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What is your main radio?

Subject: What is your main radio?
From: n0dh@comtch.iea.com (n0dh@comtch.iea.com)
Date: Sat Aug 26 22:10:30 1995


dit dit

>From Keith Morehouse-WB9TIY <blckhole@ripco.com>  Sat Aug 26 23:16:36 1995
From: Keith Morehouse-WB9TIY <blckhole@ripco.com> (Keith Morehouse-WB9TIY)
Subject: TIC-RING rotors
Message-ID: <Pine.SV4.3.91.950826171415.27373A@foley.ripco.com>

I saw a recent post that said the small ring-rotor was still available at 
a discount price through October-something.

Is this true ??

If so, how do I contact the manufacturer and who do I speak to ?

PROBE ELECTRONICS 100 Higgins Road, Park Ridge IL 60068 USA
Keith J. Morehouse / WB9TIY / Society of Midwest Contesters
708-696-2828  FAX: 708-698-2045  e-mail: blckhole@ripco.com

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