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Call Book CD

Subject: Call Book CD
From: jefray@comsys.net (Jerry Fray)
Date: Sun Jul 14 19:37:22 1996
Can't recall where I originally read the posting someone made abt the 
"new" 1996 Radio Amateur Call Book, so if this msg is out of order here, 
my apologies in advance!

I am VERY disappointed since purchasing the  "Summer Edition. Fully 
Updated" <Title description>. No way is this a "Summer Edition", unless 
of course that refers to when it was sold instead of when the data was 
last compiled. I have TWO other CD's with more current info. Sorry Call 
Book, but once bitten, twice shy.

Jerry, KB9NMU <Not listed in the "Fully Updated" release>

>From k3ww@fast.net (Charles Fulp)  Mon Jul 15 00:25:04 1996
From: k3ww@fast.net (Charles Fulp) (Charles Fulp)
Subject: WRTC Cluster update/correction
Message-ID: <199607142324.TAA17515@nn.fast.net>

It was pointed out that the built in search stops at 25, so
all the ties for most spots were a function of the technique used.
The good news is that the totals are not dramatically different.

K6D     27
K6N     26
K6R     28
K6T     33
K6V     26
K6Z     26
W6F     31
W6I     30
W6K     31
W6P     27
W6V     28
W6W     27

So K6T was the most frequently spotted station (heard no speculation
as to who that might be).  

>From wrt@eskimo.com (Bill Turner)  Mon Jul 15 01:20:25 1996
From: wrt@eskimo.com (Bill Turner) (Bill Turner)
Subject: 24 Hour Contests!! Here here!
References: <960714171755_155861399@emout10.mail.aol.com>
Message-ID: <31e98dcf.14712602@mail.eskimo.com>

On Sun, 14 Jul 1996 17:17:57 -0400, A51DX wrote:
>Dunno about you but I find the 24 hour format of the IARU contest a real
>family pleaser...Noone really kills themselves and even if you guest op
>someplace you can get home before noon on Sunday. You have your contest
>fix...the YL has you back for Sunday.... The "net" guys have few hours of
>primetime to play and your boss won't have a tired worker for Monday. Perhaps
>the other contest organizers should take note (cept for CQ es ARRL)....
>                                                73 de D.E. A51DX
I understand the point of view, but in a masochistic sort of way, I like a 48
hour no-limits single operator contest too.  It's the same reason people run
marathons I suppose.  When it's all over you're beat to a pulp but it feels
sooooo good!

73, Bill W7LZP

>From barry@w2up.wells.com (Barry Kutner)  Sun Jul 14 23:29:59 1996
From: barry@w2up.wells.com (Barry Kutner) (Barry Kutner)
Subject: 1995 WAE results?
Message-ID: <o9R3qD3w165w@w2up.wells.com>

Has anyone received the Results book for the 1995 WAEDC contests? If not, 
anyone know when they will be out? Tnx/Barry


Barry N. Kutner, W2UP       Internet: barry@w2up.wells.com
Newtown, PA                 Packet Radio: W2UP @ WB3JOE.#EPA.PA.USA.NA
                            Packet Cluster: W2UP >WB2R (FRC)

>From harpole@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu (Charles H. Harpole)  Mon Jul 15 02:03:04 1996
From: harpole@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu (Charles H. Harpole) (Charles H. Harpole)
Subject: whissey stuff
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.93.960714205521.13637C-100000@Pegasus>

I say use of packet during contests and making "other-band" skeds and QSYs
are for whisses, puny ops., sissies, nerd pluses, and the like.

Gimmey it raw, please.  de K4VUD

P.S.:  What a pleasure to operate IARU without all those pushy,
inconsiderate operators and their over-blown 
signals from the "top" stations.  Hurray WRTC, do it again and again!!!

