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Subject: NAQP TEAM
From: foggie@dtx.net (foggie)
Date: Mon Jul 8 10:51:03 1996
What I meant to say was....

Still looking for 2 hardy contesters to join a NAQP team. Will accept all
applications from contesters new and old alike.

Then all that stuff about me being gone for a week. I'll be in touch upon
my return with any interested parties. 

Al - kk5zx

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>From gclark%cel.cummins.com`%cel.cummins.com@TGV.COM (Greg)  Tue Jul  9 
>08:44:48 1996
From: gclark%cel.cummins.com`%cel.cummins.com@TGV.COM (Greg) (Greg)
Subject: Yagi Matching Troubles
Message-ID: <9607091244.AA05262@comet.cel.cummins.com>

Hi Folks

I've gone as far as I can here and now I am seeking some help if anyone
can shine light on a problem.  I have an old Hy-Gain 155 that I have
never been pleased with.  I have it on the ground now and while there
decided to add some boom length....32ft now.  Using YO 6.54 I have
optimized it for that boom length. 

My problem comes in trying to tune the antenna.  Using the method of
standing the antenna on end and pointing straight up (actually hanging
between 2 towers) with the DE about 6-7ft above the ground I have been
trying to tune the antenna with no luck.

I just tweaked a 10m antenna with this method and things went fine but
the 15m yagi is not working.  I'm using an Autek analyzer to do the
testing.  The best SWR that I can get is about 2.3:1 at a design freq.
of 21.230, the Z = 17.  By going up the band to 21.670 the SWR drops to
1.3:1 with a Z=34.

I have the hairpin match straps all the way at the end of the rods so I
can't go any further with the straps.  If I move the staps closer to
the DE, the SWR goes up and things go sour.  I have adjusted the length
of the DE but I still can do no better than 2.3:1 SWR at the design

I have longer BETA rods and was going to try them to be able to move
the strap further away from the DE but I have not done that yet.

Can someone please offer some suggestions?  Am I doing soemthing
fundamentally wrong??  Should I dump the hairpin match and try
something else??

I would appreciate input from anyone and if there is interest I will
post a summary.  If anyone would like, I also have the YO .YAG file of
the antenna if soemone would like to play with it.


>From steve.steltzer@paonline.com (WF3T)  Tue Jul  9 17:34:23 1996
From: steve.steltzer@paonline.com (WF3T) (WF3T)
Subject: WA2SRQ's coax charts

        I have recieved a few inquiries about the coax balun charts already,
so apparently Tom wasn't the only one who slightly misunderstood my email to
him. The credit (and any questions) goes to Ed, WA2SRQ. 
                                                                   73, Steve
ps: Thanks Ed!

*\*  steve.steltzer@paonline.com (WF3T)  *\*
*\*        Harley Davidson Inc.          *\*

>From bhorn@netcom.com (Bruce Horn)  Tue Jul  9 16:09:07 1996
From: bhorn@netcom.com (Bruce Horn) (Bruce Horn)
Subject: Contest Calendar 96.7
Message-ID: <v02140b00ae07c3d83610@[]>

                                CONTEST CALENDAR
                           July 9, 1996 Edition (96.7)

  Please send corrections and additions directly to me.  I will
  post an updated calendar on a monthly basis.  Thanks to YV5AMH, W7TSQ, VE2PIJ,
  VS6BG, N6TR for contest info.

  73 de Bruce, WA7BNM   (bhorn@netcom.com)

  The contest calendar is divided into two sections:
    1) CONTEST CALENDAR: Calendar showing dates and times of scheduled
    2) CONTEST LOG SUBMITTAL DEADLINES: Deadlines and addresses for
                         submitting logs for contests that have
                         already occurred or whose deadline will pass
                         before the next issue of the calendar.

