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sinking grd rods w/pop bottle

Subject: sinking grd rods w/pop bottle
From: ny5b@sol.wf.net (ny5b@sol.wf.net)
Date: Thu May 9 01:22:12 1996
With all the discussion concerning putting ground rods in the grounds 
I am suprised that no one has mentioned the "coke bottle" method.

I too have busted my knuckles with a 4 lbs hammer and I have also 
attempted the water jet method.  Both methods have worked for me but 
I always go back to the old "coke (i.e. coca-cola) bottle" routine.  
Am I the only one familiar with this?

Begin by filling the bottle with water.  Pour a small amount on the 
ground where you want the rod placed.  Start the rod by "jabbing" it 
into the ground.  Pull it out and keep jabbing it back in.  When the 
hole gets dry, again pour a small amount of water in the hole and 
begin the jabbing process over again.  If you pour too much water you 
will have to let it soak in because the suction created by all the 
water will be too great to overcome.  A ten foot rod may take 
slightly more or less water than the one full bottle....I guess that 
probably depends on the soil.  

Im sure the first question to arise will be that of bedrock or 
sandstone or whatever.  All I can say is that I have never failed to 
sink the rod by hand up until the last few feet which is when I get 
the ole hammer back out.

This method seems to work well here in the red clay of North Texas
as well as the rocky soils of the Rocky Mountains.  And when I finish
Ill have time to finish off a full beer while the guy with the hammer is still 
banging away!


Dale  NY5B

>From Pedro Pedroso <l38217@alfa.ist.utl.pt>  Wed May  8 13:02:09 1996
From: Pedro Pedroso <l38217@alfa.ist.utl.pt> (Pedro Pedroso)
Subject: ARRL Contest High Claimed Scores
Message-ID: <Pine.OSF.3.91.960508115858.753A-100000@alfa.ist.utl.pt>

        Hello all !
        I would like to know if there is any site where we can
        see the High-Claimed Scores of the ARRL DX Contest !
                                73 !!
 | Pedro Pedroso                        |                            | 
 | l38217@alfa.ist.utl.pt               |  CT1ELP                    |
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>From Jeff Steinman <Jeff.Steinman.0247501@nt.com>  Wed May  8 16:14:33 1996
From: Jeff Steinman <Jeff.Steinman.0247501@nt.com> (Jeff Steinman)
Subject: Stacked Yagis - Who's on to
Message-ID: <n1380575123.26601@nrchq1.rich1.nt.com>

                      Subject:                              Time:  8:59 =

When putting several yagis on a single mast, numerous manufacturers =
recommend placing the LOWEST frequency antenna on the bottom. In the case =
of, say, a 5el 20 and 5el 15, this would make sense from a MECHANICAL =
point of view (particulalry mast loading).  But let's say
you have a 6el 15 and a 4el 20, with relatively equal wind loading.
Still put the 20 on the bottom?  i.e., is there an ELECTRICAL 
[degraded pattern, gain, F/B] reason for for putting the longer 
elements on the bottom? Or are the manufacturers just playing
it safe? I can't think of a reason I would want my 20M antenna 
higher than my 15M antenna, especially when we are talking about
50-60' towers w/ 15' masts. 

Please send your responses DIRECTLY to me and I can summarize.
Jeff Steinman  KR0Y

>From David R. Andersen" <kk9w@marv.eng.uiowa.edu  Wed May  8 16:04:43 1996
From: David R. Andersen" <kk9w@marv.eng.uiowa.edu (David R. Andersen)
Subject: More spice...
Message-ID: <9605081504.AA15889@terry.eng.uiowa.edu>

Folks have asked me about the network address to learn about SPICE - I
found a spot to point your web browser to.  The address is:


Lots of README files and other info.

I don't have any financial involvement with UC Berkeley, except that the
SPICE work has been funded by the US Government and I am a taxpayer.  :-)


David R. Andersen                       Internet         kk9w@uiowa.edu
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FAX: 319-335-6028                       AMPRnet      kk9w@kk9w.ampr.org
                                        WWW  http://marv.eng.uiowa.edu/

>From sawyers" <sawyers@cacd.rockwell.com  Wed May  8 18:33:23 1996
From: sawyers" <sawyers@cacd.rockwell.com (sawyers)
Subject: Little ol' lot (was elev cable runs)
Message-ID: <9604088315.AA831573310@ccmgw1.cacd.rockwell.com>

Well ---

We have a 70% set back requirement for guyed towers. My lot is 184 feet 
wide by 244 feet deep. 184/2 is 92 feet. 92/0.7 is 131.42 (so I rounded 

This is to the top of everything. Actual tower will be 115' of Alliance 
1800HD tower (18" face with 1.90" OD by 0.145 wall legs) with 15-17 feet of 
4.5 inch dia mast which steps down to 2 in OD by 3/8 wall. So you know 
where the big tower is going - middle of back yard. Big tower 65 feet from 
house. 50' of Rohn 25 on back of house with 10 foot mast. This will have 
100% set back. Also have 30x45 foot metal building at back of lot. So will 
put 70 feet of Alliance 1800 in front of building with 10 foot mast. This 
will have 100% set back.

Big tower will be guyed three ways with anchors at 100' feet out the the SW 
and NW and 77' feet out to the east. I cheat on the east guys because of 
maximum wind and direction data from the National Weather Service that I 
found while researching stuff at Iowa State University. All guy points will 
be elevated 6'.

