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Subject: WPX
From: k4sb@avana.net (k4sb@avana.net)
Date: Wed May 22 05:53:10 1996
Will be on for the WPX ( and I don't really care about your opinion on the 
of announcements ) as K26SB, K96SB,K400SB, and maybe also K4SB. I do not intend
to submit a log, just give as many people as possible the Olympic prefixes.

73, Ed
Name: ed sleight
E-mail: k4sb@avana.net
Time: 04:53:10

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>From kb1h@chowda.com (Dick Pechie)  Tue May 21 20:09:04 1996
From: kb1h@chowda.com (Dick Pechie) (Dick Pechie)
Subject: SSB-CW Flip Flop
Message-ID: <96052200301520985@chowda.com>

At first the idea of alternating weekends for CW and SSB sound great to
me but I did find one drawback. With the present system we go from CQWW
CW to ARRL CW which means I do not have to do any tuning of wire
antennas between these two contests. If ARRL alternates and I can have
this luxury continue I think it is a great idea!!
73 Dick

>From hremijn@zeelandnet.nl (hremijn)  Wed May 22 10:51:09 1996
From: hremijn@zeelandnet.nl (hremijn) (hremijn)
Subject: Don't work me in WPX
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.3.91.960522093116.325B-100000@pa3eob.ampr.org>

On Tue, 21 May 1996, Barry Kutner wrote:

> Following tradition of the WPX announcements, here's mine:
> If you work me, it's a pirate. Won't be there.
> CQ Magazine seems to have a tradition of having their contests on 
> American holiday weekends, most notably CQWW CW. I wonder if any of our 
> DX contingent on the reflector can comment if any of their contests are 
> on their holiday weekends...
Unfortunately not!!!!!!!
This weekend we are lucky, we have a national day off on monday, which means
that I dont have take a day off.

I would be happy if all contest were on national holiday weekends, but I
think that will be impossible because of the differences in every country.
I know (working for an American firm), that it is very difficult for USA 
inhabitants to accept that there are more countries on the world, with other 
cultures resulting in different hollidays. But why should we change 
contest dates because in one country on earth there might be some people 
who celebrate that national holiday?

I think CQWW-contests are on the right weekends. WPX-CW is as well, because you
dont need the low bands to get a high multiplier score. In the upcoming
sunspot period, this will the best for WPX.

Anyway, see you all next weekend from PI4ZLD (10-160).

73, Henk

Henk Remijn     PA3EOB          System engineer at
E-mail: hremijn@zeelandnet.nl   Cargill Milling
        pa3eob@pi8goe.ampr.org  Bergen op Zoom
        Henk_Remijn@cargill.com The Netherlands

>From slazar19@sgi.net (Spike Lazar)  Wed May 22 12:43:51 1996
From: slazar19@sgi.net (Spike Lazar) (Spike Lazar)
Subject: WPX
Message-ID: <199605221143.HAA10881@orion.bv.sgi.net>

                At 04:53 AM 5/22/96 PDT, you wrote:
    >Will be on for the WPX ( and I don't really care about your
    >opinion on the postings of announcements ) as K26SB, K96SB,
    >K400SB, and maybe also K4SB. I do not intend to submit a log,
    >just give as many people as possible the Olympic prefixes.
    >73, Ed
    >Name: ed sleight
    >E-mail: k4sb@avana.net
    >Time: 04:53:10

Dear Ed,

Did I not read after the last wpx that you called WR6R/KH7
a "Bozo" for using a KH7 prefix?

Your post now requalifies you for the "Mother of all Bozo's award"
in several categories!

dr. Bafoofnik

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