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Where to put 6m antenna ??

Subject: Where to put 6m antenna ??
From: AA4NC@aol.com (AA4NC@aol.com)
Date: Fri May 24 14:47:47 1996
I'm getting ready for the VHF contest season, and need to get up a 6m yagi (
a Cushcraft 5 el. on a 12' boom).

My dilemna is where to put it. The choices are:

At 125' (halfway between a 402CD @130, and a 204BA @120')

At 65' below a PRO67B on a ring rotator. This requires rigging a mount off of
the boom of the PRO67.

The 125' level would be easier physically, and I suspect a bit better for F2,
possibly at the expense of Es performance. I am concerned more about the
detrimental effects of the 6m antenna on 20/40. Whaddya think ??

>From k7fd@teleport.com (John Nicholson)  Fri May 24 19:16:55 1996
From: k7fd@teleport.com (John Nicholson) (John Nicholson)
Subject: ARRL and No Code Members
Message-ID: <199605241816.LAA05644@desiree.teleport.com>

K0WA wrote:

>A recent conversation with my division director revealed that the no coders
>have had little or no impact on membership growth for the League.  In other
>words, it  amounts to the same number of people joining the League if there
>wouldn't have been the no code people.
>The way he said it, he was almost apologetic about the whole issue of the
>no-code license.

        And rightly so. 


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