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NAQP ssb score rumors

Subject: NAQP ssb score rumors
From: geoiii@bga.com (george fremin iii)
Date: Mon Aug 21 19:40:12 1995
Here they are - as always send your additions and corrections to me:


Single Op
W0UA    823 169 139,087 @k0rf          36/20 108/39 150/44 498/53 26/11  5/2
NM5M    766 171 130,986                25/11 104/37 153/40 423/53 47/25 14/3
N3BB    745 170 126,650 aa5rb          17/7  107/35 180/50 402/57 31/18  8/3
WX0B    760 165 125,400
K6LL    809 153 123,777
K7UP    741 147 109,074
AC10/4  747 141 105,327                 0/0   40/19 120/38 526/61 56/20  5/3
KJ6HO   618 133  82,194
AA4RX   575 138  79,350
VE5MX   542 124  67,208

NA5Q    459 136  62,424
KD1NG   464 115  53,360
KI7WX   470 103  48,410
KK9W    406 113  45,878                 0/0   51/26 112/43 237/41 6/3  0/0
KI4DC   370 117  43,290
N0AXL   360 114  41,040
KE2VB   389 104  40,456
WQ5G    332 119  39,508
WB5M    340  83  28,220
K8MR    272 102  27,744                24/13  92/30  97/35  54/21 5/3  0/0

KQ4HC   292  92  26,772
N1PBT   241  86  20,726
N4UL    230  90  20,700
AA1EY   212  81  17,172
N3BDA   147  64   9,408
W1IHN   125  66   8,250
WN3K    111  52   5,772
AE0M    109  48   5,232
N8AAT    92  48   4,416
N6TR     66  37     264

KC7KMC    4   4      16 n6tr

WB5VZL 1467 217 318,339 +ka5wss @w5kft 38/18 125/36 340/55 753/61 142/29 69/18
NC0P   1008 162 163,296
W5NN    757 165 124,905
KZ8E    798 146 116,508
VE6JY   772 136 104,992 +ve6fr ve6ldx  43/12 122/28  68/31 516/57  21/7   2/1
KE4GY   502 148  74,296 +kc4zv         20/12  83/32 225/49 153/45  18/8   3/2
NV6O    453 115  52,095


George Fremin III
Austin, Texas C.K.U.                        

>From Frank Donovan <donovanf@sgate.com>  Tue Aug 22 00:42:32 1995
From: Frank Donovan <donovanf@sgate.com> (Frank Donovan)
Subject: Beverages
Message-ID: <Pine.OSF.3.91.950821193221.7613C-100000@jekyll.sgate.com>

Hi Paul!

Beverage antennas used in the amateur bands are NOT  (NOT!) degraded by high 
soil conductivity !!!  If yours aren't working well, soil conductivity is 
not the cause...  For surface wave reception (like BC band reception during 
the day), low soil conductivity is necessary to provide tilt to the 
wavefront; however, ionospherically propagated signals have inherent 
wave tilt since they arrive at an angle above the horizon! 

Perhaps your Beverage antennas were too close to ur towers?  I'm not sure 
what else to suggest.  If u get interference from nearby BC stations with a 
Beverage, some folks have found it useful to use a higher power matching 
transformer to assure that the transformer isn't driven into saturation. 


>From Jeffrey Yeager <jnyeager@southern.edu>  Tue Aug 22 00:43:35 1995
From: Jeffrey Yeager <jnyeager@southern.edu> (Jeffrey Yeager)
Subject: Re New Radios
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9508211918.A24230-0100000@southern.edu>

Ok with all this talk of new radios and looking at the new FT1000MP
and 775 DSP at the hamfest this weekend  one has to ask "How much will a 
contest score improve by using one of these radios , or the dreamed about 

How important is the radio,  some people win with older radios while
other win with the latest technology.  I realize the operator has alot
to do with it but when is the radio an important factor in winning?

$4000 will buy alot of antennas!

73 Jeff  KQ4HC

>From km9p@is.net (Bill Fisher)  Tue Aug 22 00:49:58 1995
From: km9p@is.net (Bill Fisher) (Bill Fisher)
Subject: FT1000 vs Omni-6 ??
Message-ID: <199508212349.TAA22845@mail1.is.net>

Well my trusty - 99% mint - ex-W0UA - TS930S got zapped by the last storm
that rolled through... I'm looking for a new rig.

I would like to hear from anyone that HAS USED both the FT1000 and the
Omni-6 IN A CONTEST.  I'm mostly interested in CW performance of both radios
(I'm trying to kick the SSB habit).  

Points of interest:

Does the Omni-6 eliminate that ***crud*** that you hear on a clear frequency
in the midst of very large surrounding signals on the low bands?  Their ad
says it's a big difference.

Is the FT1000 worth the difference in money?  Let's see... K3ZO + TS830S =
Big score.  Probably the same score with the FT1000.  Are we over
emphasizing the radio's roll in the contest final score? 

The first thing I notice when I look at an Omni-6 is the knobs.  Geezz...
you'de think they could spend a few more bucks and put on decent front
panel.  To me, IMHO, it looks cheap.  Anyone using this radio feel the radio
is friendly to operate?  Comfortable?

Will AA6TT make me a deal I can't refuse on his FT1000D?


Bill, KM9P

>From Randy Thompson <k5zd@iconics.com>  Tue Aug 22 02:19:06 1995
From: Randy Thompson <k5zd@iconics.com> (Randy Thompson)
Subject: CQWW Results
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.3.91.950821211844.5026F-100000@genesis.iconics.com>

On Mon, 21 Aug 1995, John Merrill wrote:

> Congratulations to K1AR. I wonder if an employee of CQ operating in a CQ 
> contest
> would be considered a conflict of interest. HI. Only kidding.
> John N1JM
Yeah, I think he should disqualify himself and let someone else win!

