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question on feeding a phased array

Subject: question on feeding a phased array
From: wa3wjd@wirelessinc.com (Brian McGinness)
Date: Wed Mar 13 18:21:14 1996
I have a question about feeding a phased array. I want to put
up a 2-el delta loop array, and feed it 90 degrees out of phase,
and maybe even 135 degrees at times.

ON4UN's book (in the phased vertical section) suggests that
a 73 degree delay line is the proper amount to achieve a 90 degree
delay at the feed points.

Does this carry true to a delta loop array? (I plan on using
90 degrees of RG-11 to match the loops to 50 ohms).

So should I use 90 or 73 degrees of delay line?

Next question: should the 50 ohm section (RG213) between the
50 ohm feedpoint and the switchbox be a particular length,
or is it just important that the two lines be equal?

Thanks for any help. I tried to get thru to ON4UN via email
but something chews up his address and eunet.be sends me a
nastygram saying user ID "john4un.eunet.be" does not exist,
even though I tried 3 times making sure I was using
john.devoldere@eunet.be, but something somewhere busts that
address up bad. Perhaps it is going through packetcluster, hi hi.

Please email any comments to wa3wjd@wirelessinc.com


* Brian McGinness WA3WJD    *
* Potomac Valley Radio Club *
* wa3wjd@wirelessinc.com    *

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