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Subject: VPED
From: wb2k@ritz.mordor.com (John A. Ross, IV)
Date: Wed Aug 16 08:43:34 1995
>Hi All:
>Hate to bring this up again but I need some help with making voice files for
>VPED.  I have Soundblaster 16, Pentium computer.  Each time I try to record
>a file, it says recording but it locks up.  I can record ok on soundblaster.
>What do I have set up wrong?  What do I need to add?
>Did someone say they had sound files to swap?  If I can get this to work, I
>will be glad to swap some sound files.
>Thanks de Barry

Hi Barry,
 I've been down this path (as have a number of others) and have come to the
conclusion: VPED can't record on a SB16. VPED was designed on a SBPro and
will record fine on it, but the SB16 must in some way be slightly
different. I've tried all the recommended "fixes". No luck. It simply locks
up the moment you try to record. Only solution is to "upgrade" to the lower

Tony, AE0M, was kind enough to share his VPED voice files. They
are on K2MM's ftp site.

73, John - WB2K

John A. Ross, IV  - WB2K / VE2TJA [Zone 2]  (wb2k@ritz.mordor.com)
Summit, New Jersey
Contest DXpedition Registry ---------> http://www.mordor.com/wb2k

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