Randy Thompson, K5ZD

>From Randy Thompson <k5zd@iconics.com>  Tue Aug 22 02:25:53 1995
From: Randy Thompson <k5zd@iconics.com> (Randy Thompson)
Subject: Re New Radios
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.3.91.950821212029.5026G-100000@genesis.iconics.com>

On Mon, 21 Aug 1995, Jeffrey Yeager wrote:

> Ok with all this talk of new radios and looking at the new FT1000MP
> and 775 DSP at the hamfest this weekend  one has to ask "How much will a 
> contest score improve by using one of these radios , or the dreamed about 
> Hamcube?"
> How important is the radio,  some people win with older radios while
> other win with the latest technology.  I realize the operator has alot
> to do with it but when is the radio an important factor in winning?
> $4000 will buy alot of antennas!
Good question Jeff!  There is a level of technology that you need to 
perform at the top level.  Right now, I would judge this to be around the 
IC-765 level.  Although K3ZO proves that you can do extremely well with 
less (although he relies on his hopped up R-4C).

The most important aspect of a contest radio is the receiver.  You need 
something that can deal with the strong signals without rolling over.

The new high-end radios are good.  They may help you hear a few extra QSOs
over the course of a DX contest.  But for that extra incremental
improvement to matter, you have to be within a handful of QSOs of the
leader!  If you look at the results, you will see that rarely is a DX
contest that close. 

Even more important than the radio is where you live.  Use that $4000 to 
put a down payment on a piece of property in New England!

Randy Thompson, K5ZD

>From Hsu, Aaron" <ATHSU@mca.com  Tue Aug 22 02:44:00 1995
From: Hsu, Aaron" <ATHSU@mca.com (Hsu, Aaron)
Subject: Speaking of new Rigs and DSP...
Message-ID: <303936BB@msmail.mca.com>

I just got this off GJ4ICD's Internet Web page.  Kenwood has introduced the 
new TS-870S to replace the TS-850S.  It sounds like it might be a winner!

  - Aaron Hsu, KD6DAE

>From GJ4ICD's Web Page at http://user.itl.net/~equinox/
(with a couple of text edits (spacing))

[Image] KENWOOD TS870s


                        KENWOOD LAUNCH NEW HF RADIO!

Kenwood have just introduced their new HF Transceiver, the TS870s! which
replaces the TS850s and TS850sat.

By far the greatest change is that the new radio has a fully digital signal
path.  All filtering, both in terms of width and noise reduction, is 
digitally, so there are no optional analogue filters!

Also built in as standard are a K1 logikeyer for the dedicated cw operator,
an auto atu which covers both tx and rx, plus an RS-232 adaptor internally.

Kenwood may also be able to supply a windows based control program in the
near future.

                           TS 870S SPECIFICATION.

By applying the best of it's DSP technology, Kenwood has succeeded in
developing the TS870S, a new gerneration of HF SSB transceiver that offers
superior digital interference reduction as well as receiver performance of
a quality hitherto impossible using the conventional analogue circuitry.
New HF transceivers based on this design concept are collectively called
the "Intelligent Enhanced Communications System". (AA1)

HF DSP for post-IF signal processing:
Digital RX Filters: The TS870s features post-IF digital filters for ALL
modes - SSB,CW, AM, FSK and FM, a World first!! offering precise
performance that is unobtainable with analogue circuits.
Bandwidth of the digital filters can be optimised in various working
conditions. You are now also free from struggling to put in the optional IF
filters, thanks to the new razor sharp digital filters.

Hi Cut: 1.4 - 6.00khz (12 steps)
Low cut: 0 - 1000hz (10 steps)
VBT: 50 - 1000hz (6 steps)
SHIFT: 400 - 1000hz (13 steps)
VBT: 5 - 14khz (6 steps)
Hi Cut: 2.5 - 7khz (6 steps)
Low Cut: 0 - 500hz (4 steps)
VBT: 250 - 1500hz (4 steps)
The TS870S is capable of picking out a target signal that is buried in the
noise. To accomplish this, it employs the line enhancer method for ssb mode
and the SPAC method for cw mode.

This cancels out the sort of multiple beat interference that can effect
reception automatically, which is impossible for analogue circuits.

This is a filter which, when beat interference is experienced, attenuates
only the interfering signal. Should the frequency change, the filter
adjusts automatically.
Thanks to the post-IF DSP, it offers more precise performance than
previously possible.

3 types of adjustments are possible:

In SSB and AM Modes, the bandwidth of the bandpass filter can be

The speech processor can be adjusted seperately for low, medium and high

Equipped with 3 equalisers, high boost, bass boost and comb filter, the
TS870S allows the user to select the desired sound quality.

Thanks to DSP Technology, the quality of signal detection is better than
possible with conventional transceivers, in terms of both low distortion
and high sound quality.
ATU that works on both RX and TX!!!!
Special CW features:
4 Channel Memory in built.....based on the K1 Logikey*tm:
2 Key Connectors!
CW Pitch control between 400 & 1000hz in 50hz steps!
By adding the DRU-3 unit, up to 60 seconds of continuous digital recording
is possible!
There are many more features on this new excellent radio.....contact your
Authorised Kenwood dealer for the full specification sheets.:
de GJ4ICD.

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