  Please note that you may not be able to operate during all of the total
  hours of the contests listed below. Total operating time may also vary
  by entry category. See individual contest rules for allowed operating

  July, 1996

    RAC Canada Day Contest         0000Z-2400Z, Jul 1
    Venzuelan Ind. Day Contest,SSB 0000Z, Jul 6 to 2400Z, Jul 7
    Australasian Sprint, CW        1100Z-1159Z, Jul 6
    Australasian Sprint, Phone     1100Z-1159Z, Jul 13
    World Radiosport Team Champ.   1200Z, Jul 13 to 0600Z, Jul 14
    IARU HF World Championship     1200Z, Jul 13 to 1200Z, Jul 14
    CQ Worldwide VHF Contest       1800Z, Jul 13 to 2100Z, Jul 14
    DIE Contest                    0500Z-1300Z, Jul 14
    RGSB Low Power Field Day, CW   0900Z-1200Z and 1300Z-1600Z, Jul 14
    QRP ARCI Summer Homebrew Sprnt 2000Z-2400Z, Jul 14
    Colombian Indep. Contest       0000Z-2400Z, Jul 20
    SEANET WW DX Contest, CW       0001Z Jul 20 to 2359Z, Jul 21
    South Pacific 160m Contest     0500Z-2359Z, Jul 20
    QRP Summer Contest             1500Z, Jul 20 to 1500Z, Jul 21
    North Amer. QSO Party, RTTY    1800Z, Jul 20 to 0600Z, Jul 21
    Wire Antler Contest, Phone     1900Z-2300Z, Jul 20
    Venzuelan Ind. Day Contest,CW  0000Z, Jul 27 to 2400Z, Jul 28
    RGSB IOTA Contest              1200Z, Jul 27 to 1200Z, Jul 28

  August, 1996

    European HF Championship       1000-2200Z, Aug 3
    ARRL UHF Contest               1800Z, Aug 3 to 1800Z, Aug 4
    North Amer. QSO Party, CW      1800Z, Aug 3 to 0600Z, Aug 4
    WAE DX Contest, CW             0000Z, Aug 10 to 2400Z, Aug 11
    SARTG WW RTTY Contest          0000Z, Aug 17 to 1600Z, Aug 18
    SEANET WW DX Contest, SSB      0001Z, Aug 17 to 2359Z, Aug 18
    ARRL 10 GHz Cumul. Contest     0800-2000 local time, Aug 17 and Aug 18
    Keyman's Club of Japan Contest 1200Z, Aug 17 to 1200Z, Aug 18
    North Amer. QSO Party, Phone   1800Z, Aug 17 to 0600Z, Aug 18
    WSWSS VHF and Above Sprint     1900-2300 local time, Aug 21
    TOEC WW Grid Contest, CW       1200Z, Aug 24 to 1200Z, Aug 25
    Utah Centennial QSO Party      1500Z, Aug 24 to 2100Z, Aug 25

  September, 1996

    All Asian DX Contest, SSB      0000Z, Sep 7 to 2400Z, Sep 8
    European Field Day, SSB        1500Z, Sep 7 to 1500Z, Sep 8
    North American Sprint, CW      0000Z-0359Z, Sep 8
    WAE DX Contest, SSB            0000Z, Sep 14 to 2400Z, Sep 15
    Islands Contest                1700Z, Sep 14 to 2300Z, Sep 15
    ARRL September VHF QSO Party   1800Z, Sep 14 to 0300Z, Sep 16
    North American Sprint, Phone   0000Z-0359Z, Sep 15
    ARRL 10 GHz Cumul. Contest     0800-2000 local time, Sep 21 and Sep 22
    Washington State Salmon Run    1200Z, Sep 21 to 0700Z, Sep 22
                                     and 1200-2400Z, Sep 22
    Scandinavian Act. Contest, CW  1500Z, Sep 21 to 1800Z, Sep 22
    CQ Worldwide Contest, RTTY     0000Z, Sep 28 to 2400Z, Sep 29
    Scandinavian Act. Contest, SSB 1500Z, Sep 28 to 1800Z, Sep 29

  October, 1996

    VK/ZL/Oceania Contest, Phone   1000Z, Oct 5 to 1000Z, Oct 6
    EU Autumn Sprint, SSB          1500Z-1859Z, Oct 5
    California QSO Party           1600Z, Oct 5 to 2200Z, Oct 6
    RGSB 21/28 MHz Contest, SSB    0700Z-1900Z, Oct 6
    VK/ZL/Oceania Contest, CW      1000Z, Oct 12 to 1000Z, Oct 13
    Asia-Pacific Sprint            1230Z-1430Z, Oct 12
    EU Autumn Sprint, CW           1500Z-1859Z, Oct 12
    Pennsylvania QSO Party         1600Z-2400Z, Oct 12 and 0000Z-0500Z and
                                     1300Z-2200Z, Oct 13
    JARTS WW RTTY Contest          0000Z, Oct 19 to 2400Z, Oct 20
    Worked All Germany Contest     1600Z, Oct 19 to 1600Z, Oct 20
    RGSB 21/28 MHz Contest, CW     0700Z-1900Z, Oct 20
    CQ Worldwide Contest, Phone    0000Z, Oct 26 to 2400Z, Oct 27

