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WPX prefixes

Subject: WPX prefixes
From: KR4DL@aol.com (KR4DL@aol.com)
Date: Mon May 13 10:03:43 1996
So what, actually, constitutes a "prefix" in CQWW WPX?  Is is letters and
first number (as in KR4)?  Is it letters and all numbers in sucession (as in
V47)?  What unusual prefixes are allowed as a suffix for the standard old US
(such as WR6R using /WH7)?
Thanks for help.
73,  Steve   KR4DL

>From millersg@dmapub.dma.org (Steve Miller)  Mon May 13 14:42:23 1996
From: millersg@dmapub.dma.org (Steve Miller) (Steve Miller)
Subject: WPX prefixes
Message-ID: <m0uIxtH-00028hC@dmapub.dma.org>

> So what, actually, constitutes a "prefix" in CQWW WPX?   <snip>

Read the contest rules and your question shall be answered.

>From n4zr@contesting.com (Pete Smith)  Mon May 13 15:18:37 1996
From: n4zr@contesting.com (Pete Smith) (Pete Smith)
Subject: Tower bolts
Message-ID: <199605131418.HAA23837@dfw-ix3.ix.netcom.com>

Am I missing something in all this hubbub?  With the downforce from three
sets of guys, plus the weight of the tower, rotator and antennas, I can't
see that there's a significant risk that a tower section will shear even a
hardware-store bolt and pull out of the next section down.  Obviously, it's
good practice to use decent bolts, and make sure they're fairly tight, but
going to specialty fasteners strikes me as unnecessary overkill.


Pete Smith N4ZR (n4zr@contesting.com)

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