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Vintage HF AMP

Subject: Vintage HF AMP
From: pff@bfs.uwm.edu (Paul Fischer)
Date: Tue May 21 11:52:17 1996

  I am about to become the proud owner of an tempo-2000  HF amp. It 
is 1972 vintage. What I am wondering is am I going to have trouble 
using it with my kenwood ts430 rig? The reason I wonder is my rig 
has connections(DIN) for using an linear amp but these connections 
require that the amp provide negative voltage to the ALC. I do not 
think this older amp has such provisions built into it. Couldn't I just 
take the rf directly out of my normal antenna connection and run 
through the amp? Thats how I use other amps I have built. Any input 
would be appreciated.  

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