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M/S Operating

Subject: M/S Operating
From: ehayes@VNET.IBM.COM (ehayes@VNET.IBM.COM)
Date: Mon Aug 28 10:28:22 1995
Thanks for all of the replies on my query.  It will take a few
days but I'll get back to those that had ?'s.

Thanks again,

73  KC5DVT   Wayne     email...ehayes@vnet.ibm.com
Austin, Texas

>From Katsuyuki Ishii <ishii+@andrew.cmu.edu>  Mon Aug 28 15:45:57 1995
From: Katsuyuki Ishii <ishii+@andrew.cmu.edu> (Katsuyuki Ishii)
Subject: Hello !
Message-ID: <okEROZ_00WB3EG6Uk2@andrew.cmu.edu>

Hello !

I am Katsuyuki Ishii, N8QDB.  I came from Japan last July and stay until 
the next fall.  During my staying, I enjoy ham radio (especially contest) 
and reading and writing in this ML.

Thank you 

Katsuyuki Ishii

>From KAY, LEONARD" <LKAY@pria.com  Mon Aug 28 18:50:00 1995
Subject: WAE results
Message-ID: <30420207@pria.com>

Was there a summary of WAE scores posted? If there was,
I must have accidentally deleted it.... would someone be
so kind as to mail it to me? Thanks.

73, Len KB2R

>From aa6tt@frontier.net (William H. Hein)  Mon Aug 28 16:19:19 1995
From: aa6tt@frontier.net (William H. Hein) (William H. Hein)
Subject: ZAPPED ! It CAN happen 2 U !
Message-ID: <v02110100ac673982b914@[]>

A lightning strike vaporized my Beverage "hub" (relays, transformers) last
Friday, but, thanks to PolyPhaser, everything in shack is just fine.
PolyPhaser: worth the $$$.

Bill AA6TT

William H. Hein, PO Bx 579, Ignacio, Colorado 81137-0579 USA
fone 970/883-2415  fax 970/883-2408  Internet aa6tt@frontier.net
AA6TT is in Tiffany, Colorado, grid square DM67fb
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>From H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil@seattleu.edu  Mon Aug 28 16:27:39 1995
From: H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil@seattleu.edu (H. Ward Silver)
Subject: A3S Repair Results
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9508280839.G16526-a100000@bach.seattleu.edu>

Thanks, contesters...good info helped a lot.

Source of the problem was a bad PL259-to-pigtail cable I used to connect
to the main run of coax.  Then I replaced it with a new bad one I made
with a short in it.  (I always check with an ohmmeter, but I was in a
hurry this time...)  Talk about confusion!

The most useful check was QHS' advice to put an analyzer on the driven
element, and run your hand along the antenna, watching the SWR.  A good
trap isolates well and the effect of your hand drops dramatically outside
the trap on the appropriate band.

By the way, I could only use the SWR analyzer at ground level because of
the high BC RF level up on the tower playing hob with the RF detectors in
the unit.  It made for about a half-dozen extra trips up and down the tower.

Now back on the air with two high-band antennas for those JA/US and EU/SA

73, Ward N0AX

>From wb2jsj@ka2tcq.ampr.org (Mitch)  Mon Aug 28 12:45:27 1995
From: wb2jsj@ka2tcq.ampr.org (Mitch) (Mitch)
Subject: Contest Free Zones
Message-ID: <6251@ka2tcq.ampr.org>

Message-Id: <6251_ka2tcq>
From: wb2jsj@ka2tcq (Mitch)
To: cq-contest@tgv.com

Kurt Pauer has mentioned that the CAC is discussing the idea of
Contest Free Zones on the bands.

I'm am NOT in favor of such restrictions UNLESS we get a reciprocal
Rag-Chew Free and DX-Free Zones as well. Since the possibility of this
happening is slightly less than nil, our best bet is to not have Zones!

I am in favor of standards we (contesters) might all follow to give
non-contesters a break. As a general rule, I avoid the top 25 KHz of
the bands. I would much rather do this out of consideration vs. having
a rule dictated.
Tom, K1KI had a good idea about expanding some of the phone bands.
During major contests, 80, 40 and 20 meters completely fill up and
there is no room for any SSB operation of any type sometimes.
73, Mitch WB2JSJ/WB1GQR

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