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Fwd: Keeping paddles put...

Subject: Fwd: Keeping paddles put...
From: BK1ZX70SFL@aol.com (BK1ZX70SFL@aol.com)
Date: Sat Jul 20 22:45:57 1996
I prefer to use a sheet of sandpaper upside down on the desk.

This allows you to use several different angles of attack as the mood hits
you....you slouch differently at different stages of the contest.  Last
weekend I stuck one edge of a sheet of 100 Grit under the bail of the TS430S,
and probably six or seven times I adjusted the paddle during the 18 hour 1X!

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>Subject: Keeping paddles put... 
>Re:   Keeping cw paddles put....
>I have found that small blobs of COAXSEAL work wonderfully to anchor paddle
feet to your operating desk. Pinch off small blobs, put on the bottom of
each foot, and then press into the desktop surface, and it will STAY PUT!!!
>                                        73    Gary 
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