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DSP Radios

Subject: DSP Radios
From: PaulKB8N@aol.com (PaulKB8N@aol.com)
Date: Tue Aug 22 19:51:00 1995

Agree to a point that someone will figure out how to cheaply produce "ham
radio on a card", but I don't think power outputs will ever exceed the QRP
levels.  Ultimately, the driver is going to be overall system cost.

Right now a substantial monetary (and kinetic!) cost exists in a contest
superstation between the bulkhead and the antenna arrays.  When ten runs of
Heliax, numerous rotor and control cables, and countless RF connectors can be
replaced by a single fiber optic cable to a remoted transceiver or
transceivers located at the antenna (or at the base of the antenna), I think
that economics will prevail.  (Maybe economics has never prevailed in this

I see a future ham shack with two computers, one controlling station
operation and logging, with the other managing the status of a flexible
equipment pool that can be tasked dynamically by the operator.

Outside-of-the-box (the shack) thoughts from a small pistol!

Paul, KB8N 

>From Rob Shapiro <ND3A@cais.cais.com>  Wed Aug 23 06:48:53 1995
From: Rob Shapiro <ND3A@cais.cais.com> (Rob Shapiro)
Subject: contest writeup; CQ
Message-ID: <Chameleon.>

---------------Original Message---------------
Wow...let's hear it for those great COLOR pictures in the CQWW 'test
writeup.  What a NICE change!!!!  AR...was this your's?  FB OM!
de Doug  KR2Q@mcimail.com

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Doug, except for misplacement of the VP2EZA picture (shud have been in CW 
results) and no notification of the reporting continuing later in the magazine, 
wholeheartedly agree with you about pictures.  Although photography is a hobby 
mine and there's a place for black and white, the color pictures (and there 
were a lot) 
really added a lot of pizzaz!  Also, I agree with others that have suggested 
shud disqualify himself in future CQ contests ;-)

73, Rob

Rob Shapiro - ND3A
Potomac Valley Radio Club
Internet: nd3a@cais.com
PacketCluster: ND3A > N3RR

>From Douglas S. Zwiebel" <0006489207@mcimail.com  Wed Aug 23 00:20:00 1995
From: Douglas S. Zwiebel" <0006489207@mcimail.com (Douglas S. Zwiebel)
Subject: NV6O & N9ZOH
Message-ID: <92950822232029/0006489207PK2EM@MCIMAIL.COM>

And I thought NINE TWO NINE TWO for N2NT was best there was....
WOW Eric...took me 12 seconds, but I love it! (You're tricky non-spacing
was very devious).

Hey Guys...how do you like those new ACTIVE ZONE boxes in the writeup?
You zone 3 and 4 guys can get some respect now.

de Doug  KR2Q@mcimail.com

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