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Bermuda Contest

Subject: Bermuda Contest
From: RFGerald@aol.com (RFGerald@aol.com)
Date: Tue Mar 19 13:17:20 1996
This is my first posting to the contest reflector and hope is OK?
I am QSL manager for Igor Slakva, US1IDX, and he was in the Bermuda contest
and tried to make a big score to win the trip to Bermuda.
I am hoping that someone/anyone/ everyone who was in the contest will post
their score to me so that I can forward to Igor. 
If you worked Igor and need a QSL send to me N5FG CBA w/ SASE. One day
turnaround as we do logs via email.. 
Thanks for reading this and hope is right reflector for this type info?

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