, It pays to be flexible!!

73,  Gator ---------------------------;--;<<   N5RZ   N5RZ@aol.com

>From Patrick Collins <pcollins@freenet.columbus.oh.us>  Tue Aug  8 22:35:28 
From: Patrick Collins <pcollins@freenet.columbus.oh.us> (Patrick Collins)
Subject: August CQ Magazine Cover
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On Mon, 7 Aug 1995, terry arthur posey wrote:

> Don't worry about N0RR.  He knows what he is doing.

He knows what he's doing.....until he is DEAD.  Safety is not a issue of
knowing what you are doing.

Pat Collins                                    pcollins@freenet.columbus.oh.us

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