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WRTC: Humble pie and crow for dessert

Subject: WRTC: Humble pie and crow for dessert
From: frenaye@pcnet.com (frenaye@pcnet.com)
Date: Fri Jul 19 01:19:57 1996
Dick/N6AA sent me a note basically telling me I was mixed up (this may not be 
news to all of you...) about what was deleted from the W6D WRTC log.  It 
turns out the IK0HBN QSO was NOT deleted!  (It wasn't verified by cross 
checking either)

Late Monday night on the way to the airport after the Slovenian happy hour 
(it was a real party!), I stopped into Dick's room to see if I could have the 
VCR tapes of our contest effort.  He was there, instead of at the party (much 
too dedicated!).  He showed me a list showing how the final score calculation 
was made - which QSOs and mults were deleted - and I apparently didn't listen 
carefully.  The printed list was annotated with marks showing which QSOs were 
actually deleted and I scanned it relatively (too) quickly.  There wasn't a 
copier available and he didn't want to part with his only copy so I told him 
I'd send an SASE for one later on.

Anyhow, guess it's humble pie for dinner and crow for dessert tonight...  

Dick did send me an electronic version of the log checking output file.  As 
he said during the WRTC meeting just before we randomly picked station 
locations and callsigns, he wanted the log checking to be as open as possible 
- and it has been.  

The output file is really interesting and shows just how good the cross 
checking and unique checking can be in focusing in on potential problems.  
It'll take me a bit to go through ours but I'll post a copy of parts of the 
output file with my own notes later tonight if I get a chance.

73 Humble Tom

PS: Part of Dick's message read:  

        In actuality, all uniques, that were removed, were removed because
        judges believed them to be miscopied calls. It is not impossible
        that an occasional contact was removed that actually took place.
        We believed that the methodology was fair and applied evenly.
                [I agree] 

E-mail: frenaye@pcnet.com  
Tom Frenaye, K1KI, P O Box 386, West Suffield CT 06093 Phone: 860-668-5444

>From kl7y@alaska.net (Dan Robbins)  Fri Jul 19 02:24:55 1996
From: kl7y@alaska.net (Dan Robbins) (Dan Robbins)
Subject: WRTC: A Judge Comments
Message-ID: <9607190124.AA12292@alaska.net>

An outstanding writeup, Fred.  Your comments on the operating tactics and
skills alone was well worth the read.  Furthermore, I think you captured the
flavor of the WRTC appeal better than any I've read yet.  UFB, OC!

                        Dan KL7Y

>From barry@w2up.wells.com (Barry Kutner)  Fri Jul 19 00:48:49 1996
From: barry@w2up.wells.com (Barry Kutner) (Barry Kutner)
Subject: Bencher Paddles
Message-ID: <3JaaRD2w165w@w2up.wells.com>

ehayes@VNET.IBM.COM writes:

> A similar question.....what type/brand of key do most folks use?
> Wayne   KC5DVT   ehayes@vnet.ibm.com

Wayne - First, if you have the plain, black Bencher, probably worth just 
buying a new one...
Second, I used to use a black Bencher, but now use a gold-plated Bencher, 
proudly engraved "First Place, CW Proficiency, Dayton Hamvention 1990." I 
believe this was the last CW contest at Dayton.
I used to use a Brown Bros paddle (which I still own), but prefer the 
73 dit dit


Barry N. Kutner, W2UP       Internet: barry@w2up.wells.com
Newtown, PA                 Packet Radio: W2UP @ WB3JOE.#EPA.PA.USA.NA
                            Packet Cluster: W2UP >WB2R (FRC)

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