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New Blood in WPX

Subject: New Blood in WPX
From: WX9E@aol.com (WX9E@aol.com)
Date: Fri Mar 29 01:35:07 1996
 I know of a few operations that are taking place this 
weekend that will include some new comers to ham radio 
and/or contesting.  I would like to hear about these operations
and make note of them in upcoming articles of the "In The 
Beginning..." column in CQ Contest.  Those of you participating 
or hosting these events, please take notes throughout the 
contest...  highlights, lowlights...  if murphy made a  visit...  any rare DX
calling...  stuff like that.

If you don't have anything planned for this weekend, why not take advantage
of one of the stations on the CQ Contest station registry.   It is too long
ot post here now, approaching 120 stations, but it's there for everyone to
use.  If someone wants a copy of it, I will  email it to them, or look in the
April issue starting on page 26.

In addition, if there are any stations that wish to be included on the
registry to help out those with little or no station, or those who  want to
learn more about contesting, drop me a note with your call, QTH and email
address/phone #.

   CU all from KS9K/WE9V this weekend.
     Paul  WX9E
     WX9E@sbbs.net (daytime)
     WX9E@aol.com  (evening)

>From Jan-Erik Holm <JEH@on.mobitel.telia.se>  Fri Mar 29 08:25:16 1996
From: Jan-Erik Holm <JEH@on.mobitel.telia.se> (Jan-Erik Holm)
Subject: POWER
Message-ID: <E334IFR1T3TD*/R=A1/R=ROONA/U=JEH/@MHS.stoa.mobitel.telia.se>

Just received the CQ mag with the 95 WPX SSB results and boy there are
some super nice QRP scores listed, sure makes me wounder.

Jim SM2EKM    email: jeh@on.mobitel.telia.se

>From VA3WTO,Rui" <va3wto@pathcom.com  Fri Mar 29 09:40:27 1996
From: VA3WTO,Rui" <va3wto@pathcom.com (VA3WTO,Rui)
Message-ID: <1.5.4b13.32.19960329094027.00672574@pathway1.pathcom.com>

Good luck to all.
           VA3WTO                                  Email: va3wto@pathcom.com
    / / /  Rui Wittwer                             Phone:416 656-5728           
   / / /   307 Caledonia rd                            
  \ / /    Toronto Ontario      VA3WTO is a member of the VA3SK contest team
 / \ /     M6E-4T4 Canada       please call us at the major Contests  
/ /|\
 / /
/ /|
 / |
/  | 

>From Jose R. Hierro" <ea7kw@arrakis.es  Fri Mar 29 09:54:09 1996
From: Jose R. Hierro" <ea7kw@arrakis.es (Jose R. Hierro)
Subject: S07NY
Message-ID: <199603290954.KAA12886@arrakis.es>

EA3NY wants me to relay that he is now at the Western Sahara.
He will be S07NY during the next CQ WW WPX.

>From Alastair Beaton <beaton@wintermute.co.uk>  Fri Mar 29 10:20:29 1996
From: Alastair Beaton <beaton@wintermute.co.uk> (Alastair Beaton)
Subject: More Power
Message-ID: <199603291020.KAA12478@oberon.wintermute.co.uk>

Let's get a bit of perspective on this "5kW is shocking" strand. It's easy
to forget that the differency between 1.5kW and 5kW is less than an S-point.
Those contest stations which some people find so offensive, booming in at
S9+40dB with their 5kW, would only drop to S9+20 if they switched the PA off
and ran a barefoot 50W.

It's NOT the same as pitting a 150bhp Euro sedan against a 500bhp Callaway
'Vette. Log, not linear.

Doubling your output power is a waste of time (and money)- to make a
noticable difference you needed to multiply it by TEN. Going from 1.5kW to
2,3,4 or 5kW only helps those who felt inadequate in the trouser (U.S.
translation - "pants") dept. It's better tx lines and better antennas really
make the difference. 


P.S. I know Garry NI6T didn't use the Ferrari v. Volkeswagen arguement in
this context. I'll leave the moral/legal arguements well alone.

>From r.johnson@uea.ac.uk (Richard Johnson)  Fri Mar 29 11:43:18 1996
From: r.johnson@uea.ac.uk (Richard Johnson) (Richard Johnson)
Subject: subscription
Message-ID: <9603291143.AA04845@cpca6.uea.ac.uk>


>From Robert g. Flory" <104117.3104@compuserve.com  Fri Mar 29 12:08:07 1996
From: Robert g. Flory" <104117.3104@compuserve.com (Robert g. Flory)
Subject: Equipment for CONTESTing
Message-ID: <960329120806_104117.3104_IHM43-1@CompuServe.COM>

I need a new rig for my CONTEST station.

Is there any internet reflector or WWW site for trading used equipment?

After a long struggle I  am going to take my TS-930 out behind the barn and
shoot it.

Rob  K2 Waqi Iraqi

>From weinfurtner@ouvaxa.cats.ohiou.edu (Greg Weinfurtner)  Fri Mar 29 13:07:50 
From: weinfurtner@ouvaxa.cats.ohiou.edu (Greg Weinfurtner) (Greg Weinfurtner)
Subject: Neighbor Nixes WPX Contest
Message-ID: <v01510101ad81911c5bc2@[]>

>K7FD wrote:
>I was already for this weekend's WPX and ka-blooey! My radio is filled with
>garbage...pulsing electric fence garbage that just cropped up 3 days ago. It
>is 'on' for 3 seconds and off for one second...

        I've worked on a few fence chargers for some of my pals here at OU.
The on and off cycle is used as a "weed burner" in some models.  This
keeps weeds from shorting out the fence.  NJ8V told me that he has seen
small saplings cut in two with this type of a charger system!
        If it were me, I think I'd walk the fence line, after dark and on
your side of the property, and look for offending weeds or bushes into the
electric fence.  Cut them, watch out for the electric fence of course,and
see if that doesn't stop the noise.  If you find that is the case, even
offer to cut the weeds/saplings out for farmer X.  He'll probably pass out
from such a kind offer!

Good luck and see u in WPX!  de

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