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From: A51DX@aol.com (A51DX@aol.com)
Date: Thu Mar 28 20:17:48 1996
Geez...I was brought up to think that less than a kilowatt was QRP. I guess I
had bad contesting elmers. Have a home-brew 8 - 4CX1000 amp for sale...was my
exciter. It was the only thing left after the fire...lost a 32 hole 4CX1000
when the YL turned off the water supply that cooled the amp so she could
water her "babies" in the garden. I wanted to choke her ;-)
                      73 de Doug

FRC you are loud over here! NF2L on 75 is awesome 

>From Bruce Lallathin <aa8u@voyager.net>  Fri Mar 29 01:38:08 1996
From: Bruce Lallathin <aa8u@voyager.net> (Bruce Lallathin)
Subject: mis-register.exe
Message-ID: <199603290138.UAA26525@vixa.voyager.net>

At 10:29 AM 3/28/96 PST, you wrote:
>The REGISTER.EXE is not a data file, but an executable
>program.  You run it, and it registers CT with whatever
>call you tell it to. However, I am not sure if it will
>overwrite an existing call in the program.
>Anyway, try it. The usage is to type REGISTER at the
>C:> prompt and it will ask you which call you want
>to register.
>73, J.P.
Tnx for the advice, but it didn't work for me. Tried it several times after
each download of 9.27...got a bit expensive....couple months ago. And all
this time I thought I was the only one.  HI HI

Bruce aa8u@voyager.net

>From Bruce Lallathin <aa8u@voyager.net>  Fri Mar 29 01:43:40 1996
From: Bruce Lallathin <aa8u@voyager.net> (Bruce Lallathin)
Subject: Stub QTHs
Message-ID: <199603290143.UAA27133@vixa.voyager.net>

At 01:13 PM 3/28/96 -0500, you wrote:
>In a message dated 96-03-28 08:37:23 EST, you write:
>>Question 1): it would seem that placing the stub as close to the linear is
>>the best place for it (I guess)....but it sure would be easy to place a
>>t-connector on the outside of the house where the hardline ends and take
>>rolled up stub line and hang it up on the outside wall of the house on a
>>graden hose hanger....it would also be very cosmetic/neat/orderly.
>The best place to put a hi-reject stub is exactly a 1/4 wl from the source,

I believe this should be an "electrical quarter wave length" or multiple
thereof. Not to be picky..... Take into account the VF (velocity factor)of
the cable you use.  gl es 73, Bruce AA8U

>if the source has a low pass filter in the output (like an ampolifier). The
>reason is a shorted stub is a low impedance, if you just place it across the
>amp output the low shunt Z of the stub barely improves the bypassing. If the
>stub is pl;aced 1/4 wl away (at the harmonic F) the transmission line inverts
>the impedance to a high impedance. We not only have the advantage of a low Z
>stub shunting the line at the stub location, we have the andvantage that the
>amplifiers tank (a low shunt Z at the harmonic) looks into a very high Z load
>at the harmonic frequency! The improvement in supression can be many dB!
>73 Tom W8JI

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