  November, 1996  (U.S hams should note that CQWW is before Thanksgiving)

    ARRL Sweepstakes, CW           2100Z, Nov 2 to 0300Z, Nov 4
    High Speed Club CW Contest     0900-1100Z and 1500-1700Z, Nov 3
    Japan Int.DX Contest, Phone    2300Z, Nov 8 to 2300Z, Nov 10
    WAE DX Contest, RTTY           0000Z, Nov 9 to 2400Z, Nov 10
    ARRL Sweepstakes, Phone        2100Z, Nov 16 to 0300Z, Nov 18
    RGSB 1.8 MHz Contest, CW       2100Z, Nov 16 to 0100Z, Nov 17
    CQ Worldwide Contest, CW       0000Z, Nov 23 to 2400Z, Nov 24

  December, 1996

    ARRL 160-Meter Contest         2200Z,.Dec 6 to 1600Z, Dec 8
    ARRL 10-Meter Contest          0000Z, Dec 14 to 2400Z, Dec 15
    TARA RTTY Sprint               2100Z, Dec 14 to 0100Z, Dec 15
    RAC Canada Winter Contest      0000-2359Z, Dec 29

  January, 1997

    Japan Int.DX Contest, 160-40m  2200Z, Jan 10 to 2200Z, Jan 12
    Midwinter Contest, CW          0700Z-1900Z, Jan 11
    North Amer. QSO Party, CW      1800Z, Jan 11 to 0600Z, Jan 12
    Midwinter Contest, Phone       0700Z-1900Z, Jan 12
    North Amer. QSO Party, Phone   1800Z, Jan 18 to 0600Z, Jan 19
    ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes   1900Z, Jan 18 to 0400Z, Jan 20
    CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW       2200Z, Jan 24 to 1600Z, Jan 26
    REF Contest, CW                0600Z, Jan 25 to 1800Z, Jan 26
    UBA Contest, Phone             1300Z, Jan 25 to 1300Z, Jan 26
  End of calendar section

  Please consult the individual contest rules to determine what log
  documentation must be submitted (i.e. summary sheet, dupe sheets, etc.).

    TOEC WW Grid Contest, Phone    July 9, 1996
      E-mail:  TOEC@pobox.com
      Mail:  TOEC
             Box 2063
             S-831 02  Ostersund

    CQWW WPX Contest, CW           July 10, 1996
      E-mail:  n8bjq@erinet.com
      Mail:  CQ Magazine, WPX Contest, CW
             76 N. Broadway
             Hicksville, NY  11801

    ARRL June VHF QSO Party        July 10, 1996
      E-mail:  contest@arrl.org
      Mail:  ARRL June VHF QSO Party
             225 Main Street
             Newington, CT  06111

    SMIRK QSO Party                July 15, 1996
      E-mail:  (none)
      Mail:  Pat Rose, W5OZI
             P.O. Box 393
             Junction, TX  76849-0393

    West Virginia QSO Party        July 16, 1996
      E-mail:  (none)
      Mail:  WV QSO Party
             Dave Ellis, K8MBH
             610 Hillsdale Dr.
             Charleston, WV  25302

    ARRL Field Day                 July 23, 1996
      E-mail:  contest@arrl.org
      Mail:  ARRL Field Day
             225 Main Street
             Newington, CT  06111

    Marconi Memorial Contest HF    July 23, 1996
      E-mail:  (none)
      Mail:  ARI sez di Fano
             P.O. Box 35
             61032  FANO (PS)

    Volta WW RTTY Contest          July 31, 1996
      E-mail:  (none)
      Mail:  Francesco Di Michele, I2DMI
             POB 55
             22063 Cantu

    World Telecom Day, CW & SSB    July 31, 1996
      E-mail:  (none)
      Mail:  LABRE WTD Contest Committee
             POB 07-0004
             70359 Brasilia (DF)
  End of log submittal deadlines

