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ON4UN and his tubes

Subject: ON4UN and his tubes
From: AB5YG@aol.com (AB5YG@aol.com)
Date: Thu Mar 14 05:04:46 1996
All this talk about ON4UN and his tubes has brought alive a brain cell !

Does anyone know who "picked up" the 4CX5000 and air system socket from my
June 1972 garage sale in Liberty Corner, NJ ?? -   The filaments "run" 750

Bill - AB5YG (ex K2MHJ)

Now I am sure the guy that got the tube and socket used it for a  BIG book

I surely do hope that someone can help ON4UN find some replacement tubes.

Able Able  - Rememer the 8122's??? Still in the Garage!!

>From James Hurt <jhurt@freenet.columbus.oh.us>  Thu Mar 14 12:59:46 1996
From: James Hurt <jhurt@freenet.columbus.oh.us> (James Hurt)
Subject: Balloons, and other lifting devices
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9603140746.A2619-a100000@acme>

I have read the mail and am still interested in lighter than air
methods of holding up antennas. I remember that someone on here
(from the Left Coast, I think) posted a message about balloons
and mini-blimps available from specialty advertising companies?
I have contacted all the likely advertisers around here, including
those that offer balloons for commercial purposes, and no one has
one, or is willing to sell one. They will be glad to rent one to me
for a ridiculous price for the weekend. The specialty advertisers
around here all assumed what we call here "The deer in the headlights
look" when I asked about balloons.

Can someone in a more enlightened locale provide some assistance?

I would really like to put up a LARGE contest antenna!

73, Jim


And I did manage to get that contest word in there!

>From Ham <batchler@fsac3.pica.army.mil>  Thu Mar 14 12:13:27 1996
From: Ham <batchler@fsac3.pica.army.mil> (Ham)
Subject: B.S.
Message-ID: <9603140713.aa19358@FSAC3.PICA.ARMY.MIL>

Yes KB3GW you are very correct.
That is why I left that group.
I THOUGHT this group was-is the ELITE but I am stating to wonder.
Come on guys (boys and girls) stop the B.S..

Please all remarks/replies/comments to
fax 201-724-5768
Laing Batchler KB3TS - F.R.C.

>From Steve Bookout <sbookout@mailhost.mnsinc.com>  Thu Mar 14 09:08:31 1996
From: Steve Bookout <sbookout@mailhost.mnsinc.com> (Steve Bookout)
Subject: Final WRTC Bitching.
Message-ID: <199603140908.JAA00804@ba.com>

For Skoch92707:
        I for one, any maybe the only one, agree with you on this.  I had a
response written by my buddy talked me out of it. Then I saw some of the
traffic this morning, so I'm at it again (Larry, where are you when I need you?)

For the rest:
        I really don't care that the organizer want to promote this event.
It's fine with me, really it is. I just don't think the way it is being
that's an OK reason for having a contest,if they want to.
        I WOULD be interested to find who will be the top ops in the world
ON A GIVEN WEEKEND.  The level of skill is such that anyone could win. It
will be close.  
        If people want to have associated social fuctions where they want to
place the people that they find inportant in their life on a pedistal, more
power to them.  But, DON'T say this contest is open to all and DON'T make
the suggestion that the selection process was objective. It's your event,
make the process anyway you want, but don't market it as something it's not.
If All contest oriented clubs were asked to submit the name of the top 5
contesters in the world, as chosen by that club, it still would be
subjective at the club level.  If not all groups are asked for input, than
it's a closed party.  But, again, thats ok, it's your event.  
        If all involved want to be either the "ego polish-ers or the
polish-ees", then that is fine, also. Large egos need constant attention. 
        And back to Skoch92707, you don't owe anyone an appoligy. I didn't
see anything that suggested a personal attack from YOU.  If you have
ruptured any egos with your non flattering perspective of the events, there
are enough inflated egos left to make the needed repairs (see the thread on
QSLing of the past week.)

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if SOME, not all (you know who you
are) of you were half the person that you are contesters, you would accept
them as differing opinions and leave the personal attacks out of it.

...now where the heck did I put that Nomex firesuit?.......

