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Subject: [cvanhoor@bcm2a02.attmail.com: KG9N/C6A back home]
From: cvanhoo@heartland.bradley.edu (Chuck Van Hoorn)
Date: Fri Aug 25 14:20:40 1995

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    From: cvanhoor@bcm2a02.attmail.com (cvanhoor)
    To: cvanhoo@heartland.bradley.edu
    Subject: KG9N/C6A back home

    Well I am back home and back to work. How time flies!
    I made just shy of 2000 qso's from c6a using a ts450 and a r7 vertical. 
    qso was with aa5tn on 20 cw on August 11 and the last was with k4adk on rs12
    on August 18th. The weather at c6a was perfect but the radio conditions were
    very poor. I was only able to work about 150 europe stations during the WAE
    contest most of them on 40. Hardly any 20 meter opening over the contest
    weekend. The conditions into Europe did get better during the week.
    RS12 turned out to be great fun with much interest from people in working me
    from there. Thanks to all of those who sent me the rs12 schedule!
    Two weeks before I got there hurricane Erin had gone right over Abaco. There
    were many trees knocked down, but no loss of life or houses destroyed. I
    was staying at Steve Rutledges place (N4JQQ) and he had no damage at all.
    However the popular contest spot of c6ahn had some big trees blown down
    taking the 80 and 160 antennas, screens blown out, and the tailtwister
    broke. I took down I new tailtwister for c6ahn and installed it. I think
    the contesters going down should be in good shape as the yagis were not 
    the rotors working now, and ken had the rest of damage fixed pretty much
    before I left. I did operate from that qth one evening...and everything 
    to work well.
    Thanks to all who worked me!
    73 & DX

>From Ken Silverman" <ken.silverman@CCMAIL.AirTouch.COM  Fri Aug 25 20:23:22 
From: Ken Silverman" <ken.silverman@CCMAIL.AirTouch.COM (Ken Silverman)
Subject: Need WPX SSB High Claimed Scores
Message-ID: <9507258093.AA809375646@CCMAIL.AIRTOUCH.COM>

     Does anyone have the latest copy of the WPX SSB high claimed scores?  
     I'd appreciate a copy.
     73,  Ken WM2C

>From sfraasch@ATK.COM (Steve Fraasch)  Sat Aug 26 00:28:20 1995
From: sfraasch@ATK.COM (Steve Fraasch) (Steve Fraasch)
Subject: K0SF Tower CUP: Help !
Message-ID: <1995Aug25.162732.1180.54667@msm.atk.com>

To all:

My city council approved 130' tower CUP 8/10, but since a building permit 
was not yet issued, the city council decided it should conduct a  "special 
hearing" to address specified environmental issues raised in a petition 
routed through MN Environmental Quality Board to city.

Every issue imaginable has been raised, and successfully countered.  The 
city attorney has asked that no other discussion or comments be recorded 
unless to address the following:

1.) "Construction of such a tower, with its accompanying nine or so guy 
wires ... will produce a significant harzard to these (waterfowl) birds."

2.) "Potential impact of the damage to breeding areas, nests, young birds, 
etc. could be significant if this tower were to collapse into the wetland."

I have a significant environmental impact study to the contrary coming 
shortly from ARRL, but I would like to hear from anyone with evidence to the 

I have checked with EIA, TIA, CTIA, local power company, but ARRL is only 
lead so far.

Thanks for your help.


Steve, K0SF

>From H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil@seattleu.edu  Fri Aug 25 22:28:19 1995
From: H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil@seattleu.edu (H. Ward Silver)
Subject: sign of things to come?
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9508251418.A21790-a100000@bach.seattleu.edu>

On Fri, 25 Aug 1995, Torgny Isaksson wrote:

> >Instead of putting up ineffective barriers, TOEC should be EDUCATING

> Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't IARU put out recommendations on this - 
> stating just the same thing some contests applies: the contest-free segments?
> Almost 99% sure I've read it somewhere. So, TOEC is NOT putting up barriers, 
> they're just following IARU-recommendations, be they effective or not. 

Maybe I've missed something from IARU.  Can anyone provide the IARU
guidelines on contest frequencies?

73, Ward N0AX

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