I got another suggestion of how to get non-contesters to join in the
contest fun:  be considerate and polite to "    "      when they call you
and say things like, "What is the exchange"  etc.  And, the standard for
politeness in S. Am. is much higher than US, so take it easy on them and
they will join the fun too, maybe.  73, K4VUD

>From no2tj@buttercup.cybernex.net (Jerry)  Mon Jul 15 02:32:32 1996
From: no2tj@buttercup.cybernex.net (Jerry) (Jerry)
Subject: What URL?
Message-ID: <>

What WWW location has the details of who, where and when for the WRTC. I am
curious about the differences in the 40 meter signals from the various 1x1s.
Did anybody check the stations out before the test? 
                de NO2T Jerry no2tj@bc.cybernex.net

>From k7yha@juno.com (richard h. arland)  Mon Jul 15 07:52:27 1996
From: k7yha@juno.com (richard h. arland) (richard h. arland)
Subject: IARU/WRTC Championships
Message-ID: <19960715.015244.4543.4.k7yha@juno.com>

I'm kinda new to this e-mail/internet stuff so please bear (bare?) with

The IARU contest this weekend was an outstanding event. To all of those
involved with the WRTC: "Well done". Lets not wait another 6 years to do
this again.

I managed to work 14 (quit laughing!) of the Team Stations from the east
coast with my Argonaut 515 (I saw a snicker...) at 2.5 watts output
(yeah, your linear filaments run more power than that) and a TH7DX @ 52
feet all on 20 meters. Only had a few hours to devote to the contest but
had loads of fun and it was a very positive experience.  I guess I
qualify to get a WRTC letter opener. Now I have something to open my
e-mail with.

Thanks to all. 

73 rich K7YHA

>From bernie.mcclenny@mail.wdn.com (Bernie McClenny, WR3E)  Mon Jul 15 09:39:30 
From: bernie.mcclenny@mail.wdn.com (Bernie McClenny, WR3E) (Bernie McClenny, 
Subject: WRTC who's who
Message-ID: <31EA03C2.7F8@mail.wdn.com>

OK If no one else will start this thread I will.
W6V was KF3P and KR2

Anyone know who any of the other stations were?
de Bernie, WR3E

>From w6go@netcom.com (Jay O'Brien - W6GO)  Mon Jul 15 02:45:26 1996
From: w6go@netcom.com (Jay O'Brien - W6GO) (Jay O'Brien - W6GO)
Subject: WRTC: Preliminary results
Message-ID: <199607150145.SAA19456@netcom18.netcom.com>

>From   : W6GO
To     : ALLCAN
Date   : 15-Jul-1996
Time   : 0126Z
Subject: WRTC: Preliminary results
Size   : 647
Preliminary results as reported to me by N6IG who left the following
information on my telephone recorder at 5:38 pm today:

First place: KR0Y  &  K1TO  761,829 (W6X)
        2nd: K4BAI &  KM9P  678,132 (K6T)
        3rd: K6LL  &  N2IC  655,720 (W6R)
        4th: VE3EJ &  VE3IY 647,112 (K6P)
        5th: K4UEE &  N6IG  644,059 (K6C)
        6th: K5ZD  &  WX3N
        7th: K1KI  &  K3UA
        8th: 9A3A  &  S53R
        9th: KF9P  &  KR2J
       10th: K8CC  &  K5GO
       11th: W2GD  &  W0UA
       12th: N6TV  &  K7SS
       13th: K1DG  &  K1AR
Sorry for the incomplete info, but all I have to work from is the
telephone recording!  

73, Jay

>From slay@netcom.com (Sandy Lynch)  Mon Jul 15 02:48:26 1996
From: slay@netcom.com (Sandy Lynch) (Sandy Lynch)
Subject: WRTC - names,calls & HOSTS ..please
Message-ID: <199607150148.SAA03498@netcom15.netcom.com>

Like many others, the WRTC'96 was the primary reason for my
participation in this year's IARU test.  When the final
results are tallied and announced, along with identifying
who was operating under which 1x1 callsign, I'd be interested
to know two or maybe three other bits of info:

1) callsign of the host station (they deserve kudos for their 
   hospitality - don't ya think?).

2) the call of the judge/ref at each 1x1 (kudos again)

3) the actual city location of each station - since they were
   actually scattered through-out the greater San Francisco
   Bay Area ... it'd be interesting to see what happened (speaking
   as a former resident of that area ....).

Also ... one more time ... a list of names/calls of the guys who
pulled it together.  BIG time kudos to the likes of AA6KX, W6QHS,
W6OAT, etc .....    Makes me proud just to have even worked them.

Congrats and 73 to all,
Portland, Oregon
Proudly wearing my old NCCC badge around the house!  :-)

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