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FT-1000MP vs. FT-1000D

Subject: FT-1000MP vs. FT-1000D
From: KR4DL@aol.com (KR4DL@aol.com)
Date: Sat Mar 16 00:54:13 1996
Has anyone compared these rigs side-by-side?  Anyone used the FT-1000MP long
enough to give some insight to strengths/weaknesses?  How does the MP compare
to the FT-990, etc.?  Would appreciate any input on these, I'm considering a
rig upgrade.
73,  Steve

>From Ray Rocker <rocker@datasync.com>  Sat Mar 16 06:27:39 1996
From: Ray Rocker <rocker@datasync.com> (Ray Rocker)
Subject: WRTC
Message-ID: <199603160627.AAA23691@osh1.datasync.com>

Since the rules for WRTC are public knowledge and the station
configuration of the participants are carefully controlled and
public knowledge as well, what's to stop anyone who thinks they
deserve to be there from building/borrowing a station to the 
same specs, playing by the same rules in the Radiosport, and
seeing how their score compares to the "elite"? 

I mean, it wouldn't count for WRTC, but one could make a strong
case that they deserved to be there (and deserve an invite to
the next one) if they do well enough. Sure, location would have
to be factored in if you're not in the Bay Area, but still.
The scoring rules look to be about the same as for anyone else
in the Radiosport with a few changes, like the no 80/160 operation,

As for the rest of us, maybe we could have a mini-contest to 
see who can make the most correct identifications of the 
"mystery ops" :-)

                Ray Rocker * WQ5L * rocker@datasync.com
Datasync * Your Internet Connection on the Mississippi-Alabama Gulf Coast
Ocean Springs MS / Pass Christian MS / Mobile AL * http://www.datasync.com

p.s. I sent a message to this effect last night but think I 
sent it as a reply and failed to Cc: the reflector. This happens
when one tries to post at 4:30 am after a night on Bourbon Street.

>From neader@centuryinter.net (Scott Neader)  Sat Mar 16 06:28:04 1996
From: neader@centuryinter.net (Scott Neader) (Scott Neader)
Subject: Skoch92707 Revealed!!!
Message-ID: <v02110102ad700bff9781@[]>

>>According to the QRZ Callsign Database, Dr. Bafoofnik (more appropriately
>>Baffoonik or Bafoolnik) is none other than:
>>          SPENCER (SPIKE) LAZAR, W9XR, Monroeville, PA

Well, if Dr. Bafoofnik can be revealed, I had to take a shot at Skoch92707.
So, just for fun I logged on to AOL to see if there was a 'profile'
available for "Skoch92707."  On AOL, the profiles are optional.  But sure
enough, Skoch92707 does have a profile.  Unfortunately, it didn't tell me

        Screen Name:  Skoch92707
        Member Name:  None of your f****n business
        Location:     See above

On AOL you can have multiple screen names.  So I say... what the heck,
let's search AOL for anybody with a profile that has "S" and "Koch" in it.
Maybe this person has other screen names that have real information in the
profiles?  Ah-hah!!! ... Stephen Koch.

        Screen Name:  Skoch1
        Member Name:  STEPHEN KOCH
           Location:  Chicago, IL USA
          Birthdate:  02/22/1951
     Marital Status:  Single
          Computers:  PENTIUM 90, 133
            Hobbies:  FLYING, RECORD COLLECTING (50's GroupHarmony),
         Occupation:  COMPUTER CONSULTANT

Ohhh... did you see 'Amateur Radio!'  I think we are getting warm!  Sure
enough, a quick check of the FCC database reveals only one Stephen Koch in

WB9WYM             KOCH, STEPHEN J                          LIC ISU 21-OCT-1986
TECH PLUS          6325 N SHERIDAN RD                       LIC EXP 21-OCT-1996
DOB 22-FEB-1951    CHICAGO              IL  60660           LST UPD 21-OCT-1986

And now you know.... the rest of the story.

