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new rigs

Subject: new rigs
From: Srockn4sr@aol.com (Srockn4sr@aol.com)
Date: Wed Aug 16 07:59:17 1995
Hi All

Reading the fine print on the description of both the new yaesu and icom
radios leads me to believe that both of these radios are using DSP techniques
in the AUDIO sections only.  Basically a timewave DSP unit added onto the
radio.  I have from a reliable source that the new Kenwood uses DSP in the IF
section.  Might be a good idea to hold off on buying that new wiz bang radio
till you see what all the mfgr's have to offer.
73 steve

>From James White <0006492564@mcimail.com>  Wed Aug 16 12:29:00 1995
From: James White <0006492564@mcimail.com> (James White)
Subject: CREATEive solution(S)?
Message-ID: <80950816112908/0006492564PK2EM@MCIMAIL.COM>

....Florida is, you didn't know(?), the lightning capital of the world....

....it used to be I listened to stories from K4XS about what went out "this
week", well now a second rotor failure attributable to lightning has struck
and since it is part of several other things that got zapped, we'd like to
have the insurance company pick up the tab....the problem:

The rotator that got zapped is the Create RC5B3, my ole friend at C.A.T.S.
tells me he don't do JA rotors. I know I can send it to EDCO in Virginia but
I haven't had any experiences with them....have you?

I would like to see the rotor come back ASAP, and don't know what to expect
from the EDCO people - they could be like a certain Florida filter purveyor
and be a lil' slow to deliver.

If you have had any experience with EDCO, or know of someone else who does
service work on Create rotors please lemme know ASAP! We wanna get this
shipped off and CONTEST season approaches so we wanna be QRV....cannot
imagine not being able to rotate the forty meter beam at W1CW! E-mail me!
        Thanks to y'all - I will let y'alls know the outcome in a post.

                        Jim, K1ZX    k1zx@mcimail.com

                (slept last nite - but #5 grandbaby still not QRV)

>From gaudier@new-york.sl.slb.com (Dale Gaudier)  Wed Aug 16 14:29:05 1995
From: gaudier@new-york.sl.slb.com (Dale Gaudier) (Dale Gaudier)
Subject: CT - Fast Clock
Message-ID: <v02130500ac579f94a8ad@[]>

I had a similar experience with CT 8 (the DOS version). I was running it in
a DOS window under Windows 3.1 on my 486 for the CQ 160m 'test this past
winter, when I noticed that the logged time was slowly getting ahead of the
actual time. In one hour of contesting, the CT logged time had crept ahead
of real time by about 20 minutes.

I tried slowing the 486 down (it has a front panel button to cut the
processor speed down to around 16 MHz), but this didn't fix the problem. I
exited to DOS and checked the computer clock time and found it was set for
the incorrect (accelerated) time.

After rebooting, I checked the real-time clock running under DOS (v5.0) and
Windows. Both ran fine. I tried running CT from the DOS prompt and it kept
perfect time.

So, I concluded there must be some timing conflict between CT 8 and Windows
3.1 that caused the "accelerated" clock problem when running CT in a DOS

I now run CT solely under DOS, and not under Windows. Makes me worry a
little about upgrading to Windows 95.



Dale Gaudier - N4REE/1 Darien, CT

>From V. Zavgorodniy" <zavgor@fuib.donetsk.ua  Wed Aug 16 14:53:25 1995
From: V. Zavgorodniy" <zavgor@fuib.donetsk.ua (V. Zavgorodniy)
Subject: No subject
Message-ID: <AALXVCmu54@fuib.donetsk.ua>

  Vladimir Zavgorodniy (CALL UR3IDV,UR3IWA)
  E-Mail: zavgor@fuib.donetsk.ua

>From k3lr <k3lr@telerama.lm.com>  Wed Aug 16 15:32:23 1995
From: k3lr <k3lr@telerama.lm.com> (k3lr)
Subject: HF Launch Angles
Message-ID: <199508161432.KAA19359@asia.lm.com>

If you want to learn about how antennas work at various heights over
real terrain, or you are ready to purchase your ultimate contest QTH
and want to know how to plan antenna heights, you should pick up the
July issue of QEX magazine.  

The lead article is 13 pages of super discussion concerning launch
angles.  It is written by contest super op  Dean, N6BV.

At the price of $1.75, the information in this issue is a steal!

Thanks to Dean for publishing his valuable work!

Tim K3LR


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