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What is your main rig?

Subject: What is your main rig?
From: s57ad@ljutcp.hamradio.si (s57ad@ljutcp.hamradio.si)
Date: Sat Aug 26 15:00:33 1995
IC-751A de S57AD & S50D

>From i4ufh@contest.dsnet.it (Fabio I4UFH)  Sat Aug 26 15:22:06 1995
From: i4ufh@contest.dsnet.it (Fabio I4UFH) (Fabio I4UFH)
Subject: CT Files & CQWW 95 New Country
Message-ID: <9508261422.AA27613@maggiore.dsnet.it>

WWDX 1995 Contest         Lampedusa is. PELAGIE group        Contest Activity

The Contest WW Committee has officialy announced the status of the Pelagie is.
IG9 and Pantelleria is. IH9
  To: Fabio Schettino                  Conf: (0) E-mail
Subj: African Italy                    Read: Yes

To all Contesters from the CQ WW Committee:

***The CQ WW Committee has voted to clarify the country status of
IG and IH, African Italy. Starting with the 1995 contests, IG/IH
will count as a country multiplier in the CQ WW. The country of
African Italy***. 

Cu in the contests
73 Bob K3EST
You need to update the CT 9 CTY.DAT file, these are the few mods :

Italy:                    15:  28:  EU:   41.90:   -12.50:    -1.0:  I:
Italy (Africa):           33:  37:  AF:   35.40:   -12.50:    -1.0:  *IG9:
Sicily:                   15:  28:  EU:   37.50:   -14.00:    -1.0:  *IT9:

Please check also the IT9 (Sicily) configuration, you must delete the  IG9 &
IH9 prefix reference. Do not forget to add the * that identify the multiplier
validity only for the CQWW Contests.
The CT 8 user can modify the CQWW.CTY file in these way :

Italy:                    15:  I:     I;
Italy (Africa):           33:  IG9:   IG9,IH9;
Sicily:                   15:  IT9:   IB9,ID9,IE9,IF9,II9,IJ9,IO9,IQ9,IR9,IT9
&                                     IU9,IZ9;
If you want download all the files, send a message to :


In the body of the message put the commands:

GET cqww.cty
GET arrl.cty
GET iaru.cty
GET cty.dat
GET history.cty

Thank's to AD1C

 73 de Fabio I4UFH 

e-mail i4ufh@contest.dsnet.it

>From i4ufh@contest.dsnet.it (Fabio I4UFH)  Sat Aug 26 15:22:16 1995
From: i4ufh@contest.dsnet.it (Fabio I4UFH) (Fabio I4UFH)
Subject: CQWW 95 New WWDX Country Contest Pedition
Message-ID: <9508261422.AA27621@maggiore.dsnet.it>

Hello Guys,

We are ready to announce the follow activities for the incoming WWDX
Contest, from the 

                                      NEW CQWW Country, AFRICAN ITALY.

>From 1995 these Country has been added to the WWDX Country list, Italy has
been splitted in two 

This Country include the Pelagie is. (IG9) & Pantelleria is. (IH9) in the
most southern part of Italy.

Country :  AFRICAN ITALY  -  Continent: AFRICA  -   CQ Zone: 33  -  ITU Zone: 37

Callsign:  IG9R   Single Op.  20m.     SSB      October         op.
Fabio    I4UFH
           IG9T   Single Op.  80m.     SSB      October         op.
Albert   IV3TAN
           IG9W   Single Op.  160m.    SSB      October         op.
Frank    IV3SHF
           IG9A   Single Op.  40m.     SSB      October         op.
Fabio    IT9GSF


Callsign:  IG9R   Single Op.  20m.     CW      November         op.
Giorgio  I2VXJ

The islands are not very easy to approaching, in the last 3 month most of
the antenna  as been landed
and installed, all the equipments and antenna will be tested during the WAE
SSB in the second weekend
of Semptember with the IG9R callsign. Almost will be ready for the October
season !!!

Please spreadout this info, your help is appreciated to obtain a results in
this new adventure !!!!

73 de Fabio I4UFH



>From James White <0006492564@mcimail.com>  Sat Aug 26 15:24:00 1995
From: James White <0006492564@mcimail.com> (James White)
Subject: remote antenna switching
Message-ID: <14950826142441/0006492564PK4EM@MCIMAIL.COM>

Question - have you used a womley (W0MLY) remote antenna switch running with
your state of the art computer CONTEST software. If you have used this beast
with CT/NA/TR whatever...lemme know how you translated the bandswitching
information at the LPT port on your PC into the contol of the antenna

I have a womley and I have some sota software, and I am wondering how easily
I can make my computer do my antenna switching - also, do you have an
overide back to manual control, etc....thanks. I of course am wanting my
computer to now switch my ICE multiband filter, too....if I can get the
antenna selection part going I suspect the ICE filter will be a piece of
cake. I have gotten a taste of this computer/rig control and I want it all! 

        Please reply to:   k1zx@mcimail.com   

                                                Jim   zx


>From Sig <0006481603@mcimail.com>  Sat Aug 26 16:13:00 1995
From: Sig <0006481603@mcimail.com> (Sig)
Subject: Message to K3TLX
Message-ID: <81950826151318/0006481603PK1EM@MCIMAIL.COM>

Tried to send this direct, but it bounced!
I own an IC-765 and an IC-775/DSP.  We also regularly use other IC-765's and
a TS-950SDX at N3RS.
de Sig

>From Peter Hardie <hardie@herald.usask.ca>  Sat Aug 26 16:19:21 1995
From: Peter Hardie <hardie@herald.usask.ca> (Peter Hardie)
Subject: The Most Boring Contest
Message-ID: <Pine.ULT.3.91.950826091647.9284A-100000@herald.usask.ca>

On Sat, 26 Aug 1995, JOSE C. C. NUNES wrote:
> the federal government will pay about C$1.1bn (US$814bn)
This is just a nitpick, but the Canadian dollar isn't this worthless :-)
The US bn should be US million.

73 de Pete

>From Igor Sokolov" <igor@sokol.pssr.e-burg.su  Fri Aug 25 23:17:28 1995
From: Igor Sokolov" <igor@sokol.pssr.e-burg.su (Igor Sokolov)
Subject: What is your main radio?
Message-ID: <ABulaFmuSP@sokol.pssr.e-burg.su>


Best regards,
Igor Sokolov,  UA9CDC , (N3TOD)
E-mail: igor@sokol.pssr.e-burg.su
Phone/Fax: 3432 229621

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