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New contest radio?

Subject: New contest radio?
From: jh4rhf@ppp.bekkoame.or.jp (jh4rhf@ppp.bekkoame.or.jp)
Date: Mon Aug 14 12:44:18 1995
> Does anyone know anything about the rumored Yaesu FT1000MP?
Oops...... I found ads of new FT1000MP (and TS870) on recent 59 Magazine just 
I received now.
FT1000MP looks similar of FT1000, it has two tuning knobs. RX DSP at 4th IF 
(10.24khz). It works as noise reducer as well. Also it looks to have TX DSP. 
Yes, Collins mechanical filters. Auto notch. 0.625kHz step tuning. Switching 
PS. Digital S meter. Dual receive......etc...... and 370,000yen (not much 
expensive) Detail will come later.

TS870S, only picture and price. 328,000yen. No detail. It seems to have DSP as 


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