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WRTC logs and DX4WIN

Subject: WRTC logs and DX4WIN
From: AE6Y@aol.com (AE6Y@aol.com)
Date: Tue Jul 23 23:53:12 1996
To all WRTC'rs and interested  hams:

   The WRTC logs are available in DX4WIN log format on the internet.  The
entire log of all stations is a 1 Mb zipped file that can be loaded into the
demo version of DX4WIN, and then searched and sorted in any order.  For
example, you can compare the logs of each station, you can look for you own
call in all the logs, etc. The program authors say they will shortly have
rate-analyzing facilities built into the program to allow comparison of rates
of the different WRTC stations

   The log and a fully-functional demo version of DX4WIN can be downloaded

   For those not familiar with DX4WIN, it is a terrific windows DX logging,
packet, awards, etc program written by Paul, KK4HD.  I'm so impressed with it
that I ordered it and just converted my 7,000+ QSO DXBase 4.5 log into DX4WIN
to use it as my primary logging program.  It has a beautiful interface, and
is very fast and versatile.  Best of all, Paul is extremely responsive to
suggestions (for example, he incorporated a number of mine even before I
became a registered user), unlike the authors of DXBase, who generally treat
suggestions as insults.

 I have no commercial connection with this product, but urge you to give it a
try on the WRTC logs.

       Still basking in the warm WRTC 96, Inc. glow:
                   73,  Andy Faber, AE6Y

>From foggie@dtx.net (foggie)  Tue Jul 23 09:04:54 1996
From: foggie@dtx.net (foggie) (foggie)
Subject: No subject
Message-ID: <XFMail.960723031710.foggie@dtx.net>

Well now that I am swamped with email addresses. :) actually many thanks to 
those that supplied addresses. I will continue to input them as I receive 

But... This is not about that. I got to thinking about the great pizza gamble 
of the WRTC, and realized that NAQP (CW of course) is but two weekends away. 
I have organized a team of rookies. (I have been in 2 contests since returning 
to radio, but was rather active from 76-86 in contesting. so I cannot really 
count myself as a rookie. Looks like I'll have a team of 2 rookies and 2 
veterans. now mind you I am not a super station (hopefully the cement will be 
cured and the force 12 up by NAQP but that's another story) but I am throwing 
the proverbial gauntlet down  if someone would care to put together a team of 
4 like members (2 + 2 so to speak) for a challenge. I'm sure we can think of 
some public humiliation :) that woould be acceptable for the the other team 
to go through when the LaTex rookies defeat them soundly. 

Al - kk5zx

P.S. BTW I don't care if our suffixes are the same, anchovies do stink 
     on pizza. :)

>From 0002090328@mcimail.com (DANIEL VIOLETTE)  Wed Jul 24 05:02:00 1996
From: 0002090328@mcimail.com (DANIEL VIOLETTE) (DANIEL VIOLETTE)
Subject: WRTC and My Contact Removal Evaluation
Message-ID: <42960724040224/0002090328PK2EM@MCIMAIL.COM>

-- [ From: Dan Violette * EMC.Ver #2.3 ] --

I was surprised to see I lost out to the deck of cards, so when the logs came
out I did some research.  Probably too much data available these days, but
until the novelty wears off will do some analysis.  Contacts removed:

my call - KI6X

W6L 20M SSB they copied me as KV6X
W6K 20M CW they logged KI5X zone 7     (I used CT sending so no error in
W6O 40M SSB they copied me as KR6X
W6S 40M CW I was not in his log because it was a dupe (I think)

Analysis: W6K their mistake, W6S removed dupe.
   W6L, W6O - my guess is that the phonetic 'India' was miscopied either
language barrier or how it sounds over the air.  I normally interchange between
'India' and 'Italy'.  My guess India could sound like Victor or Radio.  Never
thought this over before.  May lean toward Italy now.  Figured should use
common phonetics with the loud signals and various native languages.

In the future all contest will probably be scored this way and logs available. 
Will be interesting.

Food for thought 73,

Dan KI6X    <DViolette@mcimail.com>

>From 0004504465@mcimail.com (Eugene Walsh)  Wed Jul 24 06:33:00 1996
From: 0004504465@mcimail.com (Eugene Walsh) (Eugene Walsh)
Subject: WARNING!
Message-ID: <04960724053340/0004504465DC6EM@MCIMAIL.COM>

Anyone who does not like anchovies on anything
cannot be trusted with other, less important,
CONTEST type stuff.

>From w6oa@gnn.com (Don McDougall)  Wed Jul 24 00:04:34 1996
From: w6oa@gnn.com (Don McDougall) (Don McDougall)
Subject: KansasDipole
Message-ID: <199607240612.CAA15599@mail-e2b-service.gnn.com>

Wonder if anyone has the physical details on the KansasDipole
antenna and how if performs?

73, Don, W6OA, Livermore, Ca

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