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On removing CW

Subject: On removing CW
From: W8JITom@aol.com (W8JITom@aol.com)
Date: Fri May 24 13:58:44 1996
In a message dated 96-05-23 23:39:59 EDT, you write:

>"DFREY" said it so well!!  The most basic emergency --radio will only turn
>on and off-- can still be solved with Morse.  What can our leaders be
>thinking!?!   de K4VUD

While that was a good technical reason, the issue runs deeper than that. And
yes, Amateur equipment sales are generally down....no question about that.
All that in spite of no code! 

I wonder how many DXers would chase DX if everyone could receive the highest
award or country total with little or no effort?

How many contesters would contest if everyone could achieve the same award or
points total with little or no effort?

In the process of lowering standards so everyone can achieve equally without
regard to capability or effort, we are slowing ruining every technical field,
not just Ham radio. It's all part of the process of "dumbing down".

Of course no one builds anything anymore...be it cars or radios. Most people
no longer understand how to build anything, or want to spend the time or
effort necessary.

73 Tom

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