>From aa4lr@radio.org (Bill Coleman)  Tue Jul  9 16:50:23 1996
From: aa4lr@radio.org (Bill Coleman) (Bill Coleman)
Subject: cw forever?
Message-ID: <960609115029.LAA02186@gate.iterated.com>

>From:        Zack Widup, w9sz@prairienet.org
>>I think the answer lies in a) better TUs and b) better protocols. You could
>>even invent a protocol for totally automated digital contesting. But, if
>>you take away too much of the human element in contesting, it ceases to be
>>a challenge and therefore fun.
>>If the goal is simply to move information around, CW doesn't stand a chance
>>against well-implemented digital modem techniques.
>My question is still: if the signal is below the noise, the digital mode 
>may very well be able to decode it, but how do you know it's there in the 
>first place? 

Probably the best technique is to do something graphical. Cross scopes, 
LED bar graphs and other tuning displays are all attempts to portray 
digital signals graphically. 

>Do you slowly tune up the band, hoping for the TNC to decode 
>something you can't hear?

Why not let the TU do the tuning? If you can throw enough hardware at the 
problem, it is easy to envision a system that can either a) tune up and 
down the band and receive signals, b) receive signals perfectly when they 
are off frequency and tune them in (OSCAR packet modems do this already 
to compensate for doppler shifts), c) Receive several dozen kHz at once 
and decode all signals.

>I don't have a lot of experience with these modes, mostly with an older 
>fairly "deaf" RTTY TU.

Things have come a long way from the old days of 88 mH toroids and diode 

Bill Coleman, AA4LR           Mail: aa4lr@radio.org
Quote: "Not in a thousand years will man ever fly!"
            -- Wilbur Wright, 1901

>From harpole@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu (Charles H. Harpole)  Tue Jul  9 17:29:36 1996
From: harpole@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu (Charles H. Harpole) (Charles H. Harpole)
Subject: How do I fix a Hy-Gain Balun?
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.93.960709122904.8179G-100000@Pegasus>

HyGain now sells a 4KW balun to replace the BN-86 if one wishes.  K4VUD

>From harpole@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu (Charles H. Harpole)  Tue Jul  9 17:42:28 1996
From: harpole@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu (Charles H. Harpole) (Charles H. Harpole)
Subject: Avoid Hurricane nets
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.93.960709124111.8179H-100000@Pegasus>

Please avoid hurricane nets at 14.268 and 14.325 (at least) during this
next weekend 's contest.  THANKS!!!  de K4VUD

>From aa8u@voyager.net (AA8U)  Tue Jul  9 19:12:47 1996
From: aa8u@voyager.net (AA8U) (AA8U)
Subject: South Cook DXpedition Update
Message-ID: <199607091812.OAA23472@vixa.voyager.net>

Hello Fellow DX'ers and Contesters,

Many of you have seen a similar announcement to this. I'm sending this info
one last time to remind you to look for us on the bands later this week.

We are packed and ready to go. We leave in tomorrow afternoon from Detroit,
destination Rarotonga, South Cook Islands.

We'll be operating the IARU HF Championship (ZK1AAU) and on the air outside
the contest period as well. Look for us July 11-21st. 

Stan, ZK1MJZ, will operate in the VK/ZL 160M contest on July 20th. 

Sorry, we have no RTTY capability for this trip. RTTY will be part of the
next trip however.

There is a really nifty web site that is worth the time to check it out.
Lots of neat pictures and information about the North and South Cook
Islands. If you would like to see where we will be operating from, look into


We have been working real hard to make sure we have decent antennas and
equipment for the trip. Please try to work us on all hf bands cw & ssb.

I am planning a return trip to the Cooks, the next time to rf deprived North
Cook Islands! This will take place in November of '98. By then we hope to
have more cooperation from the propagation gods. (RTTY/CW/SSB)

Thanks to all the hams around the world that have sent me email requesting
various schedules, qsl info, and offering good advice for our DXpedition.

I must also thank our very generous sponsors! These folks have really done
Electronics, and W4MPY QSL's. 

(must have sent the letter to the wrong person at YAESU...hi)

Bruce    aa8u@voyager.net

AA8U   ZK1AAU (qsl to AA8U)
K8MJZ  ZK1MJZ (qsl to K8MJZ)
AG8W   ZK1AGW (qsl to K8MJZ)

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