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Ring Rotors

Subject: Ring Rotors
From: n0dh@comtch.iea.com (n0dh@comtch.iea.com)
Date: Mon Aug 21 16:02:31 1995
John WB2K wrote: (about the TIC ring rotators)


> When I first saw one at N2NU's I was very impressed with
>the "heft" of the components. Order-to-ship time is presently about 7-10
>days. Hope this was of some help.

>73, John - WB2K

After spending a couple of hours up on the tower bolting and aligning one of 
these babys
you'll be even more impressed with their heft :-). (definitely not somthing I 
would recommend doing solo........ been there done that).


>From km6sn@beacons.cts.com (Rod Davis)  Mon Aug 21 16:00:05 1995
From: km6sn@beacons.cts.com (Rod Davis) (Rod Davis)
Subject: nomail
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