73 - Shirlock, er, Scott KA9FOX

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>From Tony and Celia Becker <becker@shell.portal.com>  Sat Mar 16 06:36:31 1996
From: Tony and Celia Becker <becker@shell.portal.com> (Tony and Celia Becker)
Subject: bootleg WRTC
Message-ID: <>

At 12:27 AM 3/16/96 -0600, Ray Rocker, WQ5L,  wrote:
>what's to stop anyone who thinks they
>deserve to be there from building/borrowing a station to the 
>same specs, playing by the same rules in the Radiosport, and
>seeing how their score compares to the "elite"? 

Nothing at all.  Go ahead.

>I mean, it wouldn't count for WRTC, but one could make a strong
>case that they deserved to be there (and deserve an invite to
>the next one) if they do well enough. Sure, location would have
>to be factored in if you're not in the Bay Area, but still.

Better yet, come on in for the weekend and join in the party!  I'm certain
the Motel 6 will be happy to rent another room...


AE0M, Tony Becker - becker@shell.portal.com - Silicon Valley, U.S.A.

>From Dale Jones K5MM <ddjones@nas.com>  Sat Mar 16 08:28:00 1996
From: Dale Jones K5MM <ddjones@nas.com> (Dale Jones K5MM)
Subject: wrtc/top-ten contesters etc.
Message-ID: <m0txrM0-00021AC@cleese.nas.com>

Note:  Chas, N8RR, made some excellent comments to the Reflector on 3-15-96
concerning WRTC, Top Operators, etc.  There has been considerable discussion
here about Top Operators, WRTC and the like.  The following message sent to

Dear Chas-N8RR

Your list of qualities of top-notch operators is a very good one.  The
listing of call signs in your note includes some very good operators. 
You state that "maybe" there are others as good.  Certainly there are!!
You have not included N6AA, K6NA, N6TJ, OH2BH, W7WA, K3ZO, several
of the YT (ex-Yugoslavia) guys, some of the top Russians and East Europeans,
several other Western Europeans, and many more Americans.  This group of
guys has CONSISTENTLY shown top-rung capability for 25 or 30 years or more,
year in 
and year out.  They unequivocally meet the qualifications, but are probably
not actively promoting themselves nowadays.  Also, they tend to operate from
DX locations now, so they are using some DX call sign rather than their
assigned home call.

I believe that rather than attempting to recognize just a few "Top" guys,
there is a rung on the top of the ladder that few achieve, but on that rung
is a goodly number of guys who meet the criteria that you (and others,
including WN4KKN's excellent teatise) have listed. Once an individual is on
that rung, as judged by other qualified evaluators, he or she has arrived.
Amateur Radio Contesting is not measurable as a foot race might be, or an
Indy 500 Race, or the NCAA Basketball Playoffs.  Amateur Radio Contesting
includes many subjective contributors the the final results.  Noise,
receiver capability, local QRM, propagation, etc.  Trying to figure out who
is best is somewhat like trying to determine which female in the Miss
America pageant is the most beautiful.  Or, another example might be who is
the best electrical design engineer to graduate from (someone pick a top
school, MIT, Stanford, 
Cal Tech, etc) in, say, 1975.  The person with the highest GPA, the guy who
has the most patents, the person who helped design space control
electronics, etc.  Pretty tough to pick the BEST one!!  Incidentally the
IEEE has a way
of picking their top rung of guys, the FELLOW of the IEEE.  They have a good
process too.

The WRTC event brings together a group of guys from that Top Rung, to have a
fun weekend where everyone can participate by working a group of top-notch
operators.  Amateur Radio wins because activity on the bands is high. A
large number of people have an opportunity for some fellowship &
fraternalism (Sorry to the gals out there, I do not know the PC female or
neutral equalivant of those terms....is it Ladyship and Sororitalism????
Maybe it's hu-personship and whatever).  That kind of amateur radio activity
is GREAT for all involved. 

Even using a standardized tape recording of a 1 or more hour contest, and 
then testing the top guys on it would not prove adequate.  Some guys are
better QSO-run artists, some guys are better at digging multipliers out, 
some guys are better at optimally changing bands, etc. If an operator is in
that top group of operators, they are basically equal.  The "separator" from
my viewpoint is consistency.  Lets determine who has shown that top-rung
capability over a sustained period of time.  THOSE are the guys on the top
of the mountain, and THEY are the ones that should have GRAND MASTER-HAM
RADIO CONTESTING bestowed upon them.  Seems to me that something like this
was done by some group in the "East" at one time...maybe still do it.