At 11:06 PM 3/13/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I think the writer of these lines has missed the whole point of the World
>Radiosport Team Championship.  If there is that perception out there that
>this is a private party, though, then perhaps we should take a minute to
>review the rationale of this whole event.
>(I think the difference is smaller
>than you think, your athlete analogy may be a poor one. Athletes compete with
>the gifts that they were born with, enhanced through training and hours of
>practice. Contesters do some of the same, but most of the enhancement comes
>through hardware. A better analogy may be race car drivers, while they must
>be greatly skilled and in excellent shape, the best driver in the world will
>not win the Indy 500 in a Ford Escort. It takes Major cash-ola to have a
>winning race car team. You can draw an analogy between major corporate
>sponsorship and the amount of cash the top contesters lay out in hardware. I
>don't care who you are, you will not win any contest from the USA using a
>modestly appointed station. I am talking, of course, about winning the entire
>USA. You can not learn the techniques of a top contester when you can not be
>heard. Please, do not tell me about the people who are coming from all the
>third world countries who build their own gear, etc. It is NOT RELEVANT. They
>are competing against similar stations in their own country, and have the
>advantage of working thousands upon thousands of USA stations to enhance
>their scores. Therefore, the thousands of contesters that live a more
>balanced life, as you say, "most of us", were afforded absolutely no chance
>to compete in the WRTC-96. I do not feel left out personally, I clearly never
>had any want or need to be among the chosen few,  but I hope this clears up
>my position. 

This is indeed a CLOSED event.) 

>There were checks and balances at every
>stage of the process to ensure that the resulting choices were as objective
>and impartial as could be. ( I can look at the list of wild card leaders and
>predict with much accuracy who a couple of the partners WILL be, no question
>about it. Please post a list of all of the subjective criteria used by the
>wild card team leaders to select a partner. I am assuming this is as checked
>and balanced as the rest of the process.)  In general, candidates had 4
>sequential chances
>to become a competitor at WRTC:  (1) as the team leader selected by their
>country's national contesting organization  (As in some person(s) made a
>subjective decision) or by one of the clubs designated
>by WRTC, Inc.(another subjective decision as to which clubs to include.)  to
>chose a team leader; (2) as the parterner  selected by the
>team leader chosen per the above; (yet again)  (3) as one of the 10 "wild
>card" team
>leaders chosen by the panel of 21 eminent contesters who have agreed to be
>judges at this event; (Another subjective decision made to select the 21
>people, who in turn made a subjective decision to include 10 others.)  or (4)
>as the partner selected by one of the wild card
>team leaders. (You can see where this is going.) This was anything but an
>insider's game:  I don't see how the
>selection process could have been any more open than it was. (Oh, really?
>Please post the list of all other contesters in the world, who were not
>chosen, and the objective criteria used to exclude them. If this were truly
>an objective process, then how did the people who WERE chosen, come to be in
>front of the panels to begin with? Someone said "Oooh, oooh, I know, how
>'bout this one??)
>When July arrives and the WRTC competitors come to San Francisco, we are
>going to have the olympics of the contesting sport live and on display.
>W6OAT has already dubbed this the "Woodstock of Contesting", and indeed the
>number of non-competitors who are coming here just to rub elbows with the
>world's great and share in the week-long run of parties and beer-busts is
>straining our hotel's facilities. (Oh boy, can I come too? I cant wait to mix
>in and "rub elbows" with some of the most egotistical people in the world. I
>am sure they will find the time to sit and BS with people they have never
>met. I bet that I will be personal friends with around half of them by the
>time it is all over. Or just possibly learn the time of day from one of
>them.)  Most of those people know they would be
>lucky indeed to equal whatever team turns out to be the last-place finisher
>in the competition. (WE'RE NOT WORTHY, WE'RE NOT WORTHY!)  Still, they can
>admire the skill of the truly top
>operators and are sure to learn something that will help them in their own
>efforts just from watching and talking with the competitors.  I don't see
>this as any different from the Olympics. (The average-joe will not mingle
>with the competitors in any meaningful way, nor do spectators at the Olympics
>hang around the locker room after the events talking shop with the decathalon
>leaders. This event will mirror the Olympics as you say, but in the opposite
>What is different from the Olympics, though, is that here even those who
>can't come to the Bay Area will still have a chance to "watch" the
>competitors from their own stations.  (I will have no clue as to how ALL the
>stations are doing  or who is leading at any given time. I can see full
>coverage of the Olympics on television which is better than being there. You
>can not, after all, go to a marathon race in person and stand at all areas of
>the course at once. This one makes no sense at all.)   And, in one of the
>unique aspects of
>our hobby, they even have a chance to interact with the athletes and
>direcctly be a part of it all. 

