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Look up correction

Subject: Look up correction
From: steve.m.zettel@internet.nps.usace.army.mil (steve.m.zettel@internet.nps.usace.army.mil)
Date: Sun May 12 13:41:00 1996
     My apologies:
     The correct address for Okra in my previous post should be:
     http://http://okra.ucr.edu/okra/    instead of http://www.okra.com
     A case of my fingers taking on a life of their own, without any grey 
     matter exercising control and proof-reading first. Sorry for any 
     inconvenience this caused.
     Steve Zettel  KJ7CH                        kj7ch@libby.org
     Libby Dam                          steve.m.zettel@usace.army.mil

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