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NAQP SSB-West Virginia?

Subject: NAQP SSB-West Virginia?
From: V.LONG.SA@OCF.compuserve.com (V.LONG.SA@OCF.compuserve.com)
Date: Wed Aug 9 15:35:03 1995
To: >INTERNET:cq-contest@tgv.com at OCF_INFORM
Subject: NAQP SSB-West Virginia?
    Anyone in WV going to be operating NAQP SSB weekend?

    I'll be QRV (after a family birthday party which just happens to start
    at around 1800z also) from Lumberport, WV 160-10 meters.

    Antennas will be G5RV for 80-10 and halfwave dipole for 160, but will
    be up around 90 feet, and on a mountain.

    I'll make skeds to move, moving around is not an easy thing to do with
    an old rig that you have to tune everytime you switch bands. I wasn't
    familiar with moving around during CW weekend, it was my first NAQP.

    GL to all

    Scott, AA8SM

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