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Contest software/VOX

Subject: Contest software/VOX
From: JPontek@aol.com (JPontek@aol.com)
Date: Fri Aug 25 01:12:49 1995
Hmmm????  I was beginning to think I was the only one who liked VOX on CW. I
used QSK with the old VT TR switches, DowKey and Lynmar. After not too many
contests, I was glad when I bought a rig with VOX and gave the ears a break.
While out on a trip, I tried to work two to three guys at once, but the guys
with QSK got them selves confused when I tried to work the 2nd and 3rd guy
under them. Those guys screwed up high rate hours because of their confusion.
A fast VOX or a PTT from the contest program would be GREAT and N6TR has it.
It will let you catch the chap who calls you late.  Good idea on the late VOX
key up,  Ken. I'll have to listen to my signal next time I have 2 rigs in the
shack. Haven't had an extra in a few years.

The SSB monitoring seems to be monitored in an audio stage. It doesn't really
tell what your signal sounds like after you over drive an underloaded
amplifier, but I guess it gives you that nice snuggley feeling of a Beemer
giving you G's thru a curve.

73, K8Joe"Palooka"

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