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80 mtrs and touchlamps

Subject: 80 mtrs and touchlamps
From: bbarr@charlotte.infi.net (WILLIAM L BARR)
Date: Mon May 13 23:09:13 1996
Just wondering if I have the only touchcontrol lamps that come on and off 
while I use 80 mtrs and sometimes 40 mtrs. Tnks de N4UAJ.

>From ah3c@burgoyne.com (PETER GRILLO)  Tue May 14 09:58:19 1996
From: ah3c@burgoyne.com (PETER GRILLO) (PETER GRILLO)
Subject: No subject
Message-ID: <199605140301.VAA25255@burgoyne.com>

Is anyone out there going to Dayton Thursday evening coming in from the
Cincinatti airport?  If so, I would like to share transportation.  My ETA is
17:20 local time.  Am willing to hang around if you arrive later.  My last
resort is to use the local bus (just 60 miles).  Would much rather discuss
radio, than weather!

Please let me know via E-mail no later than Wednesday nite, if possible.

73, Pete

>From skulyov@freenet.columbus.oh.us (Sergei Kulyov)  Tue May 14 05:58:00 1996
From: skulyov@freenet.columbus.oh.us (Sergei Kulyov) (Sergei Kulyov)
Subject: UH8EA story
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9605140000.A7834-8100000@acme>

Hi gang,

Victor, ex-UH8EA, EZ5AA who lives now in Alexandria, LA just got
his USA call  - AC5HW.

73! Sergei
Dallas, TX

>From trogo@primenet.com (Tony Rogozinski)  Tue May 14 07:09:50 1996
From: trogo@primenet.com (Tony Rogozinski) (Tony Rogozinski)
Subject: Dayton Room
Message-ID: <199605140609.XAA01024@primenet.com>

Mike, KC7V and I (Tony N7BG) have a space available in our room
at Stouffers for saturday night if anyone is looking for a low
cost place to crash for the evening.
Preference given to young, blonde, females with no hangups - so
get your bid in early. 


                                Tony Rogozinski N7BG
                                VooDoo Contest Group
                         ("VooDoo" - white magic from Africa)
                      I Collect TELEGRAPH KEYS - Especially "Bugs" 
               Call Me At 1-800-966-6264 If You Have Any To Sell Or Trade

>From lyndon@ve7tcp.ampr.org (VE7TCP)  Tue May 14 10:27:19 1996
From: lyndon@ve7tcp.ampr.org (VE7TCP) (VE7TCP)
Subject: Horror story
Message-ID: <199605140927.CAA29835@ve7tcp.ampr.org>

>>>>> "ve2zp" == ve2zp  <ve2zp@bbs.ve3jf.ampr.org> writes:

    ve2zp> What a puffed-up twit that mountie was.  And they give
    ve2zp> self-righteous nuts like that a gun?  Make his life a
    ve2zp> little miserable, Bill.  Write a letter to the RCMP
    ve2zp> Commissioner complaining of his high-handedness and
    ve2zp> ignorance of the law.  It's the least you can do to balance
    ve2zp> off the horror of your story.

Or do better than that and pull off what a certain (anonymous) VE6
friend of mine did when he had a recent run-in with the local constabulary:
make him get his license!   (The mounty, that is :-)


>From lyndon@ve7tcp.ampr.org (VE7TCP)  Tue May 14 10:36:44 1996
From: lyndon@ve7tcp.ampr.org (VE7TCP) (VE7TCP)
Subject: P-SPICE Software Source?
Message-ID: <199605140936.CAA00138@ve7tcp.ampr.org>

>>>>> "David" == David R Andersen <kk9w@marv.eng.uiowa.edu> writes:

    David> If you don't mind compiling it yourself, SPICE is available
    David> free for the ftping on the net.  Some site in Berkeley -

    David> Note this is just the SPICE engine - no fancy front end.
    David> You have to code the circuits yourself.

If you're a real sucker for punishment (and don't have a UNIX box),
Spice 2g6 (I think that's the version) is installed on ve7tcp.ampr.org
for your use and edification. Not that it's puny DX/33 can handle the
load :-)  (Yet!)

For info on how to access the box check out:


--lyndon (and David's not kidding about the "no fancy front end")

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