The main tower will have a 3' wide star mount at top (with 2 5/16" EHS to 
each anchor. The top set of guys will be insulated and set to work as 
switchable inverted V or V and reflectors for 160/80/40 meters. (Beasley 
software has been invaluable for modeling especially for effects of beams 
and other guy wires.) Then three sets of lower guys (3/8" EHS). The main 
tower is the anchor point for one set of guys from each of the other two 
towers. The inter-connecting guys run horizontal from main tower guy 
clusters so I can use them for supports for beam style antennas or as 
screen supports for screen style antennas. Tower layout places one pointed 
at JA for an equivalent 60' long boom and the other for a 65' tall by 50' 
wide curtain for EU.(design in process). Main tower also will have a ring 
rotor with antenna's.

Still avidly following this reflector and other reflectors for info on 

As a side note, if you really want to see antenna's, you should see NC0P's 
setup. Two acres, 8 towers with 6 just under 200', rotating stacks on 
10-15-20 and four square with elevated radials on 40 and 80. He hosts a 
flea market twice a year. The next one is May 25th. He is outside 
Mitchelville IA surrounded by farm land. I always leave with a crick in my 
neck and my jaw hanging down. 

Hope this explains how I plan on doing what I mentioned and where I got my 

de n0yvy steve

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Subject: Little ol' lot (was elev cable runs)
Author:  KY2P@aol.com at ccmgw1

I have a question: I've been reading the thread 
about elevated cable runs - but what really 
intrigues me (interrupt here: I don't remember who's 
station we are talking about) is....how do you put 
up towers of 132' , 80' and 60' on a one acre lot, 
and guy them all on your land?  How do you
keep them clear of falling on a neighbor's 
property or house?  A little quick math tells me 
that a 132' tower, falling in any direction from the 
center of a one acre lot, is not going to land all on 
your property should it fall.  I'm interested in this 
because I am buying a house with a one half acre
lot and figured out that I would be limited to 50 foot 
of tower space to have it fall potentially in any 
direction on my property.  Or am I missing some 
important component ??  How can you space the
towers properly on a small lot like that? 
Sign me, slightly confused
Scott KY2P             KY2P@aol.com  

>From lvn@fox.cen.com (Larry Novak)  Wed May  8 18:18:28 1996
From: lvn@fox.cen.com (Larry Novak) (Larry Novak)
Subject: Contest Registry: Any Updates?
Message-ID: <9605081718.AA07314@cen.com>

CQ Contest DXpedition Registery.
Updated March 15, 1996

This is a listing of planned contest Dxpeditions. If you have additions
or corrections, please email to lnovak@cen.com or via packet to K3TLX.

73, Larry, K3TLX

Contest          Location    Who/email              Status 
WPX CW/96        VP5         W5ASP

WAE CW/96        VP2MGA      Bill, K5GA             One of us, probable 
                 VP2MGP      Bob,  N5RP             One of us, probable

IOTA/1996        GW(EU124)   G5LP, G3VMW and G4BWP  Firm M-S from EU-124

IARU             OY          WJ2O and SM3OJR        Tentative Multiop

IARU             ZK1AAU      AA8U, K8MJZ, and AG8W

CQWW SSB         FG          KI6FE/7 es JF2DQJ      Probable M/S

CQWW SSB         J3A         W8KKF, WA8LOW etal     M/S or M/M
                             Additional ops considered (hflasher@dayton.net)

CQWW SSB         KP2         Windwood - reserved - operators unknown

CQWW SSB         V26B        (QSL WT3Q)            Confirmed Multi/Multi

CQWW SSB         V31DX                             multi-single 

ARRL SS SSB      KH6         WJ2O                   SO, speculative

CQWW CW          5V5A        N7BG, G3SXW, etal     Multi-multi

CQWW CW          HR6         Roatan Is, WA6VNR      Booked

CQWW CW          J6          SW Ohio DXA           ?MS or many SOSBs
                             millersg@dma.org       Reserved

CQWW CW          KP2         Windwood - reserved - operators unknown

CQWW CW          T3          WJ2O                   SO, speculative

CQWW CW          V2          Larry, K3TLX           Reserved Single Op
                             lnovak@cen.com   ** The big 5-0 birthday bash **

CQWW CW          VP5         Dave, WD5N             Reserved

CQWW CW          ZF2RF       K4UVT, K9LA, N8SR +    multi-single

CQ 160 MODE?/97  ZF          WA6VNR, W6OSP          Booked, Call ZF1A

CQ 160 SSB/97    KP2         Larry  KE2VB           Reserved SO

ARRL DX CW/97    KP2         Larry  KE2VB           Reserved SO

ARRL DX CW/97    VP5         Joe, K8JP              Reserved

ARRL DX SSB/97   KP2         Larry  KE2VB           Reserved SO or M/S

ARRL DX SSB/97   V2          WB9TIY, etal           Planned M2

ARRL DX SSB/97   V31DX                              multi-single

ARRL DX SSB/97   VP5         Glenn, WA0PUJ          Reserved


     | Larry Novak            \-\-\         email:   lnovak@cen.com |
     | Century Computing, Inc.  |             Tel:   (301) 953-3330 |
     | http://www.cen.com/      |   Amateur Radio:    K3TLX, C6AHE  |
     +       INSULATOR COLLECTORS: http://www.insulators.com        +

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