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More Power, the real rule

Subject: More Power, the real rule
From: W8JITom@aol.com (W8JITom@aol.com)
Date: Sun Mar 31 11:35:13 1996
Hi Ed, 

Thanks for the personal attention!
In a message dated 96-03-30 23:01:01 EST, you write:
>Well Tom since you insist... whenever I have a QSO I always reduce 
>power-if it was the Alpha 78-if I get something over 5x9... if I don't, 
>I figure he isn't hearing me all that well to begin with and maintain.

You sound perfect! Great going Ed!

>It did not take getting out of the third grade to be able to reason that 

I never realized people that don't always reduce power have reasoning
abilities below the level of third graders! Thanks for the additional

>Try it some time OM.

I will if I can ever elevate myself beyond second grade reasoning levels. 

I have another question Ed, but please just E-mail me. It really doesn't
involve amateur radio.

What about speed? If someone speeds, does it mean they also run stop signs
and traffic lights? I wonder if you've done any research on that? 

By the way, congratulations on that nice expensive car you told us all about.
I have a big pick-up truck with a gun rack in the back. It has big tires. I
admire you.

73 Tom

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