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FW: Contest News Releases - DXpedition

Subject: FW: Contest News Releases - DXpedition
From: N3ADL@aol.com (N3ADL@aol.com)
Date: Tue Mar 19 20:24:12 1996
K4VUD writes  << snip<< Rich and influential hams...stupid rule, discourages
real operating skill..etc..to hone operator skill for emergency communication
and to learn to work together in a locale, not some visitor site<<Snip<<

Pardon Me??? I do not consider 33K a year rich. The fact is contest
DXpeditioning is, for most of us that go, much harder than Field Day. PJ1B
takes everything down after each contest and puts it all back up just before
the next contest. For the last two years we finished antenna/tower/station
setup FRIDAY afternoon just prior to a 48 hour contest at V26B because most
of us are forced to go down on Wednesday due to financial constraints.  And
Radio Shack ain't on the corner either so you must bring everything with you.
As for the emergency trained operators...I'll take a team of  contest
dxpedition ops and run more damn traffic than you can shake a stick
at...Operator skill is developed out of being forced to run stations at 300
an hour and if you screw up a call or exchange..ur teammates will make sure
you hear about it. Someone mentioned " CLUB SPONSORED/Supported DXpeditions"
and I can tell you that FRC has never supported/sponsored ANY Dxpedition. We
do it on our own by working extra jobs and scratching and clawing for every
penny spent. Then we gladly turn our score in for the club.  It ain't easy on
33K a year (and some on our team make less!) and it requires 11 months of
preperation, meetings,planning, and sacrificing...but we DO it..we don't make
excuses. Noone is keeping anyone home for CQ or ARRL...The playing field is
level..who wants to play?
FB job CAC!                                  73 de Doug // N3ADL

>From Greg Richard KC4ZV <kc4zv@iquest.com>  Wed Mar 20 02:49:54 1996
From: Greg Richard KC4ZV <kc4zv@iquest.com> (Greg Richard KC4ZV)
Subject: stacks
Message-ID: <Pine.BSF.3.91.960319204111.6654A-100000@vespucci.iquest.com>

I'm interested in stacking 5/5 on 15 and 5/5 on 10 on the same tower.
The tower height will be 70' with the 10's at 30/60  and the 15's
at 35/70. I would like to rotate both bottom beams from NE to NW for
Europe/Japan coverage.  Is there a design available for putting 
both lower antennas on the same mast using a single rotator on a 
side arm?  Tower is rohn 25 and antennas are Hygain 155/105's.

Also, are there any contestors in New London, Ct on the reflector?
My brother is moving there in July and is interested in meeting the 

Thanks in advance

Greg   KC4ZV


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