>As far as the financing is concerned, it is worth pointing out that every one
>of the competitors is paying his own way to come here. (I should certainly
>hope so.)  We are not out trying
>to raise money in order to provide a freebie vacation to people who
>habitually drop by exotic tropical islands for radio fun anyway.  The money
>is going toward parties, dinners, awards for the competitors,  (I noticed in
>your posting asking for volunteer stations, you mentioned that the folks who
>let these competitors in to their homes will actually be invited to SOME of
>the festivities. Some was your word, not mine. I am assuming that people who
>donate money will also be invited to SOME of them. People who actually pay
>their own way there and their own lodging, food, etc. will be invited to no
>doubt "EVEN LESS?" After all, they can't expect to actually attend the
>parties that are meant for the hard-working "volunteers" and the chosen few.)
>prizes for the
>people who get on the air and make contacts with the competitors during the
>competition, etc., etc.  This is the Woodstock of Contesting,  (an
>interesting analogy) and we're going
>to have a big old love fest this summer. (I'll say!)  You're all invited;
> this is not a
>private party. 
>/s/ Bruce Sawyer, AA6KX
>Chairman of the Board and Chief Operating Officer
>I am in no way a disgruntled would-be competitor. You would have to look hard
>to find my callsign buried in the results of past contests. I was just
>surprised to see that this events organizers had the stones to ask for money
>to support this thing. I am sure all who attend will have a marvelous time. I
>will post no more on this subject after this. You can ask for and receive
>donations for whatever you want. People may make contributions as they like.
>I am of the opinion, however, that the entire event should be financed by the
>competitors and the organizers / judges. This is not a big world-wide contest
>event to be entered by all, there are plenty of those now. This is an
>in-crowd gathering and should only be discussed as such. That would be the
>honest way to describe it. Kind of an elite contest kissy-fest. Everyone has
>the right to worship these people as much as they see fit. I prefer to think
>of them as other human beings. My opinion is my own and will change nothing.
>The absolute end.   

>From Dr. Eugene Zimmerman" <ezimmerm@DGS.dgsys.com  Thu Mar 14 14:12:24 1996
From: Dr. Eugene Zimmerman" <ezimmerm@DGS.dgsys.com (Dr. Eugene Zimmerman)
Subject: Is it me, or...
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.960314080934.29550C-100000@DGS>


I dont understand how your examples indicate that

> . . .  this reflector getting to the point where it resembles...
> "rec.radio.amateur.misc" ??

If discussion of WRTC (positive OR negative) is NOT appropriate for a 
CONTEST reflector, where should this be discussed?  WRTC purports to 
determine the best contesters in the world in a head to head combat that 
eliminates as many variables as possible.  In 1990, the winners were K1AR 
and K1DG.  The format must be pretty good because I doubt that any 
readers of this reflector would argue that those two worthy gentlemen 
(and I use the term advisedly) should not be ranked at the very top of the 
list of contesters.

And what do you mean by

>      . . . .  (non-radio-related) government policy,. . . . .?

Give us a specific example.

As far as

>      . . . . .  What's next: No-code pros and cons?

if that discussion involves how no-code licensees might become 
contesters, it certainly would be appropriate for this reflector.  I will 
be discussing just that subject in relation to VHF contesting in an 
upcoming column in CQ VHF.

Trey Garlough, who administers this reflector, does an admirable job of 
telling people who post non-contest subjects that the posts are not 
appropriate (mostly privately, I suspect).  That does not happen often but it
does happen.  When the bandwidth is overfilled with an important subject 
like contest score reports, we have been given alternatives like the 3830 
reflector to reduce the load (thanks - Bill Fisher).

I for one am not at all disturbed by the range of subjects that are 
covered on this reflector.  Who knows, maybe we might learn something 
interesting and useful.  And it's good for the mind.

73  Gene  W3ZZ

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