Dale Jones  K5MM

At 11:57 PM 3/15/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello all:
>Having been an active ham for 34 of my 48 years, a few observations:
>There are a lot of people who seem to be miserable or very unhappy in the
>contesting end of the ham radio hobby. If it is not fun for you, why do you
>bother working contests?
>When radio is not fun for me, I turn it off and do something else. After all
>these years, I still enjoy it, but sometimes other interests prevail. 
>Do all the naysayers about WRTC really believe they are in the same caliber
>as the chosen competitors? Get real! What planet are you on? Can you pick 5
>callsigns out of a pileup at once? Can you work 200+ Qso's/hr or more on CW?
>Can you work 2 stations at once on the same frequency? Can you work 60
>Q's/hour S&P while running on another radio?
>The people who consistantly score tops in the major contests can do these
>things. K0HB asked what makes you good? I say the best operators can:
>1. Hear better than most. They hear weak signals with fewer repeats, and copy
>2. Are aware. They can hear everything happening on a frequency and respond
>in a timely fashion. 
>3. Copy fast. They copy accurately at whatever sending speed is used. 
>4. Are efficient. Good operators can make more Q's per hour at 20 WPM than
>inefficient operators could make at 40 WPM. An efficient operator at 40/50
>WPM is a joy to behold.  
>5. Are dedicated. The best operators are tenacious.
>6. Are masters at two radio technique. 
>So  that there is no doubt, I claim only to be good enough to recognize what
>the best operators can do. Who are  the best operators? If I were going to
>gamble on the outcome of a contest, I would place my money on the following,
>in no necessary order:
>K1DG,K5GN.  I don't even know how many of them, if any, will be at WRTC.
> There are others as good maybe. My apologies to those left out. Would you
>bet against these guys, all else being equal?
>More power to the WRTC competitors, I think the competition is a good thing
>and can only benefit ham radio. Have fun to the max. To the sour grapes
>bunch: get a life. 
>73, Chas N8RR 
>ex DL4CM. WA8FCM 

>From Marijan Miletic <s56a@s55tcp.ampr.org>  Sat Mar 16 17:24:55 1996
From: Marijan Miletic <s56a@s55tcp.ampr.org> (Marijan Miletic)
Subject: wrtc/top-ten...
Message-ID: <459@s55tcp.ampr.org>

I am surprised by Chas, N8RR, ex DL4CM list of top ten best op's fitting the
criteria he mentioned in his two articles.  If he was giving a list of WRTC-90
leaders, that might be understandable and I suspect 96 event might produce the
same results with "rules cast in stone".  But if we look at simulated pile-up
tests, Kansas de-facto standard test had 3 USA, JA and 2 EU in top six places.
RUFZ or Friedrichshaffen also show well-balanced distribution of WW scores...
When I first operated from HF, I couldn't believe how quiet the HF bands are
and I said I'll never repeat my callsign (until S5 came)!  You are cordially
invited to enjoy 40m SSB outside of Region II.
73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU.
P.S. Apart from my countryman Tesla, I am also very proud of Rasa, YU1RL 
CW volumes!

>From Bill Fisher, KM9P" <bill@akorn.net  Fri Mar 15 07:32:33 1996
From: Bill Fisher, KM9P" <bill@akorn.net (Bill Fisher, KM9P)
Subject: Want Rate Sheets !
Message-ID: <31491D11.21D5@akorn.net>

We are working on an archive of rate sheets that people can come and view 
via the WWW.  

I would like to receive rate sheets from top scoring stations in each 
category.  Such as top ten SOA, top 6 MS or MM, etc...  Basically if 
your score is something someone regionally would be chasing next year, 
we would like to show it off.  

Just attach the rate sheets to an email and send them to me at 
km9p@contesting.com.  There are a few examples there already.  Point your 
browsers to http://www.contesting.com/ratesheets/.  K5ZD has also posted 
some post contest stories that are very interesting reading.  Point to 

This has a chance to be an excellent contest resource, but it's only going 
to be as good as participation.  I greatly appreciate any assistance you 
guys can give to the project.


Bill, KM9P

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