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nat'l Assoc of Tower Erectors

Subject: nat'l Assoc of Tower Erectors
From: frenaye@pcnet.com (frenaye@pcnet.com)
Date: Fri May 31 03:20:38 1996
K3LR mentioned the National Association of Tower Erectors.
As might be expected these days, NATE has a web page.
(I was the 100th visitor, I'm waiting for my 100' tower...)

>                 National Association of Tower Erectors
>    You are the 100th person to visit this site since April 22, 1996
>                              Introduction:
> The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE), is a non-profit
> trade association striving to provide members with uniform safety
> standards, improved communications, and a unified voice to help shape
> the future of the tower industry. NATE does not allow for price or
> territorial collusion amongst its members.
> Monthly newsletters are sent out to over 600 members and prospective
> members. Below is the contents of the latest newsletters.
>                          May, 1996 Tower Times
>    Other NATE news | Member Pack | OSHA Connections (Phone Numbers)
>                         Non-Members Read This
>        To become a member or get more information, contact NATE
>                If you have any problems with this site,
>               please contact Digital Services Corporation
>          Original site created by East River Web Developers.
>                                       ©1996 Digital Services Corp

>From jreid@aloha.net (Jim Reid)  Fri May 31 03:41:31 1996
From: jreid@aloha.net (Jim Reid) (Jim Reid)
Subject: Kenwoods New Customer Search
Message-ID: <>

Tom,  had no intention of shooting the messenger,  just
couldn't resist the "Wow"!

>Kenwood Communications 
>Corp announced to its dealers on May 21 it's taking "some bold steps" to 
>turn things around. Kenwood has appointed three new companies (as yet 
>unnamed) to wholesale Kenwood Amateur Radio products "to CB radio stores, 
>truck stops, 2-way radio stores, and electronic re-sellers," according to a 
>letter to its dealer network.

New?  Obviously the big 3 of Japan have been selling a LOT of
100 - 200 watt  amateur band xcvr's into the available non-licensed
user market in the Southwestern Pacific and Eastern Indian
Ocean world.  Just wait until the sunspots pick up,  and the
rest of the world will hear what we in the near mid-Pacific
already hear on the lower ends of the  40, 20 and 10 meter bands!

Those nations down there either won't or can't do anything about
these "illegal" uses of the amateur bands.   Way too
costly for them to attempt to deal with this use; and they
don't want to pay to give CW tests either.

Yes,  not only is the truck noise absent here,  but so to
is noise of the  electrical hash common on the mainland on
the HF bands.

73, Jim

>From aa8u@voyager.net (AA8U)  Fri May 31 04:01:31 1996
From: aa8u@voyager.net (AA8U) (AA8U)
Subject: ARRL Letter excerpts: 5/31/96
Message-ID: <199605310301.XAA04843@vixa.voyager.net>

At 04:00 PM 5/30/96 -0700, you wrote:
>frenaye@pcnet.com wrote:
>> The ARRL Letter
>> Electronic Update
>> May 31, 1996
>> __________________________________
>> Longing for a new Kenwood TS-870S or maybe a TM-733? Soon, you might find
>> them in your local CB shop or truck stop. Citing concerns about the future
>> of Amateur Radio and a changing business climate, Kenwood Communications
>> Corp announced to its dealers on May 21 it's taking "some bold steps" to
>> turn things around. Kenwood has appointed three new companies (as yet
>> unnamed) to wholesale Kenwood Amateur Radio products "to CB radio stores,
>> truck stops, 2-way radio stores, and electronic re-sellers," according to a
>> letter to its dealer network.
>Another good reason to buy Kenwood - so you can have a rig just like
>those good buddies!!!!!
>de KL7HF
I fear what is comming. More bootleg calls!
Do they really have that much trouble making it in the existing market?
Kinda makes me NOT want another Kenwood. Sad.............

>From k2wk@crystal.palace.net (Walt Kornienko)  Fri May 31 06:44:13 1996
From: k2wk@crystal.palace.net (Walt Kornienko) (Walt Kornienko)
Subject: CW in Europe
Message-ID: <199605310544.BAA23097@crystal.palace.net>

Europeans don't cross breed, hence they are of much
better stock. We are mutts, having seen centuries
of cross breeding sight.  A truer, purer, blood
line is the secret to their copying success.  This
theory was throughly examined by some little guy with
a funny mustache :^)

*                                                               *
*                73  de  Dr. Bafoofnik                          * 
*                                                               *

PS: no flames, please. I haven't seen a sunspot in 4 weeks
and am getting really bored.  Oh, yea, contest.

>From steve.steltzer@paonline.com (WF3T)  Fri May 31 09:36:33 1996
From: steve.steltzer@paonline.com (WF3T) (WF3T)
Subject: Kenwood's marketing

        I'm sure we can all imagine the chaos of having the ham bands full
of channel 19. What is below says it all. I would urge every one of you to
do similar to: cuyeda@ix.netcom.com  A couple thousand and someone just may
sit up and take notice.

>Dear Kenwood,
>       I am writing to express my complete disgust with your recently announced
plans to market Amateur Radio equiptment through CB and truckstop
distributors. I currently own 4 Kenwood radios - 2 TM 733's, a TH 78a and a
TH225. I have owned in the past a TM 741, TS's 140, 440, and 950SD. If
Kenwood proceeds with the above mentioned marketing strategy, I WILL NEVER
strongly urge EVERY licensed Amateur Radio operator that I can contact (and
believe me, between radio and the Internet, that number will be VERY large)
to do the same. 
>                                                            Sincerely,
>                                                            Steven G. Steltzer
>                                                            WF3T

*\*  steve.steltzer@paonline.com (WF3T)  *\*
*\*        Harley Davidson Inc.          *\*

>From bragassa@hal-pc.org (Mike Bragassa, AA5NK: <aa5nk@contesting.com>)  Fri 
>May 31 06:51:58 1996
From: bragassa@hal-pc.org (Mike Bragassa, AA5NK: <aa5nk@contesting.com>) (Mike 
Bragassa, AA5NK: <aa5nk@contesting.com>)
Subject: Kenwoods New Customer Search
Message-ID: <Pine.BSF.3.91.960531004655.1388A-100000@hal-pc.org>

.....And you go to Hong Kong: Every electronics store there (and there 
must be '5 trillion') have amteur hf/vhf xcvr's for sale. Can't be that 
many hams going through HK to justify that quantity of xcvr's for sale. 
They tell me that they are going down into the Philipines, Indonesia and 
that area.
Been seeing those radio's for sale in HK for many, many years..

Mike  R3/AA5NK    (NS7Z...soon)

>From 102505.2241@CompuServe.COM (Rick Dougherty NQ4I)  Fri May 31 07:03:49 1996
From: 102505.2241@CompuServe.COM (Rick Dougherty NQ4I) (Rick Dougherty NQ4I)
Message-ID: <960531060349_102505.2241_HHM38-1@CompuServe.COM>

Today has been a memorable day for the NQ4I multi-multi contest station...with
the help of OZ5USA, I errected a new 8 element 15 meter monster on a 70 foot
boom at a 80 foot height...maybe now I can compete with all youz guys in the new
england states...the real test will come to see how it stacks up against K4ISV
and his 24 element array on 15m...initial test show significant gain over
existing antennas here at the qth...anyone interested in specs I can e-mail you
direct...don' t mean to use too much bandwidth, but I have worked for 3 months
on this antenna and tower...cul de NQ4I

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