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Fwd: Some Good News From The WPX Contest

Subject: Fwd: Some Good News From The WPX Contest
From: BK1ZX70SFL@aol.com (BK1ZX70SFL@aol.com)
Date: Tue May 28 22:57:54 1996
As Vice President of the Florida Contest Group, AC1O, as an officer has
willingly assumed an officer's ongoing duty of prospecting for new blood.
Walt, sharp as a tack, clearly has been at work! 

I like it....if we can play this right, Walt, the ARRL DX contest would be
just like Sweepstakes with a short exchange! Key West is closer to Cuba than

Can we trade all of the Florida Contest Group's "lost to water territory" for
Cuba? Would we have to change our name to the Carribean Contest Group?

Mis Amigos! 

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From:   ac1o@gate.net (Walter Deemer)
Sender: owner-cq-contest@tgv.com
Reply-to:       ac1o@gate.net (Walter Deemer)
To:     cq-contest@tgv.com

In case you did not take part in last weekend's WPX contest, I would like to
report what, in my humble opinion, is some VERY encouraging news.

I heard no less than five Cuban stations active in the contest, and managed
to make at least one Cuban contact on every band from 80 through 15.  (And
these were real contest QSO's, not "manufactured" ones.)

This is much more contest activity from Cuba than I have heard for a long,
long time, and I certainly hope it is a sign that Cuban stations may be much
more active in contests in the future than they have been recently.  (I also
hope it may indicate that more than amateur radio activity is on the upswing
there as well.)

(And, no; this is in no way a comment, pro or con, on the political and/or
human rights situation in Cuba or anywhere else.  Back in the days of the
Cold War, there was a saying that "Amateur Radio Is International
Friendship", and I very strongly believe that people-to-communications --
like the ones in amateur radio contests -- have gone, and will continue to
go, a long way towards making this tired old planet of ours a better, more
peaceful one on which to live...)

73, Walt, AC1O

>From aa0ob@skypoint.com (Greg Fields)  Wed May 29 03:07:00 1996
From: aa0ob@skypoint.com (Greg Fields) (Greg Fields)
Subject: "To IARU FASC"
Message-ID: <m0uOafv-0002PPC@skypoint.com>

I got this reponse back a few days after submitting my FASC thoughts to the
I'm sure everyone gets something in return but, at least you know they are
in the emails and will hopefully review them all. So if you havn't sent in your
thoughts do so by the end of June! They can't share your thoughts if you don't
send them in!


Greg AA0PB

>Dear Greg:
>Thank you for your comments on the FASC discussion paper. Your thoughts are 
>being shared with the committee members.
>We appreciate your taking the time to participate in the FASC process.
>Larry E. Price, W4RA
>Secretary, IARU
Greg Fields AA0OB
Minneapolis, Minnesota

>From Lbylll@LBY.pcmail.levels.unisa.edu.au (Linda Luther)  Wed May 29 03:52:01 
From: Lbylll@LBY.pcmail.levels.unisa.edu.au (Linda Luther) (Linda Luther)
Subject: WPX single op
Message-ID: <1996May29.115200.1069.175333@pcmail.levels.unisa.edu.au>

TO:- Contest Reflector, KM9P
From:- Martin VK5GN

Bill, KM9P, comments on the time format for WPX single op.
Yes, yes, yes I do so much agree!!! What a perceptive fellow.
The reasons for this change were always nonsense as I have
pointed out to anyone who stands still for a few minutes to
talk contesting.
WPX was always my favourite contest. It was possible to do
quite well even from the far ends of the earth "down under"
with the 30 hour provision ..... when I got the strategy
The new structure just suits those operating from the best
place  calling CQ and operating with all the cerebral
proficiency of the average intellectually challenged
Write in your vote for the return of a contest with real
strategic challenge on your CW entry summary sheet.I will.

Martin VK5GN

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